Chapter 418:

Chapter 418: Recruitment Offer

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 418: Recruitment Offer

Narrator: Maskodon shows up to help the heroes!

Zeth: No… it can’t be.

Maskodon: Yes. I am Maskodon. I’m sure you have questions but now is not the time to answer them. Let me deal with this monster.

Zeth: But the weakening effects of the dark matter make th—

*Maskodon interrupts Zeth*

Maskodon: I’m not being weakened.

Zeth: But how?

Maskodon: As I said, now is not the time to answer questions. Let me deal with this.

*The giant zombie gets up and is even more angered*

Maskodon: This won’t take long.

*Maskodon takes off the black mast covering his head and underneath is a dragon mask*

Maskodon: Dragon Mask.

*Maskodon and the zombie run towards each other. Maskodon blows fire from his mask that surrounds the zombie and burns it at its legs*

*Maskodon takes off the dragon mask and underneath it is a monkey mask*

Maskodon: Monkey Mask.

*Maskodon jumps towards a building wall and pushes off of it with his hand, allowing both of his feet to land a kick on the zombie’s chest. The attack does a good amount of damage*

*Maskodon continuously repeats that attack and is fast enough that the zombie is unable to counterattack. Any movement gets its legs burned by the fire*

Zeth: Incredible!

Maskodon: This will end it.

*Maskodon takes off the monkey mask and underneath it is a mask with one large eye on it*

Maskodon: Cyclops Demon Mask.

*Maskodon’s hands become gigantic. They both have one large eye on the palm. Maskodon attacks the zombie’s body with the palms of both hands. The dents in the zombie’s body left from earlier attacks start to rupture and the zombie bursts. All the zombies that formed the giant one rain down and are unresponsive*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Miranda.

*Miranda leaves the capital building and looks up at the distance. She spots Rayna on top of a building*

Miranda: Rayna…

*Miranda uses her katana and slashes at the air in front of her, causing a dimensional tear to open. She goes in it and the dimensional tear then closes*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Rayna.

*Rayna is angry with the giant zombie’s defeat*

Rayna: Who does that man think he is? Why wasn’t he affected by the dark matter?

*Rayna summons even more zombies to her side*

Rayna: It looks like I’m going to have to make my move.


Narrator: Meanwhile with the heroes.

*All of the heroes have gathered with Maskodon, who has his standard black mask on again*

Maskodon: There’s still no time to give you the full explanation but the short version is that I’m here to recruit you all.

Zeth: Recruit?

*They then hear the screams of a horde of zombies*

Maskodon: We need to start running. Let’s go.

*They all start running*

Sasha: Where are we going? What are you recruiting us for!?

Maskodon: I’m taking you to the dimensional tear I came through and I’m recruiting you for the Dark Matter Clan.

*Everyone is shocked*

Zeth: Dark Matter Clan!? What!?

Maskodon: You want to stop the dark matter, don’t you? Then you will join the clan.

Joe: That name doesn’t really sound like one that would be in favor of stopping it.

Maskodon: Trust me, it is. I wouldn’t have saved you if I came here to impede your progress. We have to get through my dimensional tear before it closes.

Keith: Couldn’t you just open another one?

Maskodon: Not from this side. That is a skill I don’t possess. It would take someone supremely skilled to be able to do that.

*Rayna and her horde of zombies catch up to them. The heroes look back*

Zeth: It’s Rayna!

Maskodon: Keep running. You are not in any condition to fight her. Look, the dimensional tear is just up ahead.

*Maskodon points at the dimensional tear*

Rayna: You won’t be getting away!

*Rayna charges up a magic attack in her hand. However, as she chases them, a dimensional tear opens in front of her. It’s Miranda and she is slashing her katana at Rayna. Rayna is completely shocked as she tries to immediately jump back to avoid the slash*

*Rayna gets back but the right side of her body receives a long cut that bleeds badly. She looks like she is in a lot of pain. She immediately opens a dimensional tear where she is standing and, as it closes, she looks at Miranda*

Rayna: Who are you!?

*Miranda goes back through her own dimensional tear and she also talks as her tear closes*

Miranda: Miranda. Just a loving wife living in this city.

*Both Miranda’s and Rayna’s dimensional tears close*

*Maskodon’s dimensional tear starts to close*

Maskodon: It’s going to be close.

*Maskodon makes it in, followed by Zeth, then Sasha, then Keith, then Emily, then Joe, then Raider. Easia is the last but, as she is about to cross through, she looks to her right and sees Kurt*

*Easia smiles as she gets in with the tear fully closing behind her*

*Kurt and the rest of the angel troops have finally broken through the barrier keeping them out of the city. The zombies that were going after the heroes now try to attack the angels*

Commander Zupek: Prepare to attack!!


Narrator: Later.

*The zombies are defeated and the angels wonder what to do next, but Kurt is in thought*

Kurt: (Thinking) Was that… Easia? But why is she here? And where did my friends go when they went through that?

Narrator: The heroes are recruited by Maskodon to join the Dark Matter Clan! Did they make the right decision to follow him? What will Harmona’s next move be?

Chapter 418 END

To be Continued in Chapter 419: The Dark Matter Clan


Arc Completed: July 25th, 2017