Chapter 438:

Chapter 438: A Passed Down Secret

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 438: A Passed Down Secret

Narrator: Back with the heroes.

*The heroes and the other members of the Dark Matter Clan are attacked by the stronger corrupted reapers. Using their tentacle-like spikes, the strong corrupted reapers try to stab the heroes but they successfully dodge. Emily tries to get in close and slash the legs of one of the strong corrupted reapers but she is unable to as there are too many spikes to avoid. She ends up jumping back to avoid them*

Emily: These ones are going to be a lot more difficult to defeat. We can’t just stay here and deal with them.

Kennedy: I agree. We need a few people to go ahead.

*Zeth has a stern facial expression*

Zeth: I will go. I have a bone to pick with Poleon.

*Sasha looks at Zeth and then responds*

Sasha: So will I. Poleon has wanted us both for so long. Well, now he is going to get it.

Kennedy: Fair enough. Go on ahead. The rest of us will take care of things here.

*Zeth and Sasha go through one of the broken-down doors and find some stairs to go up to the next floor. They start running up the stairs and, on their way up, they encounter corrupted reapers*

*Zeth charges his legs with magic and does a low swiping kick to take out their legs. The corrupted reapers slide down the stairs as Zeth and Sasha go up*

*Zeth and Sasha go up more and more floors and come across more and more dark matter as they go. The higher they go, the fewer corrupted reapers they encounter*

*They soon reach the top floor and stop right before the final door. Zeth and Sasha stand side by side. Sasha looks at Zeth and sees that he is visibly angry*

Sasha: (Thinking) I can tell he is thinking about what happened to his brother because of Poleon.

Zeth: We’re going in. Are you ready?

*Sasha nods*

*They open the final door and go in. They are in a decently sized square-shaped room. They do indeed find Poleon who has the God of Death in a barrier*

Zeth: Poleon!

*Poleon looks at Zeth and Sasha*

Poleon: Well, this is most certainly a surprise.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Hell.

*Dakame is in her Blood Form, the skull head demon, and is ready to continue fighting Zenos*

Dakame: Do you know how I knew about you even though your existence has largely been a secret?

*Zenos just looks at her*

Dakame: The knowledge of your existence has been passed down from Dark God or Goddess to the next continuously.

Zenos: Your point?

Dakame: It means that knowledge has been passed down because they knew how powerful you are. I can fight you knowing not to underestimate you.

*Zenos smiles*

Zenos: Even if you don’t underestimate me, you still can’t match me in power.

Dakame: Maybe not in pure power.

*Zenos notices there is suddenly a cut on his right cheek but he doesn’t look shocked in the slightest*

Zenos: Is that supposed to intimidate me?

*When he looks back to where Dakame was, she is not there anymore. He is then suddenly punched hard in the face, sending him flying back*

*Dakame starts running like a four-legged animal. At an extremely fast speed, before Zenos can even react, Dakame reaches him and smashes both of her hands into him which smashes him into the ground, causing a large dent in the ground*

*Dakame forms a large black ball and throws it down into the ground where Zenos is, causing a large explosion which Dakame jumps away from*

*Dakame smirks but Zenos appears to have dodged the attack as he comes at Dakame from the side. However, Dakame reacts faster and grabs Zenos by the face and slams him into the side of a mountain*

*She starts rapidly punching him and the blows appear to do serious damage to him*

Dakame: In the story of this world, you are nothing but a piece of history so go back to the Divine World! You have no place in today’s Earth!

*Dakame forms another black ball and jumps away as she throws it at Zenos. Zenos opens his eyes wide with excitement*

Zenos: Star Reflector!

*A shiny white reflective surface made of stars appears in front of Zenos. The black ball bounces off the surface back at Dakame who is back on the ground. She uses her quick speed and gets away from the reflected attack which explodes when it hits the ground*

*Zenos gets back on the ground and starts slowly clapping*

Zenos: Good job. You did certainly manage to hurt me. I just need to get used to being in a real battle again. It’s been so long.

*Dakame looks annoyed*

Dakame: Are you mocking me?

Zenos: Not at all. That was genuine praise. You might be the strongest Dark Goddess in ages. I will reward you by telling you the main reason I’m here.

Dakame: I can’t think of any reason other than to kill me.

Zenos: Don’t get me wrong, I am interested in killing you but it’s not the main reason I’m here. You see, there is an ancient weapon here in Hell. The knowledge of my existence may have been passed down but the knowledge of this weapon hasn’t. What I’m looking for has been here and untouched for 4 billion years. It is called “Staff of the Heavens”.

*Dakame is left shocked by this information*

Dakame: What!? Impossible!

*Zenos smiles*

Zenos: Oh, it is very much real.

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have found Poleon! Zenos reveals that there is a secret weapon that is in Hell. Its name doesn’t sound very Hellish though. Why is that?

Chapter 438 END

To be Continued in Chapter 439: Staff of the Heavens