Chapter 8:

The Argonauts

Lyceus Awaits

Summer vacations had arrived. Axcel was ready with all the profiles of the people he selected for the team and the places where he would have to look for them or in which order they would have to look for them. They both went to their hideout and discussed all the details and planned the trip.

William: Have you selected the members?

Axcel: Yes, I have selected 5 members to be precise. Although I don't have a lot of information on them as some of them are very hidden or just nobodies but I do have some information that would please you.

William: Good! Show me whatever you have without any further delay.

After that conversation happened Axcel told him about the people he chose and why he chose. They would also be in the order they would meet them to join the team. The order was also there for a reason. The five members were Max Mory, Anthony Gustin, Martin Stein, Victoria Harper and Lily Grace.

The first member would be Max Mory, a 13 year old boy and the world's best hacker wanted around every corner in the world. Max's achievements as hacker exceeded anyone's expectations. His family background is unknown, not only that but everything about him is missing from records it was really challenging for Axcel to find even his age and name as a lot about him was classified information. However, Axcel did do some digging and used some sources to find out that Max was last seen in Argon, as they say money gets the work done. He broke into an INDIGO company in Gara, a city in Argon and stole a suit. Which was great news for William and Axcel As Max could hack anything he wanted to do had access to all the computerized information around this world so if they got him to join the team first, finding everyone else will be a piece of cake and other missions would be more easier than ever. Max may be the world's best hacker but he still is just a kid lost in this world so finding Max will be time taking yet easier than others besides all the security was tightened in the city to keep Max in the city at all costs so Axcel had just the right time to capture him and get him to join the team.

The second member would be Anthony Gustin, a 25 year old man and the best illegal fighter known by the whole underworld. He is known to be one of the strongest fighter in the whole world. He once won a knockout match against 2 suit wearers without having a suit of his own and using bare fists. Ofcourse the suit wearers weren't as strong as William or Linda and the other members of the Watchdog. Despite that its still fascinating to see that a man is strong enough to beat any suit wearer. He had a mother, 55 years old who was really sick. It is said that he fights to pay the hospital and medication bills for his mother. His illegal fights were usually in the underwater city of Atlan. It was easy to find Anthony but reaching him was a different story. Stopping his fight or any interference would lead into a direct conflict with the underworld though that would all change when they would have a hacker on the team especially if that hacker is the best one yet. William and Axcel had already decided to give him a suit as soon as he joined the team. He would be a really important asset to the team as he would help William in his missions as Lyceus.

The third member would be Martin Stein, a 48 years old neglected scientist. He was a brilliant scientist and the team needed a scientist that would help with making other weapons. He would also be able to assist Axcel in communicating while missions. His whereabouts were unknown its like nobody knows him. Finding him would be more harder than Max as at the very least Max was now famous but Martin was unknown. God knows why he seperated himself from the society. Still it was important to find him as they couldn't only rely on suits, they needed more ways to assure the success rate of their mission.

The fourth member would be Victoria Harper, a 20 year old woman and the best thief in the whole world but she was a good thief. She was more of a modern Robin hood as she stole from the evil rich ones and gave the stolen things to the good poor or needy people. Victoria was in the military forces for a year but she was kicked for an unknown reason. Everything was taken from her by the military and everything about her was now classified information. As she was in the military, her combat skills and strategist mind was unparalleled. It is said that she had the potential to be the world's best soldier. She would be the second hardest member to find and reach but she would just like Anthony be a huge helping hand.

The fifth member would be Lily Grace. Her age and everything about her including her whereabouts was unknown to find her they would need the whole team put together first. All that was known was that she was the best technician and that she recently went missing. She would be very helpful as she would help with the tech, fix the suits and maybe even further advance them.

After the discussion ended the two had a simple conversation about the team.

William: Couldn't you select a simple team? Like what's with all the wanted members and hard to find?

Axcel: Tell me this are we simple people? And we don't want just any members, good things are hard to find and get.

William: Ugh fine! When do we begin?

Axcel: We leave for our journey in a week.

William: Absolutely Not! Get packing we leave tomorrow.

Axcel: Tomorrow!!??

William: No time to lose.

The next day both left for the city Gara to find the first member of the Argonauts, Max Mory.