Chapter 416:

Chapter 416: Heroes vs The Giant Zombie

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 416: Heroes vs The Giant Zombie

Narrator: Back with Miranda.

*Miranda reaches the capital building of the Eagle Clan. As she approaches its entrance, zombies start coming out of the building*

Miranda: Am I too late?

*The zombies try to attack Miranda but she cuts them down with ease*

*Miranda enters the capital building and looks around. She begins walking through a hall and cuts down a few zombies in it*

Miranda: Where are you, Mr. President?


Narrator: Meanwhile with the heroes.

*The heroes confront the giant zombie that has taken shape in the city*

Joe: This must mean the zombies feel desperate.

Zeth: However they feel, we must defeat them.

Keith: Here I go!

*Keith jumps up to attack the giant zombie at its head. Keith tries punching the zombie a few times before pushing off its face and releasing a Demonic Burial Cannon. His attack is a direct hit. Keith looks confident as he falls back down*

*However, the zombie barely took any damage which shocks Keith. The zombie moans and then swipes Keith with its arm, knocking him back a long distance*

*Joe and Emily get on the roof of a short building and prepare a Dark Lightning attack. Emily releases the dark lightning from her Shadow Sword and hits the massive zombie directly. The dark lightning stuns the zombie for a few seconds before it recovers and punches down onto the building, completely destroying the roof. Emily and Joe take a lot of damage and are knocked down into the building*

Raider: You bastard!

*Raider goes into his fully transformed state where he has moth wings and other insect aspects on his body. Easia charges her magic with a pink aura around her body*

*Raider starts flying towards the zombie while Easia jumps up. Raider has stingers on his finger tips and drills them into the zombie’s body, releasing energy through them to attack from the inside*

*Easia releases a fairy-shaped blast by thrusting her one hand forward. Her attack happens at the same time as Raider’s. Unfortunately, their attacks are ineffective and the giant zombie swats them away, knocking them into buildings dealing a lot of damage*

Zeth: We’ve all been too weakened by the dark matter. Perhaps my Raging modes will have an effect.

*Zeth goes into Raging Star Mode and then looks at Sasha*

Zeth: Don’t try to attack it. I want to gauge its strength first.

Sasha: Okay.

*Zeth gets ready to attack and then launches up to attack the zombie. He does a fully charged magic punch which does make the zombie stumble back a bit. However, the zombie gets enraged and tries to punch Zeth*

*Zeth switches to Raging Impact Mode just in time for defense. He is knocked back and drags against the street which tears it up*

*When Zeth finally stops, he rubs his head*

Zeth: Yeah. That will hurt a lot. It might have even knocked me unconscious if I didn’t have Raging Impact Mode up. How are we going to stop it?

*Sasha finds herself dodging attacks as Keith returns to the battle*

*Emily is barely conscious on the floor in the building with the collapsed roof. She feels her vampiric hunger continue to grow*

Emily: No… Go away… Stupid vampiric hunger…

*In front of her view is a dying zombie. Its legs are broken*

Emily: Could I… use that?

*Emily starts crawling towards the zombie. She is drooling and her hungry vampiric eyes focus on it*

Emily: It looks… gross. But I don’t have any other choice. It was human… right?

*Emily grabs onto the dying zombie and bites its shoulder. Her eyes open wide as purple colors mix in with her orange vampire eyes*

Emily: What is happening…?

*A purple aura surrounds her body*


Narrator: Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city.

*A dimensional tear opens up. A curious zombie walks up to the tear. Suddenly, someone’s arm comes through the tear and punches a hole in the zombie, causing it to fall back on the ground. Someone steps out of the tear*

*The person that comes out of the tear is covering his whole face with a black mask. It’s Maskodon* (Author’s Note: Who last appeared in the Chaos Tournament Arc.)

Maskodon: Now, where are you, Zeth?

Narrator: Out from a dimensional tear is Maskodon! What does he want with Zeth?

Chapter 416 END

To be Continued in Chapter 417: Grim Reality for the Eagle Clan