Chapter 422:

Chapter 422: Dimension of Deities

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 422: Dimension of Deities

Narrator: In the city of Kunasha.

*Kurt, Zaydra, and Harmona’s dimension expert angels go to the spot where Zeth and the others disappeared into a portal*

Zaydra: Do your thing. I will protect you.

Male Dimension Expert: Will do.

*The Female Dimension Expert pulls out a cylinder-shaped device and places it where the portal was*

Kurt: What does that do?

Male Dimension Expert: It absorbs any magical residue left by a portal.

*The Female Dimension Expert grabs the cylinder and puts it on a scanning device*

Female Dimension Expert: It seems the portal led to an underworld.

Kurt: Do you know which one?

Female Dimension Expert: We can figure that out but it will take some more analysis. Now that we have it, we can go back to Heaven to do it.

Zaydra: Surprisingly, there were no threats around.

Male Dimension Expert: Let’s be thankful for that and leave.


Narrator: In the Dimension of Deities.

*After the Dark Goddess’s two teams entered the Dimension of Deities through the door in Hell, they have now arrived at the entrance to a town of deities within the dimension. The whole area is mostly blue*

Gen: So, this is the Dimension of Deities… It’s fascinating.

Korobu: Don’t get too interested. We have a job to do.

Sherra: How do we get to the Dimension of Dark Matter from here?

Scythe: We need to talk to the Deity of Portals. His portals will allow us to get there.

*They enter the town and begin walking through it. There are many deities in the town and some of the deities give them a bad look*

Grom: What’s their problem?

Hamura: They can tell we’re from Hell. Don’t expect that all of them will like us. Of course, they might also be aligned with Zenos. We’re not here to cause a scene so just keep moving.

*Scythe is in the front and stops at a door*

Scythe: This is it.

*Scythe opens the door and they all go in. Inside, the place appears like a shop in which there are elixirs for sale*

Kogen: What do these potions have to do with portals?

Scythe: You will find out momentarily. Come out, Ebo.

*Someone comes out from a back room. He has big circular eyes. His hair is blue and is combed back. On his forehead is a dark blue swirl stone. He looks like he is in a bad mood*

Scythe: That is Ebo, the Deity of Portals.

Ebo: Ah, it’s Scythe… and apparently some other folks from Hell. What do you want?

Scythe: A portal. One that will take us to the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Ebo’s eyes open wide*

Ebo: Why would you want to go there?

Scythe: To take down Zenos.

*Ebo’s eyes open wide again*

Ebo: You must be fools with a death wish. Have you already forgotten what Zenos did to you? You can’t be serious.

*Korobu steps forwards with his hand forward and gives Ebo a threatening look*

Korobu: You will let us pass.

*Ebo looks serious*

Ebo: Why are you so determined to go?


Narrator: It’s now been four days since the heroes started their training.

*Zeth still has not managed to defeat the monstrous bear within his training area. He punches the monstrous bear but it doesn’t do much damage. The bear swipes him back, hitting him, and then pinning him down*

*Zeth looks frustrated and then starts punching the jaw of the bear repeatedly*

Zeth: I need to make progress!

*As Zeth continues to punch, he starts noticing that the bear starts flinching more. His power starts to have more of an effect*

Zeth: It’s… working?

*Zeth finally does a powerful kick which knocks the bear off of him. His magic aura starts to resonate in the spots that were making contact*

Zeth: My points of contact are starting to be less affected by the dark matter. It looks like I’m finally getting somewhere!


Narrator: The next day.

*Zeth is surrounded by four of the bears in the water spring that used to sweep him off his feet*

Zeth: Alright, my magic now overcomes the force of this water! No more getting swept off my feet! I need to get more parts of my body conditioned for dark matter!

*The bears start to attack Zeth*

Zeth: I’m ready for this!

*Zeth starts doing short hops to dodge the bears’ attacks and then he attacks them with his elbows. He starts to form his magic attacks in his hands and then shoves them into the bears. He eventually takes a hit from a swipe from one of the bears but still looks confident*

Zeth: I continue to get the hang of this more! Maybe multiple weeks won’t even be necessary!

Narrator: While Zeth has noticed improvements in his ability to handle dark matter, the other heroes that are training start to notice as well and continue to improve in their training. They are well on their way to being able to fight their enemies within dark matter! As the heroes make progress in their training, Dakame’s forces attempt to persuade Ebo to let them enter the Dimension of Dark Matter. Can they persuade him?

Chapter 422 END

To be Continued in Chapter 423: Ebo’s Belief