Chapter 7:

Special Chapter: Chemistry Exam

Lyceus Awaits

It was the first day of exams. William was in his last year of highschool and Axcel was in his first year of college so they had different exams, William had Chemistry exam and Axcel had Nanotech exam. Axcel asked William how his prep was and ofcourse William replied that it was fine but in reality it was not fine at all as William completely hated Chemistry. He only took it after Axcel convinced him to take it as it was beneficial. William decided that he would not take it in college no matter what.

Both reached school together. Schools used to float but came down a bit so people could enter easily and were just like any other infrastructure. They had bigger rooms and was filled with more students than ever.

Every teacher had a robotic assistant with them and holograms were used to teach students. Advanced computers were used instead of books, papers and pencils. Only some subjects used papers and pencils such as Oldschool Arts. There were so many new options for so many different careers. Students could select any subject and career they wanted to. Schools had new subjects and new ways of teaching which also meant new examination methods and more exams.

Everything getting computerized and having a robotic teacher asistant around meant that cheating in exams was nearly impossible.

The exam started and William was very nervous. After looking at the exam his first thoughts were very questioning, "Why couldn't my first exam be Nanotech as well? Why did I ever take this stupid subject? Oh yes it was Axcel. He said it would help in the future but what about the present. Why do I have to get tortured now? I know nearly nothing about Chemistry" After these thoughts he started his exam.

After a while when he still couldn't figure out anything he thought, "I still can't think of the answers. Ah shit! Damn you Axcel." He banged his head on the table then suddenly he got an idea and decided to randomely fill all the MCQs and use his smart brain to copy all the other answers. He somehow managed to do it but along the way he was sweating so much that his keyboard and desk got all wet.

Rest of the exams went better than Chemistry. Finally when all of them ended the results were here. First they checked Axcel's result which was pretty good as he focused on his studies. Then they checked William's result and he got very good marks in some whereas normal in some others. The real question was did he pass all subjects including Chemistry? Yes he did. He was more surprised than even Axcel. He was the type to always be sad and serious but at this point even he was yelling around the house that he passed. Axcel sighed and go happy for him but then he knew he had to calm that idiot down so that's exactly what he did.