Chapter 419:

Chapter 419: The Dark Matter Clan

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the start of the 14th arc. The Dark Matter Chronicles: Dark Matter Clan Arc.

Chapter 419: The Dark Matter Clan

Narrator: The second arc of the Dark Matter Chronicles begins.

*Maskodon and the heroes come out of a dimensional tear that is connected to a machine. The heroes look around and see that they are in a room full of equipment*

Zeth: Where are we?

Maskodon: We are now in the base of the Dark Matter Clan. Follow me.

*They go through a hallway that has a long window allowing everyone to look outside. In the background is a large city. The heroes all look through the window*

Maskodon: Before we continue, I want to specify a few things. We are currently in the Dark Matter Underworld. It is in this underworld that dark matter originated. This whole underworld is covered in dark matter. However, our clan has quarantined this base so no dark matter is present on this property thanks to a barrier.

*Maskodon looks out to the city*

Maskodon: Believe it or not, the natives of this underworld can’t live outside the dark matter. Dark matter is bad for those that aren’t natives of this underworld but it is not inherently evil. That said, bringing dark matter outside of this underworld causes disasters as you have seen. You see, this underworld is the end of the line.

Zeth: What does that mean?

Maskodon: Think of the underworlds as the Earth’s tail. Dimensionally, the underworlds are below the Earth. This underworld is the lowest.

Joe: But what does that all mean?

Maskodon: Dark or negative energy builds up naturally so the underworlds were created. The first-floor underworlds can be reached directly from the Earth without even needing a portal or dimensional tear.

Sasha: That’s how we got to the Swamp Underworld from a cave.

Maskodon: Exactly. From there, each underworld also has a simple passageway to the next. Finally, all the passageways through the underworlds end here. The dark or negative energy flows through all the passageways until it reaches here, the very bottom. With all the buildup, it becomes visible as dark matter.

Emily: But what stops it from overflowing back up?

Maskodon: That’s where the natives of this underworld come in. Their bodies absorb the dark matter and use it as energy. As long as they exist, there is nothing to worry about. As a result, though, they can’t live outside of the dark matter.

Zeth: How did Zenos get the dark matter out of this underworld?

Maskodon: That explanation will need to come later. You need to meet the rest of the clan. Come.

*They go through a door that leads outside onto a large balcony that is like a fancy restaurant design with tables and chairs. Sitting down at the tables are eleven people. They look at the heroes and Maskodon as they enter. Eight of them are unrecognizable to the heroes but three of them are familiar and they are Commander Moss, Major Tarres, and Major Smithy. Seeing the three of them shocks the heroes, especially since they don’t look any older*

Commander Moss: Looks like you didn’t think you’d see us here.

Zeth: Well, it certainly has been a long time.

Commander Moss: We age very slowly… But let’s not talk about that.

Zeth: I’m just relieved you survived Korobu’s attack all those years ago.

Commander Moss: We’ve rebuilt the city with an added memorial. But I most certainly have not forgotten or forgiven what Korobu did. Enough about that for now. There is a reason we all brought you here. Let’s talk.

*Commander Moss drinks from a glass of water before he continues*

Commander Moss: You already know the three of us plus Maskodon. Now, meet the other eight.

*Six of the other eight are wearing full-body suits with different designs for the headpieces while the body pieces are mostly the same sticking with the clan design. Four of them are male and two are female*

Commander Moss: The six with the full-body suits are natives of this underworld. Seeing as this place is a quarantined area, they must wear the suits at all times while here.

*As for the other two, one is a woman who has short messy black hair. The other is a man who has tribal-like marking on his face, mostly his cheeks and nose. He has shoulder-length brown hair*

Commander Moss: These other two are Alaina and Gice. Alaina is from the Lunar City Underworld and Gice is from the Dark Jungle Underworld.

Maskodon: Let me tell you the history of this clan. I am the one who founded this clan. It all started in my native underworld, the Great Magic Underworld. About 47 years ago, I was a cop in that underworld. My unit was sent to bust inhumane experiments after receiving an anonymous tip.

*Maskodon has a flashback to his past*


*In Maskodon’s past, he did not wear a mask. He looks like a normal adult human and has flat, short black hair. He has a little bit of facial hair*

Maskodon: (Narrating) We busted into the building and what we found would make any sane person feel sick. Dead bodies that were glowing purple with goop spilled from multiple wound points.

*Maskodon in the flashback looks completely shocked at what he sees*

Maskodon: (Narrating) Suddenly, we were attacked by a woman and knocked unconscious. That woman was Rayna. When I regained consciousness, I was strapped to a table. I couldn’t break free. Then, a man holding some tools walked up to me. His name was Izado.

*This revelation shocks Sasha the most*

Sasha: Izado!? Do you mean the man I fought in the finals of the Chaos Tournament!?

Maskodon: (Narrating) Yes, that one. It turns out he was hired by Rayna to perform those experiments with dark matter. He performed experiments on me. Each time he was done, he would cover my face with a mask. Eventually, there was a time when my restraints were loose enough that I was able to escape. I got out of there and warned our government. Finally, Izado was overwhelmed and Rayna did not save him. Izado ended up being exiled. I came to believe that it was Rayna who gave us that anonymous tip and everything that happened was as she planned. By going back there when we overwhelmed Izado, I learned a lot about Rayna and the, at the time, mysterious Poleon and Zenos. After the experiments, I noticed I became capable of tracking dark matter. I wasn’t happy with Izado just getting exiled nor did I want Rayna to get away with her plans. That’s what led me to the Chaos Tournament as well as other underworlds. Of course, you took care of Izado for me so I thank you. Over time, I learned more about what they were doing and realized I couldn’t do this alone. That’s when I created the clan and went to other underworlds to meet with their leaders. Most didn’t think anything would come of it but, as you can see, I did convince some that the dark matter would be a big problem. That extends to the natives of this underworld. They won’t survive if Zenos takes their dark matter. He’s already taken a lot of it for his Dimension of Dark Matter. That is the story of how this clan came to be.

*End of Maskodon’s flashback*


Zeth: There is one thing I don’t get, though.

Maskodon: And what would that be?

Zeth: Why do you still wear the mask?

Maskodon: The experiments… They forever ruined my face. I can’t keep my mask off for long so I decided to become great at Mask Magic. I should mention my real name is not Maskodon. My real name is Kennedy.

Zeth: (Thinking) Sounds like a great cop name.

Kennedy: If just for a few seconds, I will show you my face.

*Kennedy reaches for his mask. He slowly takes off the mask until his face is visible. His face has a lot of purple scars and parts of it are peeling off with purple goop dripping from it*

*Kennedy has a serious expression on his face*

Kennedy: This is why we need you to join our clan. Dark matter will bring the end if it’s not stopped.

Narrator: The heroes have learned about the Dark Matter Clan! The heroes joining the clan may be crucial to stopping it.

Chapter 419 END

To be Continued in Chapter 420: To Overcome Dark Matter