Chapter 408:

Chapter 408: Nowhere is Safe from Corruption

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 408: Nowhere is Safe from Corruption

Narrator: Continuing with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha continue running through the trees. Zeth is still in Raging Impact Mode*

Zeth: I see the end!

*They get out of the tree area of the park and the city itself is now in sight*

Sasha: Let’s search from above using my Hell Vultures.

*Sasha summons two Hell Vultures*

*Zeth ends his Raging Impact Mode and they get on. The Hell Vultures fly upwards*

*They fly slowly over the city and look down*

Zeth: It’s like the city has gone to Hell. We need to find the others.

Sasha: It truly is awful. Zenos has announced just how much of a threat he is.

Zeth: And having Poleon and Rayna on his side makes it even worse.

*Suddenly, the vulture that Zeth is on gets hit by a blast from behind and starts falling down*

Sasha: What!?

*Sasha turns around to see that dark matter-corrupted eagles were responsible for the blast*

Sasha: It seems nowhere is safe from corruption!

*The corrupted eagles start chasing Sasha on her Hell Vulture as Zeth’s continues to plummet*

Zeth: It’s hopeless! This Hell Vulture is just too injured to continue to fly! And this is a long fall so I need to soften my impact somehow!

*The corrupted eagles continue to chase and shoot blasts at Sasha’s vulture*

Sasha: Hang on, Zeth!

*She starts flying downwards to try to rescue him*

*Before she can get any closer, a corrupted eagle intercepts her and she has to fly to the side to dodge*

Sasha: Don’t get in my way!

*In anger, Sasha forms a Dark Spear and is ready to fight*

*The vulture Zeth is on crashes into the street on the city. Zeth is rolled away from the impact and was able to soften the blow by going into Raging Impact Mode*

Zeth: I’m okay! But… there are a lot of zombies around.


Narrator: Elsewhere in the city.

*Emily, Joe, and Keith run from zombies. They run through an open door at an apartment complex. They close the door behind them and catch their breath*

Emily: Our attacks are becoming less and less effective. What now?

Keith: We are pretty damn lucky that the door to this apartment complex was open.

Joe: Now that I think about it, isn’t that a little too convenient?

*They hear a noise and a zombie appears in the hallway*

Emily: Well, that gives us our answer. We have to leave then.

*They hear pounding on the door they came through*

Keith: Forward is our only option! Charge!

*They start running towards the zombie in the hall. Keith punches it back against a wall and then Emily cuts off its head with her Ability Sword in its red form*

*They turn a corner, and see a bunch of rooms open with zombies checking out the noise they heard*

Joe: It looks like they heard us.

*Keith steps in front*

Keith: Let me handle this.

*Keith uses Demonic Burial Cannon in the narrow hallway and engulfs all the zombies in the beam of red energy and they are all killed*

*They hear the door they entered in previously bust open*

Keith: I won’t be able to use another attack that quick!

Joe: Quick, run into one of these rooms!

*They run into a room and close the door, locking it right after*

Keith: With this, I should be able to have another attack ready by the time they bust open the door.

*In a first-person perspective, something starts to slowly climb down towards the top of Emily’s head as she looks at the door*

Emily: We will need to get out of here at some point. We can’t stay in here forever.

*Emily then starts to feel something touching her and her eyes open wide*

Emily: S- something is on m- me.

*A dark matter corrupted large spider starts to crawl down her forehead and she freaks out and slaps it off of her*

Emily: A spider!?

*They look around the room and see all kinds of corrupted bugs that have taken notice of them*

Keith: It looks like whoever occupied this room was fascinated with bugs.

Joe: Yeah, and they want to kill us.

Emily: (Still creeped out) We will have to kill them before the zombies break through that door!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have a problem with corrupted eagles while Emily, Joe, and Keith have a problem with corrupted bugs! Nowhere is safe from corruption!

Chapter 408 END

To be Continued in Chapter 409: Problems With Wildlife