Chapter 426:

Chapter 426: Official Members

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 426: Official Members

Narrator: It is now June 4th, Year 162.

*One of the training doors opens. Out comes Zeth and who is then greeted by Commander Moss*

Commander Moss: Welcome back. The rest will be coming out over the next few minutes*

*The other doors then start to open with their respective heroes stepping out*

Commander Moss: You have all successfully completed your training. Even more impressive is that you did it in just 13 days. You’ve also certainly gotten a lot stronger. I now need you all to follow me.

*They go to a meeting room where all the other members of the Dark Matter Clan are at. There are a bunch of uniforms on the table*

Kennedy: Now that you all are able to fight in dark matter, it’s time to acknowledge you as official members of the Dark Matter Clan.

Commander Moss: And what better way to do that than to present you with our official uniforms?

*The uniforms are black with a horizontal red stripe and a V-shaped green stripe above the red stripe. The pants have a vertical green stripe on each side and come with a gray belt. The clan logo, a purple swirl with a green C on it, is on the side of each upper arm*

*The heroes put on the uniforms in separate rooms and then come back*

Commander Moss: They look nice on you. Luckily for you, you won’t have to wait long to wear them on an actual mission.

Zeth: You already have something for us?

Commander Moss: Yes, actually. Things certainly happened while you were training.


Narrator: In Heaven.

*Harmona, Kurt, and Zaydra meet with the angel dimension experts*

Male Dimension Expert: We’ve finished our analysis and are pretty confident we know which dimension Prince Zeth and his friends went to.

Female Dimension Expert: We’ve come to the conclusion that they went to the Dark Matter Underworld.

Harmona: The Dark Matter Underworld? Really?

Male Dimension Expert: We’re positive.

Zaydra: But why would Zeth and the others willingly go there?

Female Dimension Expert: We can’t determine that. We do advise against going there though since it has large quantities of dark matter.

Kurt: There has to be a way to get there without the negatives, right? They couldn’t have possibly just walked into an area with thick dark matter?

*The male dimension expert thinks to himself for a moment and then speaks*

Male Dimension Expert: Perhaps, but there is no way for us to pinpoint where that exact location would be.

Kurt: Even if we can’t… I must go.

Zaydra: We all want to find out what is going on but determination isn’t going to help us get through dark matter and we wouldn’t even know where to find them.

*Kurt looks down in defeat after hearing Zaydra’s words*

*Harmona starts thinking to herself for a moment and then speaks*

Harmona: This won’t help us find their exact location, but we have been doing some research.

Kurt: What research?

Harmona: A way to combat the negative effects of dark matter.

*Kurt and Zaydra look surprised and then look interested*

Zaydra: And what did you find out?

Harmona: Our science team has found that dark matter will not penetrate through a magic barrier at all.

*Kurt has a flashback to when they had to get through a barrier to get into the city*

Kurt: Maybe that barrier was just as much about keeping the dark matter in as much as it was about keeping us out.

Male Dimension Expert: The loss of part of the barrier didn’t make the dark matter scatter much but it did help keep the concentration of it high in the city.

Harmona: I have an idea, Kurt. There is something you can do that the rest of us probably can’t.

Kurt: What is it?

Harmona: We are still trying to develop personal artificial barriers, but you can use your aura magic and develop your own barrier around yourself. Maintaining that kind of control would take some training but I bet you could definitely manage it.

*Harmona plays out the thought in her mind with a chibi Kurt performing the technique*

Kurt: That is a great idea!


Narrator: Meanwhile in the Dimension of Deities.

*Ebo closes a portal in his shop*

Ebo: Well, that should do it. I can only wonder if they will come back alive…

*Someone then enters the room*

???: Hello. I hope you have a portal that can take me to where I need to go.

*Ebo turns around and looks at the person. It’s Zonbi*

Ebo: And where exactly are you looking to go?

Zonbi: (Confidently smiling) I just want to pay the Deity of Undead a visit.

Ebo: Couldn’t you just walk there? It’s not like he is in a different dimension.

Zonbi: I know but I would like to bypass his… security measures.

Ebo: An infiltration? I can do it but it’s going to cost you.

Zonbi: How about I give you his entire estate after I deal with him?

*Ebo looks surprised by this*

Ebo: You plan to completely destroy him? Just who are you? You don’t appear to be a deity nor affiliated with Hell despite looking like a demon.

Zonbi: I am Zonbi. Queen of Undead. I came here after putting in a request to Heaven to allow me to travel to this dimension.

Ebo: If you’re the Queen of Undead then that means…

Zonbi: Yes. I will overthrow him and become the new Deity of Undead.


Narrator: Meanwhile at an unknown location.

*A portal opens in an area with a dark matter atmosphere. Out comes Dakame’s forces. They all have magic barriers surrounding them*

Scythe: We are now in the Dimension of Dark Matter.


Narrator: The most important location in the Dimension of Dark Matter is a castle-like structure that is surrounded by a large city. Let’s take a look inside the structure.

*Inside the structure, Zenos sits in a chair while purple lightning sparks around him*

Zenos: And we finally have some guests enter this dimension. It’s time for the fun to begin. Unfortunately for them, things will turn out unexpectedly for them. They come for my head, but will I even still be here by the time they make it this far…? If they make it this far… Hmhmhmhm.

Narrator: Things are finally in motion for everyone! How will it play out?

Chapter 426 END

To be Continued in Chapter 427: First Mission


Arc Completed: November 26th, 2017

Author's Comment: Despite only being 8 chapters long, this arc took me 4 months to write. It was a combination of burnout and losing some of my motivation to write (which was likely caused by the burnout). On the positive side, the end of this arc also happened on what was basically the third anniversary of me starting to write this story so I could celebrate that at least. lol