Chapter 428:

Chapter 428: What The Hawk Clan Was Looking For

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 428: What The Hawk Clan Was Looking For

Narrator: In Zenos’s lair.

*Rayna and Poleon sit at a table in a large room and they are eating while having a discussion*

Rayna: So, you have never seen that woman?

Poleon: No, I haven’t. Your description of her is not one that I recognize. She seriously was able to give you a wound that severe?

Rayna: There is no doubt about it. Her eyes were cold with an intent to kill. When I asked who she was, she just made it seem like she wasn’t a big deal and said “Just a housewife living in this city.”

Poleon: That is interesting. How can someone so powerful be that much of an unknown?

Rayna: That was what I thought too. It makes me angry but also nervous.

*Poleon takes a big bite into a leg of meat*

Poleon: Then we just have to be ready for her to show herself again.

Rayna: I suppose we will. Anyway, what do you plan to do about your missing arm? It could hurt your ability to pull off your next mission.

Poleon: I’ve got it figured out. The power of Dark Matter will turn my missing arm into a blessing.

Rayna: Just don’t get overconfident and underestimate your enemies.


Narrator: At an unknown temple.

*In an area with a dark atmosphere, Miranda walks up to the front door of the temple and opens it. She then walks inside and the temple doors close behind her. It is somewhat dark in the temple but there are lit torches on the walls throughout it. Miranda walks through the main aisle that leads to an altar. Miranda reaches the altar and then sits on it in a meditating position with her eyes closed. A magic aura starts to surround her as she concentrates more*

*Demonic energy starts emitting from her body. Soon, she opens her eyes as she meditates and they look very demonic*


Narrator: Meanwhile in the Dimension of Dark Matter.

*Dakame’s forces continue through the dimension. They are in an area with some grass and tall trees*

Sherra: The dark matter is becoming more oppressive in this area.

Korobu: Even so, we must continue.

Scythe: We are about to reach the point at which we split up. Get ready to move.

*After walking a bit more, they split up into their two teams*


Narrator: Back with Zeth.

*Zeth walks through the ruins of the old Hawk Clan prison*

Zeth: Coming back here makes me feel uncomfortable but I needed to do it.

*Zeth goes up to the large hole that has dark matter coming from it in the ground*

Zeth: Was the Hawk Clan trying to get down here?

*Zeth jumps down into the hole and comes across an underground area with Heaven architecture. Zeth walks through the area*

Zeth: If the altar is down here then maybe this is what the Hawk Clan wanted.

*Zeth comes across a closed door. Zeth puts his hand on a pillar to his right which causes it to crumble*

Zeth: Woah. I didn’t lean too much on it. Has this place been damaged by the explosions or is it just showing its age since it hasn’t been visited in a long time?

*Zeth walks up to the door and puts his hands against it. He slowly pushes it open and then slowly walks in*

Zeth: I have to be on my guard.

*Zeth sees the altar but also the silhouette of someone*

Zeth: There is the altar… But wait, who is that?

*Zeth starts to focus more on the person. Zeth’s eyes open wide in shock*

Zeth: It can’t be? That can’t possibly be you… Paul!?

*The person he sees is indeed his old friend, Paul, who was a prisoner with Zeth in the Hawk Clan prison*

Paul: Hello, Zeth.

*Zeth is in complete shock and is completely speechless*

Narrator: What is Paul doing at this altar!? Zeth has gone all this time knowing that Paul was killed by an explosion when they were trying to escape the Hawk prison. So what is the meaning of this?

Chapter 428 END

To be Continued in Chapter 429: Zeth’s Regret