Chapter 432:

Chapter 432: So Young Yet So Powerful

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 432: So Young Yet So Powerful

Narrator: Zeth’s battle against Randle continues and Randle has just revealed his original deity power is being the Deity of Trees.

*Randle starts to release his magic which makes trees start to grow out of the ground*

Randle: First, they start as ordinary trees.

*Randle then uses a wave of gray-colored magic on all of the trees*

Randle: And then infuse them with my power of regret.

*The trees start to become monstrous*

Zeth: Wait, this is just like in Kunasha. I thought that was because of the dark matter.

Randle: When Rayna released the dark matter in that city, I was infusing the trees with my regret power. Now my trees, let’s tear him apart!

*The trees start uprooting so that they can walk*

*Zeth jumps away from the trees but they start releasing a barrage of small magic blasts at him. He is unable to avoid all of them and ends up getting hit by some of them*

*Randle moves in and tries to jump kick Zeth but Zeth ducks just in time to avoid it. Zeth then punches Randle to knock him away. At the same time, Zeth’s leg is wrapped by a tree branch that extends out and he is pulled back*

Zeth: What!?

*As Zeth is pulled back, Randle launches towards him and elbows him which deals some damage. It results in Zeth being completely wrapped against the tree*

*The other trees start to come to the front to look at Zeth and they start to charge up magic in their mouths*

Randle: This is the end for you. It looks like I win. Fire away!

*The trees begin releasing a barrage of powerful blasts at Zeth. The blasts explode on impact, creating a cloud of smoke where the explosions happened*

*Randle starts walking away, smiling*

Randle: Hmhmhm. I win.

Zeth: Not so fast.

*Randle opens his eyes wide in surprise and then turns around to look back at the smoke*

Randle: What!?

*The smoke starts to clear as the blasts stop. Zeth is using Raging Impact Mode and the damage he took was minimal*

*Zeth has a confident smile*

Zeth: I guess you don’t know much about my abilities.

Randle: How did you take such little damage from that!?

Zeth: Raging Impact Mode gives my defense a big boost. Now, how about an offensive boost?

*Zeth’s light blue tinted aura starts to become dark red*

Zeth: Raging Star Mode.

*The aggressive aura starts to tear at the tree that is wrapping Zeth and destroys it. The other trees in front of him start to take damage and then are destroyed as well. Zeth confidently walks towards Randle*

*Randle is still in shock*

Randle: As far as I know, you are less than 100 years old! There is no way a divine being as young as yourself should be this powerful!

Zeth: Well, to be exact, I’m going to be 62 soon. But the reality is I’m stronger than you thought and you’re going to pay for underestimating me.

*Randle creates more monstrous trees*

Randle: I won’t be beaten by you!

*Zeth forms a Star Shard in his right hand and puts his left hand behind his back*

Randle: I can handle that attack.

*Zeth smirks and does a horizontal swipe motion with his right hand. Even though he only formed one, a bunch of star shards fly towards Randle in a horizontal line. The star shards tear through the trees and keep going*

Randle: I can easily dodge those!

*Randle jumps over the line of star shards. However, a bunch of star shards come up from under the ground, directly under where Randle was standing. Randle is taken by complete surprise as the star shards come up and tear at Randle, leaving a lot of bloody cuts*

*Randle falls back to the ground after taking a lot of damage*

Randle: Where did those come from!?

Zeth: I simply dropped them into the ground using my left hand while I released the others at you using my right hand.

*Randle looks irritated*

Randle: Clever…

*Suddenly, more star shards come flying out of the ground diagonally towards Randle. They tear into his gut and leave even more bloody cuts before Zeth gets close and punches him hard in the face, knocking him back*

Zeth: I dropped those star shards into the ground while you were being cut up. I can do this all day if you would like.

*Randle starts to stand up, his anger increasing*

Randle: I’ve had enough!

*Randle starts to charge his power as he is surrounded by a dark matter aura, His muscle mass starts to increase*

Randle: You haven’t seen my full power!

Zeth: I see.

*Zeth starts to charge his own magic to prepare*

*Suddenly, Randle stops charging and falls on one knee. His dark matter aura disappears. He looks tired*

Randle: *huff huff* No… I will need to retreat…!

*Zeth looks confused*

*A pool of dark matter opens below Randle’s feet and he starts to sink into it*

Randle: Just know that this fight would have gone differently if I had the home field advantage.

*The pool disappears after Randle completely sinks*

*Zeth ends his Raging Star Mode and looks up at the sky. He victoriously smiles*

Zeth: Ha. What a joke. I beat his ass. It wouldn’t have mattered where we fought.

Narrator: Zeth has defeated Randle! What happens next?

Chapter 432 END

To be Continued in Chapter 433: Lacking Understanding