Chapter 421:

Chapter 421: The Dark Matter Training Begins

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 421: The Dark Matter Training Begins

Narrator: The heroes must train to resist dark matter.

*The heroes each go through a separate door and enter their training areas. Zeth is in awe as he finds himself in a large outdoor-looking area. The whole area has a dim purple atmosphere, especially the sky*

Zeth: Whoa…

*Each of the heroes has entered an environment specifically for them*

Zeth: This place is huge.

*Major Smithy speaks to them through an intercom*

Major Smithy: I suppose you want to know how this is possible. These are essentially separate dimensions that I created. The dimension you get is the one most suitable for your training. Your goal is to make your body resist dark matter by putting it under major strain while in dark matter. Of course, too much dark matter would be bad so you have all been given a rest area to use after finishing each day’s training. The strain will make your body increase your limits with the new limits being formed with dark matter resistance. Think of it as a vaccine for a disease. Your new limits were formed while in dark matter. Just know that there are native dark matter monsters that you will encounter. They can kill you but they will also help with that strain. As I mentioned, the doors will be locked until your training is finished and only opened before then for emergency purposes. We will be monitoring your progress so we will know when you are done. Now go.

*The heroes run into the dark matter to begin their training. After moving through his training area, Zeth finds himself in a grassy area with a lot of trees, a water spring, and rocky hills in the distance*

Zeth: Hardly looks like the place that will strain me.

*A monster slowly shows up behind him. Zeth notices at the last second that the monster is behind him and he jumps out of the way as the beast slashes at him with its claws. It looks similar to a bear but it has a purple coloring*

*Zeth kicks the beast hard on the side of its head. The kick only does a small amount of damage and makes it flinch for a moment but that’s it*

*Zeth is surprised by this*

Zeth: It should do more damage than that. This really does show how much dark matter weakens us. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

*The bear strikes back and swipes at Zeth. It lands a hit to knock Zeth back into the water spring*

*Zeth tries to stand up but is immediately swept off his feet*

Zeth: I can’t even stand in this water!?


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha is in an area with a lot of trenches and her feet get stuck in mud while a vicious tiger-like monster is trying to bite her head off. She tries her best to hold its mouth open*

Sasha: This is unbelievable!

*Sasha finally breaks free from the mud and tries to jump back but one of the beast’s teeth cuts against her arm as she does so, leaving a long bloody cut*

Sasha: There’s a long way to go before we can do any real fights in dark matter!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Joe.

*Joe finds himself on a relatively small island. The water surrounding it has major amounts of dark matter. It’s a way higher concentration than the atmosphere*

Joe: An island? How does he make this stuff?

*Suddenly, a large vicious bird swoops in from behind and rams into him, knocking him all the way to the beach, the bird lands on a branch of a tree and looks down at Joe as he stands up*

Joe: I wasn’t even ready yet!

*A large monstrous crab starts coming onto the beach from the dark matter ocean*

Joe: You have got to be kidding me!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily.

*Emily finds herself in a very large cave room with various passageways connected to it. There is a large opening out of the cave at the ceiling*

Emily: A cave, huh? I don’t really see how this benefits my training.

*The ground begins shaking underneath her*

Emily: What’s happening?

*She jumps to the side as a giant centipede comes out of the ground underneath her. More centipedes start coming from other spots*

Emily: Centipedes? I thought we already had enough of those for an adventure.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Keith.

*Keith finds himself in an area full of lava rivers and he starts walking around*

Keith: I don’t see how lava is going to help.

*Suddenly, the ground beneath him crumbles. He grabs a ledge but his feet touch the lava and it starts to burn him. Even worse, a bulky, bipedal lizard monster arrives*

Keith: And suddenly it gets serious…


Narrator: Meanwhile with Raider.

*Raider is having trouble in a spooky forest full of monstrous insects*

Raider: I shouldn’t be having trouble with something I specialize in!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Easia.

*Easia struggles in a graveyard area full of zombies*

Easia: Zombies again?


Narrator: As the heroes find their training to be very difficult, they all have the same thought on their minds.

All of the heroes: This is going to be a real struggle.

Narrator: The heroes have found that the training is going to be as difficult as they were told it would be!

Chapter 421 END

To be Continued in Chapter 422: Dimension of Deities