Chapter 2:

It's Dark Ahead

Lyceus Awaits

The President, Gustave Augustus arrived to Argus, the capital of Argon at exactly 9:05 PM.

William was now ready with his suit to execute the mission. William always wore his suit under his clothes with invisible mode on so that nobody knew he had a suit but for the missions he only wore his suit, turned off the invisible mode and had a demon faced mask on his face to conceal his identity. He also wore an ear plug device to communicate with Axcel. All INDIGO suits were the same in shape but were different in colours, sizes, powers, and abilities according to their wearer and their compatibility. Similarly William's suit was mostly black and red in some parts. An exception to his suit was that he had a red hood attached to his suit which came up when he turned off the invisibility mode. Every suit had blasters, hover boots, invisibility mode, super strength, extreme durability, speed and magnetic hands that could snatch or take weapons that are close. William's suit had the ability to get claws on his hands when needed, control gravity at close range and turn off any amount of pain that William feels physically or mentally while healing him physically.

The plan was in motion. William was now following the President's movement.

Axcel[on the mic]: William or should I say Lyceus, you do remember the plan right?

William: Yeah ofcourse I was there when we made it.

Axcel[on the mic]: Just keep following the President till he reaches the President House and yes, avoid engaging with the secretary at all costs.

William: Yeah! Yeah! I get it.

William followed the President as he was going to the President House. It took 25 minutes to reach the President House. Now all that William had to do was wait for an opening to capture the President for investigation, so that they could expose his heinous deeds.

William: Do you have all detail of the President House's inside?

Axcel[on the mic]: Yes indeed. I will send you all the details and a map on your smartphone. I didn't send the whereabouts of the cameras as they would not be able to detect a suit user because of their speed.

William looked at the map as a hologram.

William: So according to what you have sent me there are a total of 20 bodyguards and the secretary?

Axcel[on the mic]: Yes total 12 body guards on both entrances, 2 bodyguards outside the President's room and 4 bodyguards stationed outside. The other 2 bodyguards are with the secretary constantly patrolling the President House inside out to keep watch everywhere. 

William: Excellent! Now let's get this over with.

Axcel[on the mic]: Remember no matter what dont engage with the secretary.

William: I will do whatever necessary to complete the mission

Axcel sighed on the mic.

According to the plan, William had to sneak in without letting the guards outside or at the entrance to notice and take out only the guards outside the room and stealthily sneak in so that there was less commotion and he wouldn't have to engage the secretary. The plan went smoothly but it was to William's surprise that the secretary was more prepared than they had expected. The secretary was constantly keeping check on all the heartbeats and breathing of the bodyguards so that if any heartbeat or breath was not normal she would arrive at that bodyguard's postion as soon as possible.

Axcel[on the mic]: Ah shit! William! Get out of there right now!

William: What? Why?

Axcel[on the mic]: The secretary is moving in on you.

William: Doesn't matter I cant leave without completing the mission.

Axcel[on the mic]: Will-

*the earplug turned off*

The secretary reached at the scene with her bodyguards. Right after she saw a man who had taken out both bodyguards she reported it to all the bodyguards.

Linda: Who are you? What do you want with the President?

William: I am Lyceus, the one who protects the innocent and punishes all evil. Answering your next question, as I have some unsettled business with the President I'll be taking him with me.

Linda: And you thought I would let you do something so absurd. The President wont be going anywhere on my watch. Lyceus? What a joke, you are nothing but a coward who strikes at night.

William: I don't plan on fighting you but if you insist...

Linda: Oh Bring It On!

Linda's suit was all yellow coloured, an exception to her suit was that it had weapon holders attached all over it and her special abilities were that whichever weapon she used would be modified automatically, it would deal more damage and would always hit its target. Even suit wearers would get hurt if damaged by one of those weapons. Linda already had weapons on her weapon holders but she took the weapons from all the guards using the magnetic ability of the suit. After that Linda told all the guards to run away so that she could fight without getting held back.

Both Linda and William were ready to fight. They both exchanged strong blows. Linda tried to maintain range and shot many bullets from her new gen pistols everytime she got the chance. Whereas William used gravity and the claws to get close so that he could land a hit and destroy those weapons as the magnetic abilities wouldn't help him snatch the weapons from another suit user that could also use the magnetic powers. It was a hard fought battle but Linda gained the range she was longing for. She didnt let this moment go to waste and shot William with a sniper at medium range. Linda was experienced so her shot was right on target whereas William was still an inexperienced 17 year old, he wasn't that used to his gravity power so before he could even react, the bullet pierced his leg. Linda thought she had won but her happiness was short lived as William got furious and turned off his mental and physical pain which made him a mindless beast.

William normally didn't use this ability as he did not have full control over his actions when he turned off his pain. Linda felt fear she had never felt before seeing the look in William's eyes. It was already scary enough that a person who had been shot in his leg and bleeding still had full control of his body like a normal man. After that the fight turned on William's side. The fight was seemingly one sided now. The new gen pistols after modified would normally hurt a suit wearer and hurt as much as rubber bullets, which are pretty painful but now that the pain had been turned off they were rendered ineffective to William. Linda also couldn't even gain range because William was not holding back at all as he was before so that he wouldn't end up killing her. Linda was beaten half to death by William.

Linda(in a fading voice): pleaseee... stopp...

William finally got back in control and turned his pain on. Linda was lying down on the floor, fainted. After that sight, William quickly turned on his earplug.

Axcel[on the mic]: Hellooooo! Oh gosh! Finally it got through. Are you fine? It seems like you were shot in the leg.

William: Yeah I am fine I guess, my wound is also healed.

Axcel[on the mic]: What happened to the secretary?

William: I lost control.

Axcel[on the mic]: Oh God! Is she alive?

William: Yes thankfully she is.

Axcel[on the mic]: Just get on with investigation and get the President here.

After that William smashed through the door of the President's room. The President got so scared that he pissed his pajamas.

Gustave(in a scared voice): Wh-What d-do you want?

William: On whose orders did you kill the founder of Delta organisation, Warath Walker?

Gustave(in a scared voice): What the hell are you talking about?

William: Are you sure that's the answer?

Gustave(in a scared voice): It was The Head he wanted him dead everything about it is in my laptop that has other cases as well just please leave me alive.

William collected all the useful data and stored it in a chip so that he could give it to Axcel. William checked all the data and there was no sign of The Head's identity. This made William furious.

William(in fury): Who is The Head?

Gustave(in fear): I dont know I swear please just let me go.

William(in uncontrollable anger): THEN I AM AFRAID THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU.

Gustave(in fear): Please don't kill me I beg you

Axcel[on the mic]: William No! No! No! Don't kill him. You know that's not how its supposed to end. It will only lead to a dark path.

William turned off the earplug so that he could kill the President without any interruption. William gave the President an unspeakably gruesome death while the President screamed in agony. After that he carved the words Lyceus Awaits on the President's forehead using his claws. He always carved it on the corrupt person's body to send a message to The Head, that he wlll be waiting, when the person was unconcious. Never ever did he actually kill the person.