Chapter 415:

Chapter 415: Zombie Cooperation

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 415: Zombie Cooperation

Narrator: Back in Heaven.

*Harmona is still sitting in her meeting room. A new advisor enters the room*

Female Advisor 2: We have a report. The troops you sent to Kunasha are currently unable to get through the dark matter.

Harmona: Why not!?

Female Advisor 2: A powerful barrier was put on the edge of the dark matter.

Harmona: (Talking to herself) What am I going to do? Should I go there myself?

Male Advisor 1: I wouldn’t recommend it. What if that is what Zenos expects you to do?

*Harmona is frustrated*

Harmona: You’re right. We need to figure something out.

*Suddenly, the monitor screen in the room starts to turn on*

Harmona: Who turned on the monitor?

Male Advisor 1: I don’t think anyone did.

*On the screen is Zenos who is sitting in a chair*

Zenos: Greetings.

Harmona: Zenos! How did you activate my monitor!?

*Everyone in the room is shocked*

Zenos: Don’t act surprised, Harmona. I have vast knowledge as to how Heaven works. After all, my mother was the first Light Goddess.

Harmona: What are you trying to do by accessing my monitor!?

Zenos: Don’t be like that. I just want to talk. Relax a little. Hmhmhm.

*Harmona starts to get angered and stands up while slamming her hand on the table*

Harmona: Relax while you have covered Kunasha in dark matter and with my son trapped in it too!!?

*Zenos smiles*

Zenos: Kunasha is just the start. Soon the entire world will be covered in dark matter. The entire system of Earth, Heaven, and Hell will be restructured as I see fit.

Harmona: You’re insane!

Zenos: Am I? With me at the top, the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell would finally end. Tell me, Harmona, do you have any idea how to end the eternal conflict?

*Harmona still looks angered but doesn’t say anything*

Zenos: You don’t, I’m guessing. You can make this easy. You can just leave and let me do what I want or you can resist and waste everyone’s time. Don’t be foolish like my sister. The choice is yours. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your son being corrupted by dark matter. It’s only a matter of time.

*The monitor shuts off*

Harmona: He’s pissing me off…! We will stop him. I can promise that.


Narrator: Back with the heroes in Kunasha.

*The heroes are all gathered*

Joe: I see. I didn’t expect the poachers to turn over a new leaf. It’s good for us I suppose.

Zeth: Our goal is to find Rayna and kick her ass.

Emily: So, you got a call from her but where would she be?

Sasha: Other than somewhere in this city, we don’t know. We just have to keep searching.

Raider: I have an idea. With my wings, I can search in the air in addition to all of you on the ground.

Zeth: Good idea. Let’s do it.

*Raider grows moth wings and starts flying up in the air. The other heroes jump back down on the street*

*Raider looks around in the air while the other heroes run around on the street*

Raider: (Talking to himself) Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to find someone standing on a rooftop?

*Easia looks up at Raider*

Easia: Do you see anyone?

Raider: Not yet.

*The heroes then hear Zombie screams*

Joe: It sounds like the zombies are restless…

*The heroes are alerted as they see a large horde of zombies running towards them*

Zeth: That’s not good…

Raider: You deal with them. I will keep looking!

*As Raider looks around, he is struck by a rose-shaped magic blast and blown down to the ground while taking a good amount of damage*

Sasha: What happened!?

Raider: I got hit by some magic attack!

*Rayna is on a rooftop in the distance*

Rayna: (Talking to herself) Sorry, but I can’t have you spotting me. I’m the observer. You all are the ones being observed.

*The heroes prepare their attacks as the zombies reach them. Keith starts by releasing his Demonic Burial Cannon to blast through the middle of the crowd*

*The other heroes fight off the zombies on the right and left sides with powerful punches and kicks*

*Emily takes out her Shadow Sword*

Emily: Joe, you know what to do.

*Joe applies lightning to Emily’s Shadow Sword. Emily swings her sword and black lightning releases from it. It does a lot of damage to the zombies that it hits*

Zeth: Nice! Now that we’re reunited, we won’t have much trouble fighting these zombies!

*The zombies become overwhelmed from all the attacks. However, a zombie far in the back of the horde starts screaming loudly. All of the zombies stop their pursuit*

Keith: What are they doing?

*All the zombies then start gathering around the zombie that was screaming. They then start piling on top of that zombie. The zombies lose their form and become a large pile of dark matter*

*The heroes just stare, wondering what is happening*

Zeth: I have a really bad feeling about this…

Sasha: A lot of monsters coming together is usually a bad sign. We better prepare ourselves.

*The dark matter starts to take shape and forms into a giant zombie that is about 50 feet tall*

*The massive zombie screams*

Zeth: Yep… This isn’t good at all.

Narrator: By becoming one giant zombie, the heroes have found that their fight will be more difficult!

Chapter 415 END

To be Continued in Chapter 416: Heroes vs The Giant Zombie