Chapter 420:

Chapter 420: To Overcome Dark Matter

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 420: To Overcome Dark Matter

Narrator: In Heaven.

*Harmona and Kurt meet with a couple of angel dimension experts*

Kurt: I need to know where my friends went. Is there any way you can figure out where they went?

Harmona: This won’t be easy. They won’t be able to give an answer right away. Luckily, Zeth and the others went through the portal of their own free will so we may be able to take our time.

Male Dimension Expert: We would need to go to where the portal was opened to examine it.

Female Dimension Expert: That also means the exact spot it was opened.

Harmona: I should mention that I am unable to detect Zeth.

Male Dimension Expert: Well, that certainly means he isn’t on the Earth which helps limit the possibilities. Let’s go.

*Zaydra enters the room*

Zaydra: I’m going too.

Harmona: Were you listening outside the door?

Zaydra: Yeah. That city is still covered by dark matter. The danger is still there.

Harmona: Fair enough.

Kurt: Come on. Let’s go.


Narrator: In Hell.

*The Dark Goddess walks through a hall with her two formed teams behind her. Team 1 leader is Scythe with Kogen, Kopmon, and Sherra under his command. Team 2 leader is Hamura with Korobu, Gen, and Grom under her command*

Dakame: I’m about to show you all something you haven’t seen before. Well, Hamura and Scythe have but the rest of you haven’t.

*They reach a door that is chained up with a lock on it*

Dakame: This locked door leads to the Dimension of Deities. It’s locked to prevent anyone from just going in or deities on the other side from coming out. Heaven has a door just like this. I’m sending all of you in there. You should be able to get to the Dimension of Dark Matter from there.

*Dakame pulls out two phone-like communicating devices and hands one each to Hamura and Scythe*

Dakame: With these, you will be able to communicate with each other as well as me despite interdimensional travel. Thank our R&D team.

Hamura: Maybe we won’t even need them.

Dakame: Don’t get cocky. Zenos is a legitimate threat and has most likely gotten a lot of deities to follow him.

*Dakame pulls out a key with a demonic skull design on it and unlocks the door. She then opens the door*

Dakame: Now go. I’m locking the door behind you.

*With confidence, the two teams go through the door. Dakame shuts the door behind them*


Narrator: Back with the heroes in the Dark Matter Underworld.

*The heroes, as well as Raider and Easia, sit in a private room*

Zeth: We’ve been given this private room to talk so it’s time to discuss. We’ve heard their story and their goals. Do we join their clan?

Joe: Well, we haven’t been given a reason to not trust them.

Keith: It’s not necessarily about trusting them.

Sasha: Yes, if we join, then we will be here for a long while.

Zeth: Which means none of us will be going home any time soon. Not until we stop the dark matter.

Easia: With the dark matter covering Kunasha, Raider and I won’t be going home until it’s gone anyway so that won’t be a problem for us.

*Emily looks sad*

Emily: It may be for Joe and me though.

Joe: Yes, we let our son take over the crew for us but we want to be able to go back to see him.

Keith: I know what you mean. I’d hate to not see my family. But… it might be necessary.

Sasha: If we don’t stop the dark matter, there will be nothing to return to.

Raider: Besides, we can just leave the clan after we stop the dark matter.

Emily: I suppose that is a good point.

Zeth: So, have we come to a decision?

Sasha: I’m in.

Easia: So am I.

Raider: Same.

Keith: Let’s do it.

Joe: If Keith can do it, then so can I.

Emily: And if Joe is fine, then so am I.

*Zeth has a confident grin*

Zeth: Awesome. I’m most definitely in.

*They leave the room they were in and go back outside to where the rest of the Dark Matter Clan members are.

Commander Moss: So, have you decided?

Zeth: Yes.

Commander Moss: And?

Zeth: It was unanimous. All of us have agreed to join the Dark Matter Clan.

Commander Moss: Good.

Major Tarres: You all will be valuable assets to our cause.

Kennedy: Now, we can begin your training.

Emily: What kind of training?

Kennedy: The training that will allow you to fight in dark matter without being weakened by it. Those of us that aren’t natives of this underworld have gone through it. In addition, to resist being weakened, your overall strength and power will increase as well. It’s very beneficial. We can’t start just yet though.

Keith: Why not?

Kennedy: We will need to know your powers so appropriate training spaces can be used for each one of you.

Zeth: We won’t be training together?

Kennedy: Correct. You will all be training alone. I’m also sure you have concluded that this training won’t be quick.

Zeth: Yes, we figured we would be here for a long time. How long does it take?

Kennedy: That depends on you. It could take weeks or even months. You will be on your own and won’t be allowed out until you complete your training unless it is an emergency.

Zeth: None of us will back down. We will do what we must.

*The heroes look determined*

Kennedy: Let’s get your magic checked and then Major Smithy will create your training spaces.


Narrator: Later.

*Kennedy takes the heroes to where they will be training with seven separate doors for them*

Major Smithy: You all have interesting powers. Good luck, comrades.

Kennedy: Are you ready?

All of the Heroes: Yes.

Narrator: The heroes are about to being their training that will help them resist dark matter! Can they complete the training in a reasonable amount of time?

Chapter 420 END

To be Continued in Chapter 421: The Dark Matter Training Begins