Chapter 8:

First Quest

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

"Will you..." She raise her hand mid-air, Offering a handshake then continued "Become my party"
(Note: If you able to read the phase "Become my party in future" Then that was a mistake. That is my previous plan and plan to delete that but forgot to)
I was stunned in her sudden offer.
Lets think back, My goal of being adventurer is to solve my financial problems. Means... accepting her offer allows me to be able to go into S-Ranking Quests. S-Rank Quests have very high rewards but so dangerous at the same time. As they say, Im strong and talented but it doesnt change the fact Im still a newbie. I just entered as a adventurer and already going to start S-Ranking quests? Thats a great news but totally throwing tantrum to my self. Also, I dont want to cling to others too much and accepting Rushia's offer means... 
"Sorry but... I'll refuse"
...Clinging to Rushia too much. I'll just become spoiled if I'll cling to her too much and wont advance me anywhere. I need to atleast discover things my self through the lowest part before climbing up. There is a old saying 'Wings disappears, That's why never put all your hopes to it' Meaning people disappears, Never cling to them too much and you'll lost everything if you do so.
"I see... You have a point... With all your strength, You don't need someone like me to join in your party" 
Rushia spoke in a low tone of voice as she look below, Taking her hands back.
"No, That's not the reason why I refused" 
I immediately responded to wake her spirit up. 
"The reason is... Im still a newbie in being a adventurer. That's why Im planning to discover things my self slowly as I rise up. I cannot just cling to you of course, That's why I decided..." I breath before continuing. "Will you still accept me to be a member of your party in the future?" I asked, Calmly as I could.
If she refuse, This will be the greatest shame of my life.
She step forward, Leaning her flat chest front, Tilting her head a bit with a pure smile in her face. 
"Of course"
She sweetly answered my request as she offered a handshake.
"Its a deal then"
I nodded, Accepting her handshake. She then take off her hands, Turning her head through the guild's window before taking a look to me. 
"Its already noon so... Lets eat. My treat" 
As she spoke that, She showed the same dark brown parchment given as her prize by the guild master. I plan to refuse but I didnt brought any money today so I just go with the flow instead. 
Both of us head to the kitchen and ordered our lunch.
Both me and Rushia is now infront of the guild's questboard. Eating earlier with Rushia was pretty fun as we talk both of our epic stories. Me in my academic life and hers as a adventurer and student in the underworld's academy. I learned something a lot of facts about Rushia. First is that she can be considered as one of those witches and demons as she's not born in this world but she's born in the underworld. And in the underworld is where she studied necromancy and became a top student, Graduating school in early age. She ascended here in the land in interest to see normal humans but didnt see anyone interesting until she meet me, Not to be prideful to my self but that's what she said.
"Any idea what quest you'll gonna take? You've been silent this whole time" 
Rushia asked while glancing at me, She then proceed to look the board. I just snap my thoughts out and proceed to look the questboard. Then saw a simple, low ranking quest but with high reward. It said the reward will be 25 small copper coin each flower, And its pretty big already.
The lowest of all are copper coins since 1 small copper coin is equevalent of 1. The stages from the lowest to highest in coins are small copper coin, medium copper coin to large copper coin then the small, medium, large method continues to the silver and then gold. The gold have extra method that is the highest of all coins and that is Royal Gold Coin.
In quantity, 1 small copper coin is equevalent to one as I mentioned earlier. A medium copper coin is 2, while large copper is 5. Small silver coin is 10, medium is 20 and large is 50. Small gold coin is equevalent to 100, medium is 500 and large is 1000. But the Royal Gold Coin is 10 000.
To make it simple...

Small Copper Coin= 1
Medium Copper Coin=2
Large Copper Coin= 5
Small Silver Coin= 10
Medium Silver Coin= 20
Large Silver Coin= 50
Small Gold Coin= 100
Medium Gold Coin= 500
Large Gold Coin= 1000
Royal Gold Coin= 10 000

I take the quest written in a yellowish brown paper who's stick in the board and read it silently. 'Gathering Quest: Moonlit Flower, Reward: 25 small copper coin each moonlit flower, Destribute: To a barn in the northeast of the kingdom'
As I known, Moonlit flowers is 20 small copper each in market price. For the person paying it for 25 small copper no doubt found this flower so helpful. I never heard of it being used in herbal and its only used for decoration since its very beautiful at night. From the word 'moonlit' even just a little moonlight hitting it can make the flower glows. Its color is purple and its not really that useful but ultra rare this days. Its rumored that the demons are taking it as the demon lord love the color purple. That's what they said.
"Are you sure you want this quest? Finding a moonlit flower is almost impossible" 
Rushia asked me for confirmation.
I just nodded, Yes, Its foolish of me to do such impossible quest but I have known magic a bit. I have the attribute of nature and I learn some of the simple spells. One of those spells is the 'Scent Detection' spell that let me able to smell any scent in the distance. I've smelled a moonlit flower before so I able to know its aromatic and lovely smell.

After leaving the guild, Rushia gave me a tip that moonlit flowers can always be found nearby to a waterfield but also in the forest before we bid goodbye's and head out, outside of the kingdom, Wandering through the forest, Defeating easily any monster I encounter with a cut of my sword and white rose sword style. Bear, wolf, and plant type monsters are what I encountered so far for the past 3 hours but still didnt found any moonlit flowers. But in the mid-ist of my travel, I saw something unnatural occured and that is... seeing an orc in a forest near the kingdom. 
The orc is now glaring at me. Just like other normal orcs, The orc have a big fat body and have a face of a pig with a short white horn in the mouth's side. What make it a bit suspicious is that it have a long and large black axe in its right hand. A normal orc would never have such weapon.
"GRAAA!!!" It shouted a loud raging voice before it lift its axe above with its both hands and smash it towards me in intense speed. I immediately step in the right to dodge its attack, As soon the axe struck in the ground, I immediately cut its right arm without using a sword style.
"GWRAAAA!!" It ragely shouted from pain as it let go the axe that is stuck in the ground. It swung its left hand with full force towards me but that gave me advantage. I immediately dock down, jump high up, Stepping in its left hand and taking advantage of it by leaping forward and get closer to the orc who's shouting in pain. 
As I leap to the orc, The sword I held with my both hands, Placed below my right, Swung it in full force without any sword style. Cutting the orc's body from below of its left arm to its right shoulder with a splashing, meaty sound effect due to its cut flesh and spilled blood. 
I landed behind the orc as its body collapse to the ground. I stand from my kneeled position, lift my sword and place it back to its scabbard. My face got stained from the blood a bit so I take a white handkerchief from my leather shoulder bag that I just wore when I departed. Since before I head outside the kingdom, I get home first to get a bag. 
I then wipe the blood stains in my face as I continued my journey.
In the forest, I found a black silhoutte from a female figure in the distance. As I get closer, I can see that the person is a blonde haired young woman who's hair is tied up in ponytail with a cyan eyes. She's wearing a cyan mini skirt and wearing a yellow kimono that is cut before reaching her legs, And worn it in a open chest way. Beneath was... she wear nothing but thankfully she wrap a white cloth in her breast... As I remember its called Sarashi, and in her back was a katana with a white handle and black diamond shapes lined up as a design. 
She was eating a plain bread while sitting on a rock. She seem enjoying eating alone that I dont want to disturb her but I have to do it or I'll go home empty handed, Since its almost dawn.
"U- umm... Can I ask something? Do you see a moonlit flower somewhere here?" I asked hesitatedly. 
She nodded and point the forest with large trees and pitch black inside.
"If you go straight to that forest, You'll find plenty of it. Just be careful though or you'll go home without a head" The girl spoke, Pointing the forest in the distance, and continued taking a bite of her plain bread.
I was thankful but made my spine shaken in the same time. I followed the simple instruction she gave me and head out my journey.
And that's what happen to my journey before I reach here, Standing to a bunch of moonlit flowers with both hands raised while surrounded by dark elves who's pointing their bows with arrows at me, while atop in the branches of the large dark trees.

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