Chapter 436:

Chapter 436: Corrupted Reapers

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 436: Corrupted Reapers

Narrator: Back with the heroes.

*The skull car that the heroes are in is traveling through the dimensions*

Raider: This thing is awesome!

Easia: But it goes a little too fast for my liking.

Kennedy: Speed is what we need right now.

Zeth: How long will it take us to get there?

Mark: About 10 minutes.

Alaina: That’s surprising considering how fast this thing is going.

Gice: And I’m ready to do my part.

Mark: Well, I usually crack jokes during these when I’m escorting the souls of the dead. It helps the time pass.

*Soon, the skull car arrives at the Palace of the God of Death. The palace itself is tall and red and it sits on a white cloud-like ground*

*The heroes spot dark matter coming out of some of the windows*

Mark: It’s horrible I tell you!

Zeth: Don’t worry, we can handle it. But you better watch from outside so that you don’t risk getting corrupted.

*Everyone rushes towards the entrance. Emily pulls out a container of blood along the way and drinks it to keep her vampiric thirst in check*

Zeth: (Thinking) Poleon, I want nothing more than to tear you limb from limb right now.

*The heroes open the door and run into the main room and find that the God of Death is missing. Mark reacts from outside the palace*

Mark: The God of Death isn’t sitting on his throne! Was he taken!?

*They start hearing banging on a door to a different room*

Emily: What’s that?

*A sharp object then pierces the door which is followed by some slashing. The door is completely destroyed as a lot of purple-colored grim reapers start running into the room and some are holding scythes*

Mark: It’s the corrupted ones!

Zeth: We have to fight!

*The heroes prepare to fight. Zeth attacks first by punching one in the face, knocking off its head*

Mark: Try not to kill them, please.

*Zeth dodges a scythe slash*

Zeth: Can grim reapers even die? You’re just skeletons wearing black robes.

Mark: If you destroy our skulls we will most certainly die.

Zeth: Okay, we got it.

*The reaper that had its head punched off picks its head up and puts it back on*

Joe: How are we supposed immobilize them if they can still move without a head?

*Emily blocks a scythe slash with her Ability Sword*

Emily: Are we allowed to cut their legs off?

Mark: I suppose that would be okay, but it will take some time to put them back together afterwards.

Emily: Sword, Red.

*Emily’s Ability Sword turns red-colored. She slashes the scythe away and then cuts off the legs of the corrupted reaper, causing the reaper to helplessly fall on the ground*

*Everyone that is fighting tries to start attacking at the legs of the reapers and they are having success. Suddenly, a door that is behind them is destroyed and more corrupted reapers come out of it. At the same time, more also come out from the first broken door*

Kennedy: They are going to surround us!

*Easia faces the enemies coming towards them from behind*

Easia: I can do something about this!

*Easia starts flapping her magic fairy wings and a pink dust starts flowing towards the corrupted reapers. Their movements and reactions begin to slow down*

Gice: Alright!

*Gice charges towards the slowed-down reapers and then slides on the ground once he gets close. Spikes pop out of his leg as he does a swiping kick. He takes out the legs of many of the slowed-down reapers*

*The other heroes are having success with the other group of corrupted reapers*

*Suddenly, they start hearing rumbles on the ceiling of the room*

Alaina: Are they trying to come from above?

*The ceiling of the room breaks in the middle and two large corrupted reapers fall through and the heroes have to jump out of the way to avoid them. They are now more spread out*

*The bones on the large ones start to become flexible spikes that move like tentacles. The large corrupted reapers roar*

Kennedy: These ones are more corrupted than the others!

Narrator: The heroes and the DMC have encountered the corrupted reapers. They still need to find Poleon.

Chapter 436 END

To be Continued in Chapter 437: Zenos Invades Hell! Dakame vs Zenos