Chapter 446:

Chapter 446: Poleon’s Last Stand

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 446: Poleon’s Last Stand

Narrator: In their continuing battle against Poleon, Zeth and Sasha have both advanced to Stage 4 Blood Form.

*Zeth and Sasha are in their monstrous Stage 4 Blood Form and growl at Poleon*

Poleon: Look at the both of you… You’re nothing but a couple of monsters. I guess that’s fitting considering you are the children of monsters.

*Poleon covers his right arm in plasma to make it like a sword*

Poleon: Come at me, you monsters! I will cut both of you down!

*The monstrous Zeth and Sasha start running on all fours toward Poleon. Zeth takes a swipe at Poleon with his claws. Poleon is just barely able to block with his own plasma sword arm. He is unable to stop Sasha from grabbing his face and then slamming him into the wall of some rubble*

*Zeth charges magic in his mouth and then releases a barrage of star-shaped energy blasts that explode on contact. Poleon jumps out of the smoke before it clears. He has taken a lot of damage*

Poleon: Is that the best you can do!?

*Sasha jumps up after him. As she gets close, Poleon slashes her and it leaves a cut but doesn’t make her flinch. She then smashes her hands down on Poleon’s head and he is blown back down to the ground*

Poleon: Grrrr…!

*Sasha’s Hell Serpent returns to the battle and monstrous Zeth notices and looks at it hostilely which leaves the Hell Serpent confused. Monstrous Zeth launches towards the Hell Serpent and grabs onto its body and starts biting it. The Hell Serpent hisses in pain. Monstrous Zeth then follows that up by slashing it as it tries to shake him off. Monstrous Zeth eventually slashes its head completely off to finish the Hell Serpent off*

*Poleon rolls himself back into a plasma ball and starts bouncing around to attack monstrous Sasha. Poleon gets a few hits on Sasha but she is soon able to grab onto Poleon despite him being covered in plasma. Poleon unrolls himself and tries to jump away*

Poleon: How!?

*Poleon is unable to jump away as Sasha slashes him, leaving him large cut wounds. A barrage of star-shaped energy blasts then hit him as Zeth rejoins the battle. Poleon is knocked into more rubble*

*Sasha tries to slash him but she hits an afterimage. Poleon then appears away from them*

Poleon: I’m being completely outclassed in every aspect now. I’m going to put all of my power into one final desperate attack!

*Poleon holds both arms upward and plasma starts to form in them. They grow large enough to form into one giant ball*

*Zeth and Sasha run on all fours toward him*

Poleon: If this attack doesn’t work, it’s over.

*Poleon releases the giant ball of plasma toward them. Both Zeth and Sasha are hit by the giant ball of plasma and are starting to be pushed back. They stomp their feet into the ground to regain their footing as they push back against the giant ball*

Poleon: Come on! Die already!!

*The monstrous Zeth and Sasha eventually get the ball to stop pushing them back. Zeth starts trying to step to the side as the plasma ball starts to become unstable*

Poleon: Come on!!!!

*The plasma ball finally explodes but monstrous Zeth was already able to sidestep it and blitzes toward Poleon. Poleon’s eyes are wide open in shock*

*Monstrous Zeth makes a direct attack on Poleon and rips his right arm off. Monstrous Zeth gets a small distance behind Poleon before stopping and turning around to look at him while also still holding the arm he ripped off*

Poleon: Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! First, my left arm gets ripped off by Harmona!! Then, my right arm gets ripped off by her son!! Did I at least kill Sasha!!?

*Monstrous Sasha appears from the right of where the explosion was and starts rushing toward Poleon*

Poleon: She avoided it too!!?

*Monstrous Sasha grabs onto his face and slams him down on the ground*

*Poleon is now lying on the ground with the monstrous Zeth and Sasha surrounding him. Poleon’s dark matter arm dissipates as his will to fight decreases*

Poleon: I’ve lost. Not just the fight, but my will to fight…

*Monstrous Sasha bites down on Poleon’s left leg*

Poleon: Aaahh!!!

*Using her teeth, monstrous Sasha rips off Poleon’s left leg which causes him to scream in severe pain*

Poleon: Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

*Poleon is now crying as he talks*

Poleon: And to think if I didn’t have to give back the power that I was borrowing from Zenos, I would have defeated them even in their current state!

*Monstrous Zeth then bites down on Poleon’s right leg and rips it off in the same way which causes Poleon to scream in pain again*

Poleon: Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!

*The monstrous Zeth and Sasha now look down at his head as he continues to talk*

Poleon: You are going to kill me here, but you are still nothing compared to Zenos! The Zorens will be avenged! You monsters will get what you deserve!!!!

*Monstrous Zeth raises his arm upward and then slams his claw down on Poleon’s head. He starts pulling on Poleon’s head until he fully rips it off to kill him*

*Monstrous Zeth and Sasha then look up at the sky and roar. They don’t stop their rampaging however, as Zeth starts releasing the barrage of the star-shaped energy blasts from his mouth everywhere while Sasha releases her Hell Flames from her mouth. Their attacks start destroying everything around them*

*Someone walks toward them and they notice. They stop their rampaging to look and see that the person coming their way is Miranda*

Miranda: Well, this just won’t do now, will it?

Narrator: Advancing all the way to Stage 4 Blood Form, Zeth and Sasha are able to kill Poleon at last! However, they continue to rampage! What does Miranda’s presence mean?

Chapter 446 END

To be Continued in Chapter 447: Reaper Corruption Arc Aftermath