Chapter 427:

Chapter 427: First Mission

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the 15th arc. The Dark Matter Chronicles: Altar in Darkness Arc

Chapter 427: First Mission

Narrator: Back at the base of the Dark Matter Clan.

Commander Moss: While you were training, Zenos made a move.

Zeth: What happened?

Commander Moss: You know of the eight magic altars that Harmona had placed on Earth during the Great Chaos, correct?

Zeth: Yes.

Commander Moss: Six of the eight of them are now covered in dark matter.

Sasha: Why not all of them?

Commander Moss: The seventh altar is in the Temple of the Light Goddess which probably can’t be reached by Zenos’s forces. The location of the eighth altar is unknown. It certainly has never been seen on land.

Zeth: I know my mom mentioned an altar that is not on mainland Harmone and is very hard to reach. That’s all I know though.

Keith: So what is our objective?

Commander Moss: To eliminate any threat that is near them. We can’t let the dark matter spread farther in those locations.

Emily: Wait. If those are the only two that aren’t covered in dark matter, then that means…!

Joe: Oh no! Michael!

Zeth: That’s right! Your base was near an altar!

Commander Moss: Emily and Joe can go to the same one since there are seven of you and six altars to go to.

*Commander Moss pulls out a map*

Commander Moss: We have a map of each of their locations. The rest of you pick one.

*They look at the map. Zeth sees a location in the middle of southern Harmone that makes him look nervous, and he sweats a bit*

Zeth: That location…


Narrator: In Heaven.

*A female angel speaks to Harmona*

Female Angel: My goddess, dark matter is appearing in more locations.

Harmona: Where?

Female Angel: Your altars. Six of them to be exact.

Harmona: The altars? What purpose would that serve?

Female Angel: We don’t know. We just know that those areas are covered in dark matter.

Harmona: I suppose that can be figured out later. I want troops to be sent to those locations immediately!

*More angels arrive*

Harmona: I want those altars secured! Get down there!

Angels: Yes, my goddess.

*The angels depart for the Earth. Harmona looks up at the sky*

Harmona: There is just so much confusion right now. And I still have to worry about Zeth. We need answers soon…


Narrator: In the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Zenos is still sitting in his chair in the center of the massive domed room*

Zenos: Now that we have some guests in this dimension, I wonder what would be the most interesting way to take care of them.

*He looks at his left hand while rubbing his fingers together*

Zenos: I suppose I could just go and take care of them myself… Or better yet… This means that Hell is less guarded. This would be the perfect opportunity to attack Hell myself. Hmhmhmhm. Yes. I’m sure my underlings can handle these ones without me. I hope the Dark Goddess won’t mind if I drop in to pay a little visit. There is certainly something there that I want.

*Zenos smirks*


Narrator: Back with the heroes in the Dark Matter Underworld.

*The heroes prepare to go through a portal to reach their destinations. Kennedy, wearing his mask again, activates the portal*

Kennedy: Joe, Emily. Good luck.

*Emily and Joe go through the portal*

*Kennedy uses the controls to change the portal destination*

Kennedy: Next is Keith.

Keith: I’m ready.

*Keith goes into the portal. Kennedy then changes the destination*

Kennedy: Next is Easia.

Easia: I won’t let you down.

*Easia goes into the portal. Kennedy then changes the destination*

Kennedy: Raider, you’re up.

Raider: On it.

*Kennedy then changes the destination for Sasha*

Kennedy: Sasha, it’s your turn.

*Before Sasha goes into the portal, she looks at Zeth and sees his nervous face*

Sasha: What’s wrong? You’ve looked bothered ever since we chose our destinations.

Zeth: It’s not something… I want to talk about at the moment…

*Sasha grabs his hand*

Sasha: Remember, I will always listen if something troubles you.

Zeth: Okay. I just need some time. I will explain when we get back.

*Sasha has a relieved smile*

Sasha: Okay. If you need time, I will give you it.

*Sasha then walks into the portal. Kennedy changes the destination again. Zeth clinches his fists*

Kennedy: Now you, Zeth. I’m not sure what is bothering you, but I hope it won’t affect your ability to succeed in your mission.

Zeth: It won’t.

Kennedy: Good. Now go.

*Zeth walks into the portal. Zeth is now in a purple void as the portal sends him to his destination*

Zeth: (Thinking) I don’t think I have ever been this nervous before. It’s going to be like opening up an old wound…

*The portal finishes sending him to his destination and drops him off in a field. The portal then immediately closes*

*The place looks like ruins with plant life growing around the old building material*

Zeth: This is it.

*Zeth walks towards the ruins and sees a giant hole with dark matter in it*

Zeth: This whole area… It’s the place where I was enslaved and forced to work for the Hawk Clan…

Narrator: Old wounds open up! Zeth returns to where this story started, at the ruins of the Hawk Clan prison where he was a slave!

Chapter 427 END

To be Continued in Chapter 428: What The Hawk Clan Was Looking For