Chapter 9:

Encounter with Dark Elves

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

I woke up, Thought that everything happened is just a dream but sadly, Reality is kinda disappointing since I woke up meeting a new different ceiling that is made of straw leaves. My mouth was wrapped with a white cloth, preventing me to speak or scream. Same to my hands in the back who's tied up, Together with my feet. I was placed in the corner of a room who's walls and roof are made of brown straw leaves with a floor made of bamboo. No doubt, This is a straw hut. The room is just 3 meters in length and width with a 4 meters in height. The room has a orange hue, due to the lamp that is the only one making light for this room. Placed in the edge, Right side of the door.

If I remember correctly, The reason why Im here right now is, First, I wander to the forest with large dark trees, Its almost a jungle due to it. Even the place is covered with thick mist, I'm still not decieved of its illusions but it did teleport me back to the area where I came from everytime I get closer, but teleport me still inside the forest.

As I continue to wander the forest for hours, Finally, I found the moonlit flowers. But as soon I take one of the flowers, Rustle of leaves, Creaking of trees and clicking of boots can be heard, Approaching my place. The numbers were around... 120 in total. Worst of all, They are in all directions. Escaping was never an option in this situation, with their large numbers, Completely cornered in place, I have no choice but to stay, Acting like I didnt notice their presence.

After 10 seconds, They completely surrounded me with their bows and arrows pointed at me. The figures of the people that surrounded me is unusual since all of them are dark skinned with a pointy ears. They were also wearing leather cloak and beneath is light leather green suits and some others got their chest revealed that they wore light, thin metal chestplate. No doubt, They are dark elves. This place is kinda far away from the kingdom so its normal to have people creating a lair or a village here but what shocked me is... Its dark elves. Since, Dark elves was supposed to be extinct due to the previous elf war 5 centuries ago.

"State your business human knight! What is your point coming this far away from your kingdom, Trying to take this flowers!?"

A female dark elf spoke. With a young-like voice, Probably somewhere in her middle 20's in human age. She have long blond hair and crimson red eyes- wait, She's actually a male. I mistaken him as a female due to his figure. Its probably normal to mistaken him a female due to him covering his face with a brown mask and a hood in his head right?

"U- um" I muttered.

One single mistake can lead to death so I carefully think what word should I use for my next phrase.

I just made a cough before speaking.

"T- the queen o- ordered me to g- get some moonlit flower. I arrive this far due to h- hearing theres a lot of m- moonlit flowers i- in here"

I stuttered a lot as I spoke. Since its just an excuse I made up after all.

Hoping to be freed safely, I sweat buckets but... that hope shattered in instant when the female dark elf with white hair and purple eyes beside the guy earlier spoke.

"Lord, This female knight just lied"


I silently shrieked in terror. And now, Their intense and terrifying glare is focused on me like their eyes just glowed in hatred, Probably just my imagination, And hoping it is just an Imagination.

I sweat buckets and try to think what to do, And came up with a single idea to solve the problem, Hoping it will.

"I-" I bowed. "I am a knight but also working as an adventurer for part time. There was a quest that requires to get moonlit flowers and just like before, I came here because I heard theres a lot of moonlit flowers in this place"

"Did she lied again?"

The male dark elf earlier whispered to the female dark elf beside him. The female dark elf shake her head with her eyes closed.

I raise my head, delighted from the outcome like my eyes just shined a little from happiness. But...

"Such lie wont work to us, Human!"

Wait what? Im telling the truth though!

"You, Servant of the Demon Lord!"

Why am I treated like a demon all of the sudden!? But, Demon? What?

Then, They captured me. I didnt made a fight as Im alone vs 200 of them, Fighting such large amount filled with talented soldiers is suicidal. They use bows and arrows and for dark elves like them, They are talented in magic among in this elements 'Fire, Earth, and Nature' as you can notice, They are not talented in wind and water like the other Elves. Lets say white elf(sorry for being a racist) are the ones who mastered wind and water, Both sides are good in nature element as I known. Thinking about it makes me sad as Im bad at magic, All I know is sword styles.

If your wondering about, is sword style a magic? Then its not. Its just a technique and its not imbued any enchantment. Since sword style is not about casting but all about mastering the techniques. And if you mastered it, It will automatically borrow the magic energy in the surroundings. Also, It doesnt mean the stronger the magic energy in the surrounding, The stronger the sword skill become. It depends on how you wield it and about if weak magic surrounding in area... I dont know, Probably gathers a lot magic energy from the distance.

And due to being captured, Im now tied up alone in this straw hut, thinking about it just making me want to sigh but the cover of my mouth prevented me to.

The atmosphere is so silent that I only hear the sounds of crickets and the flow of river and decided to watch outside the window to the fireflies whose floating around the forest. And then the silent broke as I hear and feel 2 person in the right side of the hut, Talking to each other.

"You know what to do right? Flare" The same male dark elf voice, Or should I say, The commander who accused me as a demon when we were still in the forest.

"Yes, Father"

A female dark elf responded, But its voice this time is different from the white haired female in the forest earlier.

"I feel poor for her that she's just trying to get some moonlit flowers for her part-time job being an adventurer. Probably poor enough since, A knight, Working part-time as an adventurer really gives a huge hint she's poor and having a financial problems. Being killed without any wrong doings but to help her family or other reasons that we dont know, I felt poor but we have no choice but to do it for the sake of our kindred"

"To secretly live here and keep the 'extinct' title, isnt it?" The female dark elf asked.

"Yes" The commander responded.

Due to overhearing their conversation, I understand now why that male elf wanted to make me guilty so badly that he accused me as one of the demon lord's servant. I just sighed and look above.

'Looks like I'm gonna die here huh...' I thought.

I can hear a footstep from the right, Approaching the front side and stopped, Before the door opened. A figure of a female dark elf appears. Just like the others, She have a dark brown skin. She have a blond hair tied in ponytail and red crimson eyes, the same of the commander dark elf. In her right hand was a sharp curvy dagger with a green colored handle. She approach and stop infront of me before kneeling down.

Mother, Father, Sorry If I'll die early when I just newly became a knight and wasted all your hard work. Brother, Sorry If I end up leaving early but dont worry, Even if I die, I will be always watching for you, Little sister here will protect you whatever happens.

I just prayed before death takes me.

The dark elf lean her head to my left shoulder and hold the right side of my head before raising her dagger and...



A splashing sound of blood can be heard.

"HMMMP!!!" I screamed even with my mouth tied up with a cloth.

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