Chapter 445:

Chapter 445: Something Is Different About Them…

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 445: Something Is Different About Them…

Narrator: Zeth’s and Sasha’s battle against Poleon continues but something is odd about them now…

*The Hell Serpent slams Poleon on the ground again*

Poleon: Don’t think you can keep me wrapped up like this!

*Poleon slips one arm out and then uses plasma to turn it into a sword. He uses it to cut off the end of the Hell Serpent’s body, freeing him. He then launches towards Sasha and punches her in the face, knocking her off the Hell Serpent*

*The Hell Serpent lunges its head at Poleon to try to eat him but Poleon jumps away*

Poleon: I’m not some prey that can be eaten by a snake. I won’t be caught again.

*Zeth jumps up to Poleon and punches him. Zeth and Poleon engage in punches and kicks with some being blocked or dodged. As they land back on the ground, Poleon lands a damaging kick. The kick knocks Zeth into Sasha’s Hell Serpent which knocks them both over*

Sasha: Why you…!!

*Sasha leaps in with her hand thrusting forward, trying to stab Poleon. Poleon jumps back as Sasha’s hand hits the ground and creates a small crater but she doesn’t slow down and continues her chase*

*Zeth gets up. His right eye also becomes savage-looking as he goes to rejoin the battle*

*Sasha’s attacks become faster but also less calculated and Poleon struggles to dodge them. Poleon lands a punch on Sasha but she doesn’t flinch too much and then lands her own punch. Poleon stumbles back a bit*

Poleon: (Thinking) What is happening…?

*Zeth arrives and kicks Poleon, knocking him on his back on the ground*

*Sasha attempts to stab Poleon with her hand again but he rolls out of the way and kicks Zeth away from him and then jumps back onto his feet. Poleon dodges their attacks while also looking at them intensely*

Poleon: (Thinking) Something is different about them…

*Poleon fails to dodge an attack and is blown back by Zeth’s Dark Star Blast. Poleon is left sitting against some rubble*

Poleon: (Thinking) It’s their appearances. They look more… savage. They’re acting more savage too. It’s like they aren’t putting as much thought into planning their attacks.

*Zeth and Sasha run towards Poleon. Sasha starts flicking her finger to shoot Light Hell Bombs at Poleon. Poleon jumps out of the way but is then hit by a few of Zeth’s Dark Star Shards which leave Poleon with more wounds*

*Poleon retaliates by spitting plasma from his mouth. Plasma hits both Zeth and Sasha, damaging and burning them but they keep running towards him*

Poleon: (Thinking) Why didn’t that slow them down!?

*Zeth and Sasha launch toward Poleon and both land a punch on him at the same time. Zeth follows up with an uppercut and then Sasha kicks him in the gut to knock him back again*

Poleon: It feels like the tides of this battle are turning! I must put a stop to this! Do you hear me!? I have come too far to lose now! Every Zoren is counting on me to avenge them! Do you understand what extinction means!? There will never be another Zoren on Earth ever again!!

*Zeth and Sasah just continue to rush toward Poleon*

Poleon: Both of you are completely hopeless. I will psychologically ruin you now.

*Poleon charges up magic and then, as Zeth and Sasha get close, he traps them in a large ball of plasma*

Poleon: I used this attack on Korobu and Zaydra 42 years ago. I hope you enjoy the mental torture just as much.

*Zeth and Sasha are stuck in the ball of plasma. They see monstrous silhouettes as some of the plasma starts to take the shape of swords. The swords start to pierce their bodies and they start savagely screaming. Their bodies start to go through changes which happen as silhouettes*

*Poleon continues to look at the ball of plasma*

Poleon: Any will they have to fight will be gone after going through that torture.

*The ball of plasma starts to shake. Poleon looks surprised*

Poleon: What’s happening?

*The ball of plasma bursts*

Poleon: What!?

*Zeth and Sasha busted out of the ball of plasma. They look more monstrous. Their skin is now dark and scaly. Their backs are covered with light brown fur. They have a short snout and diagonal horns on the sides of their heads. They have tails and sharp teeth. Their bodies are hunched and both of them have claws*

Poleon: I can’t believe it! This whole time they have been advancing in a mixed Blood Form!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have reached all the way to a Stage 4 Blood Form and each has characteristics of both a light and dark Blood Form!

Chapter 445 END

To be Continued in Chapter 446: Poleon’s Last Stand