Chapter 7:

Aftermath Discussion

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

"The winner of the battle is..." He inhaled before he spoke. "None, The battle is a draw!"

The words from the guild master froze me still in place. That snap out after looking to Rushia who smiled with satisfaction.

It made me wonder like, How the battle end up draw? All those thoughts stop in instant after looking behind me.

It was a butterfly, With the same color of Rushia's clothes, Clinging on my nape.

The battle result has been announced that its a draw, That's why I just pull away the sword whose blade pointing in Rushia's neck, I just put it back to its scabbard. In the same time, The butterfly get off and land to Rushia's right index finger. Then, The butterfly faintly disappeared as a form of light, Floating to the sky.

As soon we settle down, The guild master approached us, With his arms crossed below his chest. He reach his right fist to its mouth and made a single fake cough and spoke.

"Shirogane Noel, Im sure your confused to your defeat. Worst of all, You might not be able to accept your loss-"

As soon as he said that, I interjected.

"No, I'll hear your words"

"I see..." He made a nod of understanding and proceed to speak.

"So, The main reason is... Im sure you saw that half-blue half-green butterfly. The truth is, That thing is considered as, The most feared thing by the adventurers. A single touch from it can kill you in instant since it can wither away the livings under Rushia's control. In other words, If the fight earlier is real... Your already dead right now. You might be able to slash her neck but you cant escape from the death that awaits you"

The guild master explained everything he knew. It was a pretty long explanation that I just nod.

The adventurers is passing some cash in their seats. I bet those are the Bet they made for our battle. Theres no winner, That probably considered to give everything back to everyone or become dealer's income as the word "Draw/Tie" can be either describe as both won or both lose.

"Come, Were going back to the guild to claim your prizes"




Me, and Rushia is now infront of the receptionist table while The guild master is now standing where should be that elf receptionist, Serene. In other words, The guild master take care of her place.

"So, As you can remember the two of you, The deal was... If you will win, You'll get a cash prize" The guild master spoke to Rushia. Then proceed to look at me "But if you win, You'll become C-ranked, Right?"

Rushia and I nodded. Then Rushia proceed to ask without hesitation.

"In other words, Because the battle end up in draw, Means we wont earn anything, Am I right?"

The guild master nodded in agreement.

"In a normal competition, That is"

The guild master added.

As soon the guild master said that, Both Rushia and I got our eyes widened in surprise of his words. Since, When he said normal competition, Our battle is not normal competition to begin with.

"Shirogane Noel, Able to make the battle outcome to draw with a S-Ranked opponent, Even its not a win, No one can easily do that. Besides, For such a strong knight that not being leaked yet, Theres no doubt she's still a new graduate. To be straight, I cant afford to place Noel in the very lowest Adventurer Ranking, From how excellent her performance is. That's why, As the battle became draw, Both of you won't earn nothing, But instead, Earn half of the prize" The guild master blow a smoke from his ciggarette, Then put it back to his mouth before speaking again.

"Uruha Rushia" He spoke, Reaching something under the table and pull out a small dry-brown leather sack with a rope tying in its lid. When he put it to the table, A clanking sound from a gold can be heard.

"This will be your cash prize. As for Shirogane Noel..." He look to the stairs, Who's placed in the right side of the reception(in my perspective) and then called.

"Is it done, Serene"

"Yes, Guild Master"

Serene responded from up the stairs. Now a thud sound from a pair of sandals can be heard, Going down. Serene's appearance slowly revealed from her toe to her head with a somekind of color green card, Held in her right hand that is placed in her side.

"Green Card" "I wonder who's card is that?" "Of course it will be that Knight's Card"

Those are the voices I heard from the adventurers in their perspective seats.

"Shirogane Noel, Your now officially a member of this guild, Starting in... D-rank" The guild master spoke before glancing to Serene.

"Serene, Can you explain the Ranking System"


Serene bowed and faced me.

"The Guild Rank System depends on your performance. The greater the performance and power, The greater you rise. Rank F and G focuses in simple Job Quests. Once you rise in E, You'll start to encounter monster quests where you need to collect the materials needed or some conditions that can only be obtain by killing monsters. And in D, Is where you start to encounter stronger monster than those. In C, It is where you are permitted to enter dungeons. In A and B, Is the beginning of entering the dangerous path of being a adventurer. While S, You will never be able to step in that rank if your not strong enough to be determined as S-class. Since the Job S-class do is uncomparable to lower ones" Serene explained, Before stepping back, Leaning to the wall.

"For your strength, Its befitting if you get placed in C-class but, Its pretty unfair for other adventurers and most importantly... Rushia its self" The Guild Master explained.

I just bowed to him, As a sign that I respect his decision.

"I have some errand to do so I'll go for now"

Rushia spoke to the guild master, Leaving me a gaze before walking away to approach the guild's main entrance, Opening the door and exited.

I have a feeling she's still mad at me so all I can do is look to her. But still, The gaze she gave me earlier doesn't have a single sign of hatred. But its gaze was more like a interest than hatred... Maybe Im just imagining things. Theres no way Rushia wont hate me. First, I gave shame to her. Second, I end up the battle draw. Third, It results to reduce her prize... I kinda became greedy Am I?

As I look around the guild, I saw the same kid adventurer who have a noble like appearance, Holding a book. But unlike his dark-red colored book he bring just a while ago, This time, He's reading a black book. He was sitting in the back row among the hundred of seats. It made me wonder how did he able to swap a book immediately? so I immediately turn my head towards the guild master and ask without hesitation.

"Is there some kind of library here?"

"Library... We really cannot call it library but we have a bunch of books, Placed inside that door over there"

He pointed to the small doorway beside the receptionist table.

"There will be a small hallway with bookshelves displayed in the side before reaching another doorway placed in the left that leads to the kitchen" He explained while looking to the doorway with his arms crossed below his chest.

"I see, Thank you. Im going there for now" I bowed, Thanking him for explaining things.

"Pretty rare for a knight reading some simple books. Anyway, Go ahead and take your time"

His words pierce to my back so badly. Like literally, For a muscle-headed knight like me would never read a book. I just did that cause I want to learn more about monsters.

I snap my thoughts out as soon I entered the place. A faint orange light made the place bright a bit from the orb sticking in the ceiling. Its probably one of those cheap solar light bulb. I just look to the lined bookshelves, There were total of 4 non painted bookshelves with 4 shelves each. The books have different colors to each other and... Not arranged perfectly. Not even in numerical order, Alphabetically or topic, Its totally placed randomly. I just look around to find a book to read.

After a while, I saw a dark-green colored book that caught my interest. It was placed in the top of the shelves so I reach it and when I caught it, I pull it out and read its cover. What written there was "Book of Different Creatures"



I was too interested that I end up reading it in there without even finding a seat outside and just stand, Leaning to the wall. Realizing the time, Its probably close to noon. I just decided to place the book in its place and head outside.

But when I reach the door, A female, Shorter than me block my way. The girl look up and stared at me with her red eyes.

"R- rushia? W- what is it?" I trembly asked. Its not because its rushia standing in the very front of me but... She was standing in the left side in the door, Raising her right hand, Mid-air to block my way.

"I have a proposal"

"P- proposal?" I asked, Hesitatedly.

"Yes. Will you..." The hand she use to block my way is now moved toward me, Straightly pointed at my chest with its widely open palm. "Become my party in the future"

She proposed, Before realizing it... The purpose of her arm that is now been pointed in front of me was... A handshake. I was too stunned to her proposal that I just look to her.

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