Chapter 417:

Chapter 417: Grim Reality for the Eagle Clan

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 417: Grim Reality for the Eagle Clan

Narrator: Back with Miranda.

*Miranda still searches through the capital building. As she moves through a hall, she cuts down more zombies. Soon, she reaches the Eagle Clan President’s office. Inside, she finds a bunch of zombies with one of them clearly the president*

Miranda: I thought the president would be strong enough to overcome dark matter corruption. This isn’t good.

*The zombies start going after Miranda. She looks sad but readies her katana. She slashes all of the zombies with her katana and they all fall to the floor with dark matter spilling out. Miranda continues to look sad*

Miranda: This might be the end of the Eagle Clan. It will be very difficult to come back from this.


Narrator: Meanwhile with the heroes.

*The heroes continue to fight the giant zombie. On the ground, Sasha dodges a downwards punch and then throws a Dark Spear into the giant zombie’s leg*

*A portal opens in front of the zombie’s face and out comes Keith who punches the zombie in the right eye. The zombie covers its eye in pain with its right hand while swatting Keith away with its left hand. The zombie also tries to stomp on Sasha but she dodges*

*Zeth, Raider, and Easia then return to the fight. Raider has created three giant spiders*

Raider: Reduce its walking room!

*Two of the spiders climb on the building sides near the zombie’s legs while another climbs on a roof*

*Emily stands up and is ready to return to the battle. She pulls out her Shadow Sword and notices that dark matter energy is channeled into the sword*

Emily: Huh?

*Raider’s spiders set up webs that will cause the giant zombie to trip if it walks into them. The spider on the roof jumps on top of the zombie’s head and then starts using its legs to pierce the zombie’s head. The zombie goes mad and walks into the web causing it to fall over forward*

Raider: Nice!! Just like I hoped!

*Zeth charges a magic attack while the giant zombie angrily grabs the spider that was on its head and throws it at Raider*

Raider: Oh shit!!

*Raider gets hit and it knocks him back. The giant zombie then smashes the other spiders with its arms, instantly destroying them*

*Zeth has formed a magic attack in both hands*

Zeth: Star Grenades!

*Zeth throws both magic grenades at the zombie’s face, causing small blasts. The small blasts cause the zombie to cover its face with both hands and it gets angrier*

Zeth: Sasha, Easia, go!!

*Sasha and Easia jump up towards its face and use magic-powered punches on it. The punches knock the zombie off its feet*

*The zombie screams but before it can do anything, a laser blast hits the zombie in the face making it fall on its back. The laser blast came from Emily who channeled energy from the dark matter into her laser blaster weapon. The purple mixed in with her orange vampire eyes vanishes and then she suddenly feels sick. Emily covers her mouth with her hands but she quickly bends over and vomits on the floor*

*Joe was watching and finally gets up*

Joe: What did you do?

Emily: …I tried sucking the blood of a zombie. It gave me a temporary boost of power but now I feel sick… Yuck, there’s even dark matter in my puke…

Joe: Don’t do that again. You don’t know what that dark matter will do to you.

Emily: You don’t have to tell me twice.

*Emily feels very sick again and bends over to vomit again*

Joe: Oh boy…

Zeth: Good work. Let’s finish it off.

*Suddenly, the zombie screams again and its right arm changes to an axe-like shape as it stands up again*

Zeth: Are you kidding me!?

*From a distance, Rayna continues to watch from the rooftop of a building*

Rayna: (Talking to herself) It will take more than what you have been attacking it with to take it down. Will you survive?

*Rayna sees someone heading towards the heroes*

Rayna: Another guest? I can’t see that person’s face. Who might that be?

*The zombie, with its new axe arm, slashes at the buildings near it which cuts them easily and they start to fall apart*

Zeth: We can’t waste all of our magic fighting this thing. We have to be able to fight Rayna. What are we going to do?

*Suddenly, at a fast speed, someone runs in, jumps up, and kicks the zombie hard. The zombie is knocked back a good distance. This shocks all of the heroes as well as Rayna. The one who did the attack was Maskodon*

Maskodon: Allow me to destroy this monster.

Narrator: Miranda found the president of the Eagle Clan zombified while Maskodon comes to the aid of the heroes! Just what are his motives?

Chapter 417 END

To be Continued in Chapter 418: Recruitment Offer