Chapter 3:

A Boy's Tale of Sorrow

Lyceus Awaits

William endured a lot of pain before he became what he is right now.

Warath Walker and Vanessa Walker were the names of William's father and mother respectively. William's parents loved him and his little sister, Lily more than anything. They were a happy family of four that lived in the capital of Argon, Argus. After William turned 10 one of his father's friend and his wife died in an accident. Their only son, Axcel who was 11 years old became an orphan. Axcel's father was not as wealthy as Warath but he did leave some fortune for his son which was now kept safe by Warath. Warath was a good man he decided to take the responsibility of raising Axcel as his own son. Axcel was welcomed to the family with open arms. Axcel was grateful to this warm welcome and was a kid with good nature from the start so he became close to them in no time and started to treat William and Lily like his younger siblings while accepting Warath and Vanessa as his parents. The family now consisted of five. William and Axcel often played together and took care of their small sister, who was just 5.

Warath treated everyone, including the outsiders equally so he never hesitated to help outsiders, poor and the weak. He always took his sons to the outside to play with other kids so that they had the same sense of equality. He didnt take his daughter to the outside world as the environment was not safe for a 5 year old.

Warath was the most respected man in Argon and the founder of his organisation, Delta in Argus that made INDIGO suits. His organisation was the 5th organisation that started making INDIGO suits at the time when it was found. This is also one of the reason that people respected him. INDIGO suits were all normally light grey or dull in colour until they found a suitable person. They also had many different sizes but adjusted to the compatible person's body despite that if anyone could fit in one of these suits they would get more durability than a normal person. Warath was also a suit wearer, he wasn't very strong but he was very experienced, skilled and smart. Warath sold suits to many people and people considered him very trustworthy. Warath even gifted the suits to some people who couldn't afford it but were worthy and good people even if they were outsiders.

Many years had passed, Warath always told Axcel to take care of his little brother to which Axcel always promised that he would always take care of him. Warath had decided that he would pass on his own suit to his son on his 15th birthday little did he know that it would also be his death day.

Warath had grown suspicious of The Body and The Head. He found solid proof against many corrupt people and was very close to the truth. The Head for obvious reasons did not let this slip and he also noticed how Warath was helping the outsiders.

On William's 15th birthday Axcel was out to buy a cake and Warath had come home early. As they were waiting for Axcel the house was attacked by a suit wearer, who had the ability to manipulate fire. William and Warath were in one room whereas Lily and Vanessa were in another. Warath wasn't able to reach Lily and Vanessa in time. William saw both his mother and little sister burn right in front of his eyes. This sight was unbearable to William and he wasnt able to handle all the smoke so he ultimately got unconcious. Warath knew that he could either fight the suit wearer or save his son. Warath had already decided to give his own suit to his son and he believed that his son is going to be compatible with the suit. Warath sent William away with his suit. The suit wearer destroyed the whole house along with Warath. William got a scar on his left arm which resulted due to the burns caused by the strong fires. Even though the burns healed a lot, a scar was still left on his left arm, which was going to remind William the horrors of that day for the rest of his life.

Axcel came home with a cake to see his house destroyed. The expressions on his face changed suddenly as he was shocked beyond words. He cried and screamed more than he ever did. When he got back to normal he decided to find if anyone survived. After searching all over the place and nearby he only found William in a suit. He could now rest easy that at least one member of his family survived. It was also to his surprise that William was compatible with the suit.

Axcel took William to the hospital. After a while William regained consciousness. They both talked about everything that had happened. The doctors recommended William some bed rest so that he could fully recover or else the pain in his arm would increase. William's father had many other mansions and houses so Axcel and William shifted to one of their other houses.

After some days William and Axcel found out that at the same day the place where their father took them to meet outsiders was also bombed. Which resulted into the death of a mutual best friend of Axcel and William.

William's life was filled with joy till everything was taken from him.

Later on after months when they both got stable and recovered a bit from their loss mentally. An investigation was carried out which did not do any good and the case was later on closed by the higher ups.

When their legal approach to find the murderer of their family and many others failed Axcel told William about what Warrath was secretly working on and how during his last days he gave all that data to Axcel. After reading the files they got to know that it was most possibly The Head who ordered the death of their father. With that William decided he would punish all evil in this world  expose all lies with time and have his revenge on The Head.

Hence a tale of sorrow had begun.