Chapter 437:

Chapter 437: Zenos Invades Hell! Dakame vs Zenos

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 437: Zenos Invades Hell! Dakame vs Zenos

Narrator: In Hell.

*Dakame stands on the edge of a high location in Hell. A waterfall of lava flows off the central part of this location. The location is like a half-dome room as there is half a roof over it. Demons stand in the background at this location but Dakame’s focus is on the horde of demons below. Dakame is wearing her royal battle armor*

*Dakame is nearing the end of a speech to the horde of demons*

Dakame: And should any of Zenos’s forces show up here, you will make them pay for even daring to challenge us! You are the strongest! That is why you are the demons of Hell!

*All the demons listening to her speech cheer and clap. However, someone steps out in front of the crowd while clapping. Everyone else stops clapping and looks at him. That person is Zenos*

Zenos: Bravo. What a great speech. Now I’m curious though. If you won’t let Zenos’s forces in, why did you let Zenos himself in?

*Dakame’s eyes open wide with surprise and all the other demons realize what that means*

Dakame: Zenos! How did you get in undetected!? I had troops ready at all the possible entrance points!

Zenos: Apparently, you didn’t. Let me tell you something. I used to live here. I know all the ways in and out. If you object to me being here then you could always just try to kill me.

*Dakame starts to charge up her magic and has a dark aura surrounding her body. She looks furious*

Dakame: Oh I will! The rest of you get away from here!

*Dakame launches down towards Zenos. Zenos jumps back while having an amused expression on his face. Dakame lands where Zenos was standing before and again launches at Zenos*

Zenos: Try to entertain me, Dark Goddess.

Dakame: I will do more than that!

*Dakame starts trying to rapidly punch Zenos as they are moving. Zenos starts using his own fists to block the punches*

*Zenos gets in his own attack to stop the punches and hits Dakame in the forehead with the palm of his hand, stopping her attacks. Zenos then kicks Dakame away*

*With great speed, Zenos gets behind Dakame and prepares to punch her in the back. Dakame is able to turn around and then does a kick to block Zenos’s punch*

Dakame: Don’t think you can just hit me from behind that easily!

*Zenos then tries to kick Dakame to end her block but she then just fades into darkness and disappears*

Zenos: I can say the same to you. Don’t think you can take me by surprise with this.

*Suddenly, out from every direction comes black rain droplets that head towards Zenos*

*Zenos focuses on defense as the rain droplets pound onto his body with heavy force. Dakame reappears from the darkness right in front of him and punches him hard in the face. The punch knocks Zenos back. Dakame does not lay up on her attacks as she gets above Zenos and punches him in the gut continuously before he can get back up*

*The demons in the background watching the fight are cheering*

Male Demon 1: Yeah! Pound him into oblivion, my goddess!!

Male Demon 2: That will show him not to mess with Hell!!

*Despite the attacks and that blood is dripping down Zenos’s face from his mouth, he smiles. He then grabs Dakame’s right arm with his left hand. Dakame clinches her teeth in anger*

Zenos: Did you think you had the advantage?

*Zenos gut-punches Dakame incredibly hard which causes her to cough up a lot of blood*

*Dakame stumbles back in a lot of pain while she places her hands against her abdomen*

*Zenos stands up*

Zenos: Did that hurt a lot? It should have. I put a lot of power in that punch. Look on the bright side, we’re even. You got blood dripping from your mouth and so do I.

Dakame: Damn you…!

Zenos: (Smiling Confidently) Shall we continue?

*Zenos forms five dark matter missiles. One by each leg, arm, and his head*

Zenos: I wonder if you can figure out how I will use each missile. Are you good at mind games?

*Zenos starts running towards Dakema. She is surprised*

Dakame: (Thinking) Surely, he is not going to try and use a missile at close range?

*Zenos gets close and tries to punch Dakame but she moves out of the way just in time*

Dakame: (Thinking) He didn’t fire a missile!?

*Zenos fires the missile floating above his head up into the sky and then fires the one by his left leg right past Dakame, both of which become distractions for her. This allows Zenos to punch her in the shoulder, dealing damage*

*Zenos then launches himself upward and fires the three other missiles still with him down at her. She jumps out of the way to dodge the impact and following explosions*

*Dakame then looks up at the sky and sees Zenos riding on top of the missile he originally shot up into the sky but now he has it coming back down*

*Zenos laughs*

Zenos: Hahahahahaha! This is so much fun!

*Zenos is able to aim the missile as he rides it*

*Dakame grits her teeth as she thinks to herself*

Dakame: (Thinking) He has a wild style of fighting. Not something I would have expected from someone as strong as him.

*Dakame prepares for the missile’s impact by continuously jumping away. However, Zenos stops riding it and massively increases its speed by kicking it towards Dakame. Dakame opens her eyes wide and the missile hits her, causing a large explosion*

*Zenos lands back on the ground*

Zenos: I’m certainly having fun. Are you having fun?

*A purple fire continues to burn where Dakame was hit by the missile, but she doesn’t come out*

*Zenos starts to become impatient*

Zenos: Oh come on. I know that wasn’t enough to kill you. Just come out already.

*The fire starts to turn from purple to black with red streaks on it*

Dakame: You made the mistake of making me angry…

*Someone starts to come out of the black fire. Black clawed hands are the first things to become visible. Then, horizontal horns that bend forward are next*

*Soon, all of Dakame comes into full view as she finishes walking out from the black fire. She has taken on a new form. Her head is now a monstrous demon skull with horns. Her eyes are a demon-like orange. Her skin has become monstrous with glowing orange streaks in it. She still has her hair despite her head being a skull now. She has a demonic tail. She is hunched a bit. A red fiery aura with skulls of the damned flowing through it surrounds her. She still has her royal battle armor on*

Zenos: What a cool-looking new form you got there.

Dakame: Appreciate it while you can. You won’t live much longer. This is my Blood Form!

Narrator: Zenos has driven Dakame to transform into a monstrous form! Will it be enough for her to defeat Zenos?

Chapter 437 END

To be Continued in Chapter 438: A Passed Down Secret