Chapter 447:

Chapter 447: Reaper Corruption Arc Aftermath

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 447: Reaper Corruption Arc Aftermath

Narrator: Miranda confronts the monstrous Zeth and Sasha.

*The monstrous Zeth and Sasha look at Miranda and growl*

Miranda: I came here to kill Poleon but I see the two of you have already taken care of that. However, it also looks like the two of you have a problem. Zeth, as your stepmom, I will help you out.

*Monstrous Zeth and Sasha start rushing towards Miranda, intending to attack her. Miranda unsheathes her demonic katana as Zeth and Sasha leap toward her. She slashes them with her katana and the slash leaves a perfect horizontal cut across their chests. They both fall to the ground roaring before becoming completely lifeless*

Miranda: You both will be back to normal shortly. With Poleon defeated, I shall be leaving.

*Miranda starts walking away but then stops. She looks at Poleon’s dead body*

Miranda: If Harmona was wrong to make the Zorens go extinct, two wrongs still don’t make a right. You went about this the wrong way and have paid the price for it.

*Miranda continues walking away*


Narrator: In someone’s first-person view…

*Everything is all black. Soon, it gradually goes away*

*Out of first-person view, the person is Zeth and he fully opens his eyes and sits up. He puts his hand on his forehead*

Zeth: Where am I? What happened?

*Sasha opens her eyes and sits up next to him as well. They are in the throne room of the Palace of the God of Death. There are a bunch of people surrounding them. The God of Death is back to sitting on his throne*

*Zeth looks up to see Harmona standing in front of him. She looks down on him with a disapproving gaze*

*Zeth then tries to avoid her gaze because he feels shame*

Harmona: I’m glad you’re awake and okay.

*The other people in the room include the other heroes, the Dark Matter Clan members, Kurt, Zaydra, Mark, and some angels*

Harmona: There is obviously a lot to discuss. I got the whole story from the others but I’m disappointed in you for trying to avoid me and the angels.

*Harmona sighs*

Harmona: I guess you really are my son since I didn’t really follow the rules that well when I was younger too.

Zeth: Did we at least complete the mission?

Kennedy: Yes. We defeated all of the corrupted reapers. Then, we went up to the top and asked the God of Death what became of you. We were told how your battle went outside.

*When we went out there, we found Poleon’s dead body… with all of his limbs, including his head, ripped off.

Zeth: I remember fighting him but then nothing.

Sasha: Same here. What happened?

Kennedy: We then found the two of you unconscious… but with monster bodies.

Harmona: From the way they described it to me, it sounded like Stage 4 Blood Form. Both of you lost your consciousness during the battle for that reason.

Kennedy: We debated what to do but then your bodies started to return to normal somehow.

Harmona: I have no idea how to explain how that happened.

Kennedy: We brought you both back here and then Harmona and her angels showed up.

Zeth: How long has it been since you found us?

Kennedy: About seven hours.

Harmona: And while it still hasn’t been explained how you exited your blood forms, we know how it started. The God of Death told us that during your battle, you let your power flow into Sasha but also that her power somehow flowed into you as well. You had mixed powers and it went overboard and advanced you through Blood Form.

*Harmona gets on one knee so she can look at Zeth at eye level with a stern look*

Harmona: Don’t do it again.

*Zeth just has a surprised look*

Zeth: W-Why?

Harmona: Look at your abdomen.

*Zeth lifts up the shirt of his uniform to look at his abdomen and sees a large glowing black spot on it*

Zeth: What is that?

Harmona: It’s the remnants of Sasha’s power still in you. You’re going to need see one of our doctors about that. You’re in a very dangerous situation.

*Harmona looks at Sasha*

Harmona: Luckily for you Sasha, we didn’t see any on you. But my same warnings still apply to you as well.

Sasha: O-Okay.

*Harmona stands up*

Harmona: We need to decide our next move. I’m sick of simply reacting to what Zenos does.

*Harmona looks at the members of the Dark Matter Clan*

Harmona: I don’t know much about the lot of you but it seems we share the same goals here. I suggest we work together and plan out a strategy to take down Zenos.

Kennedy: Agreed.

Harmona: I will contact you in a few days when we are ready to discuss this. I know you consider Zeth and his group as part of your clan, but I want them to come back with me for the time being. At the very least, Zeth and Sasha.

Kennedy: If that is what you want, they are free to go with you.

Harmona: Alright, let’s go.

*All of them leave the Palace of the God of Death. Mark waves at them*

Mark: Goodbye! Thank you for saving my fellow reapers! When you kick Zenos and his dark matter ass, ask him “What’s the matter?” har har.

*Mark then looks back at the God of Death with a serious expression*

Mark: I want to be able to fight. I like those guys. When the time comes, I want to be able to protect them just like they protected us.

God of Death: You have my blessing. You have the ability to obtain great power. Now all you have to do is get it.

*Mark smiles*

Mark: Right.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zonbi.

*Zonbi is holding up an undead-looking creature by the neck while there are a lot of dead bodies around them*

Zonbi: Tell me. Where is the Deity of Undead?

Creature: Why should I t-tell y-you?

*Zonbi starts to pierce his chest with her index finger*

Creature: Okay! Okay!

*Zonbi stops piercing him*

Creature: He is underground prepping an undead army for some guy named Zenos.

*Zonbi lets go of him but uses her hands to break his legs*

Creature: Ahhh!!

*Zonbi walks away*

Zonbi: You better be telling the truth or I will come back to finish the job.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Hell.

*Dakame is back to her normal appearance but is lying on the ground and is highly injured. Some demons tend to her, including the remaining Council of Demons*

Misha: How did we all not get blown up?

Dakame: In the end, I used my power to take most of the explosion. There was some structural damage still but casualties should have been kept to a minimum along with all our other important assets remaining safe. That said, I’m in no shape to challenge Zenos again right now. I need to spend a lot of time healing. But this isn’t over. I can tell you that much.

Narrator: Zeth has finally had to talk with Harmona. What is the significance of the remnants of Sasha’s power left in Zeth? What will their plan be? Can Zonbi take down the Deity of Undead? Will Dakame recover in time to help defeat Zenos?

Chapter 447 END

To be Continued in Chapter 448: Plan to Invade the Dimension of Dark Matter


Arc Completed: January 10th, 2018