Chapter 10:

Moonlight's Guidance

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia




I screamed even my mouth was wrapped with a cloth. Its painful but I didnt die from it. As the dagger didnt stab my body but... My arm.

"Shh, Dont move and act dead"

She whispered before pushing me down to the ground and chanted a spell but her voice is low enough that only me can hear.

"Image that decieves a person's eye, Make this girl in front of me get a wound in her neck with a flow of blood, Crawling in the ground as the original wounds of her disappears. Illusion"

Exactly she finished chanting, The door opened.

"Looks like things are going smoothly here"

The dark elf commander spoke and look at me. Due to my large breast, I have no choice but to stop my breath. If not, I might get found out that I'm still alive through my breath. With the illusion... I can see blood crawling in the floor from my neck. It doesnt hurts or any weird feeling, As it said, Illusion, Yes, Its just a fake image.

The dark elf stop looking at me, He look to the female dark elf beside me, Or should I say Flare and spoke.

"I didnt expect that you actually the one who wanted to do this. Your still young, Flare"

"Because I didnt wanted to disturb you with your works. And here you are right now, Leaving your work behind just to watch me here. Im already grown up, Father"

Flare answered with an unexpected comeback that can be considered, Scolding. Her father just looks to her and made a nod.

"I see... Then, Take care, Flare"

Her father turns around and goes out. Seconds after closing the door, Her father's footstep faintly disappears.

Flare is still in my side, Standing while looking the door.

It made me think, Why did she save me? Why did she reach such length just to save me? Why did she choose to help me than her family?

Of course, Those questions remain unanswered. But its clear, There is a bigger mystery in her heart and mind.

20 seconds has passed from the very very silent atmosphere, She finally spoke.

"Looks like father has gone far, Lets move. Just stay like that, Let me handle this"

She spoke before kneeling down and lift me up, placing me in her right shoulder. Im still tied up with a cloth covering my mouth so Im a bit uncomfortable.

She stampered the wooden stairs like ladder, Making a tud sound due to her sandals clicking to it. After going down the hut, She walk, Trudging off to the forest.

She walk straightly, Going deep to the forest and when she saw a bit spacial area, She placed me down to the ground before leaning to a tree and sits with a heave. She look above and I can see clearly she's sweating buckets.

"Mhmm Hmm Hmmp hmhmm?"

I wanted to say 'When are you going to untie me?' But the cover of my mouth prevented me to.

"Let me rest for a bit" She breathed heavily and added.

"Your too heavy"

It sounds rude but she also have a point since Im wearing a heavy armor, Plus this huge badonkas I guess? Since Im having problem to this weight in my chest.

2 minutes has passed and she finally get up. She unfold the cover of my mouth and...


She cut down the rope that tied both of my hands and feet with a single swing of her dagger.

"I'll accompany you to escape the forest"

Flare spoke as she look ahead the forest.

I wanted to say 'I can do it my self' But Im scared in that way of attitude. She might change her mind and decide to kill me instead without using any illusion this time.

"Take this"

She throw a brown hooded cape made of leather as she also wear the same cape for her self.

I accepted it and stands before I wore it.

She was holding a ring and put it in her middle finger. I look to her, Skiptical what is it for but then, Its like she just read my mind and gave me an explanation.

"This ring prevents us to get lost in the forest. Its imbued with the moonlit flower's liquid, Thats why the one who wore it will end up getting connected to its ability. Stay close and follow me so you wont get lost"

She crouch a bit and made a position that shows she would leap. I just do the same she did.

"Lets go"

As soon she spoke, She leaped in vast speed and I followed.

We were running in the forest, Passing tree to tree. The place supposed to be dark since its a forest but thanks to the moon above that light the darkness, Maybe its too bright actually for a moon, Its more like a sun than a moon.

"The moon is beautiful isnt it?"

I spoke while running, Following behind Flare.

"Yes, The moon is visible in the place and not just that... Im sure you notice something about the moonlight"

"Now you said it..."

I look to the way and I notice... Around us is not that bright but below us is so bright like a lit from the sun. Its almost like were running in a glowing road.

Flare gave me an answer again like she just read my mind.

"Yes, Its due to the ring I wore earlier. If I step out the moonlight's Guidance, It will just make a new route for us but... If your the one who'll step out in the moonlight's guidance..."

"I'll get lost right?" I just followed the line of her thought.

"Yes" She made a nod, Continued to follow the path that is made for us.

In the distance, I can sense a presence, 2 presences. But that time, Flare also position her right hand by pointing her middle, index, and thumb above, sticked to each other while her little and ring finger is stayed shut close. Then she muttered.

"Image that decieves a person's eye. Turn this girl beside me as one of the dark elven kindred. Illusion"

In instant, My milky white skin turned dark brown.

In the distance, 2 silhouttes is visible. As we get closer, I can see that the two silhouttes earlier was both man. The one in the left have black hair and red eyes while the other man have purple hair and eyes. Both have dark brown skin, Wearing a hooded cape same to ours. Their dark brown pointy ears is visible from their hood. Beneath their cape that is visible due to their hands extended to hold the spear is, They're wearing a green leather armor, Having a silver breastplate in their chests and brown belt with a simple leatherbag same as mine, Crossed from their left shoulder to their right hip.

When we reach them, We stopped as they greeted us in a polite manner.

"Where are you heading, Ladies?"

They didnt bowed but its polite enough for a guard.

Flare take off her hood and spoke.

"Im planning to head outside the forest"

"F- flare-sama!" They bowed. "Yes, You may-" They stopped and looked to me. When my eyes reached theirs, They immediately stand cautious, Pointing their spears straight to my face.

"Green eyes- Your not a dark elf are you!?!?" They madly asked before the purple haired one turn to flare, Pointing its spear and exclaimed.

"And your not flare-sama- Gha-"

The guy was sent flying by flare, kicking its face as the guy crashed in the nearby tree.

The black haired guy turn to her with surprise, Its red eyes widened in shock but that gave me a chance to sent my body spun around and kick its face to sent the guy flying.

The guy got the same fate to its partner, And lay down in the ground unconcious after the crash.

"I totally forgot that you have green eyes"

Flare spoke glancing to me before she started to walk.

"Is there no green eyes in your kin?"

I asked curiously.

"None, We have a complete set in the past but that disappears after the great elf war 5 centuries ag-" She stop walking.

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"The ring stopped working..." She look to her ring as she spoke.

"Now you said that..." I notice that the moonlight is weaker than before. And theres no moonlight pathway anymore, Only a normal light from the moon lit the place, Making the place a bit darker than before.

But then, In the middle of those thoughts, Out of nowhere, A very huge presence appear behind me. Not a presence of a human but... FROM A GIGANTIC TYPE OF MONSTER.

"FLARE!!" I called her with all of my might, Before reaching close to her as I duck down in my own.

"What is it-" She stopped when her eyes met the monster behind me. The monster already swung its hand so the bat is already approaching to our loaction in vast speed and flare wont make it even she will duck down. So earlier in instant I duck down, I spun my body in vast speed, kicking her legs to make her lost balance in instant that she's sent falling to the ground. The monster's bat caught a glimpse of my hair, I might have lost my head that time if my head is millimiter higher.


The noise was from the trees whos instantly split to half and one by one crashed to the ground after being hit by the monster behind us in one swing.

Flare who's facing the monster while laying the ground have her eyes widened, Looking to the monster's figure.

The monster have a boar's face. Unlike other boar, Its jaws were sharper than the others while theres a sticky saliva drooling down its mouth. Its eyes were dead empty white and have a fatty body. But its arms and feet is long and slender. Overall color of its body is brown as leather while holding a bat in its right hand.

"W- what a troll doing here!?"

Flare asked her self out of shock seeing such monster existing their domain while trembling in fear.

I just unsheath my sword from its scabbard and face the monster, Im also scared my self that made me run down cold sweat in my spine, But I have no choice. Since this is Do or Die.

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