Chapter 451:

Chapter 451: The Second Battle Begins

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 451: The Second Battle Begins

Narrator: Hamura’s team reaches the City of Darkness and enters. Now, there are two teams in the city. Hamura’s team has entered section L2 while Scythe’s team is still in section R4. Among Scythe’s team, Sherra and Kopmon stay in section R4 while Scythe and Kogen head to section R3.

L1 M1 R1 <- Grid layout of City of Darkness

L2 M2 R2

L3 M3 R3

L4 M4 R4

Must reach section M1 to be able to enter the lair.


Narrator: Back with Hamura’s team.

*Hamura’s team walks into the city but then sees a blast of snow head toward them. They jump out of the way*

*They are approached by four people*

Narrator: Deity of Snow – Wintry.

Narrator: Deity of Insects – Catila.

(Author’s Note: Wintry and Catila made their first appearance in Chapter 425)

Narrator: Deity of Steel – Krayn

*Krayn is a man that has a mohawk that is silver-colored. He has a silver-colored square gemstone on his forehead*

Narrator: Deity of Gravity – Lane

*Lane is a man that has black hair that hangs down the side and back of his head. He has dark divine eyes and has a purple gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a down arrow with a circle around it*

Catila: Sorry, but we were prepared for your invasion.

Krayn: If you want to get to Lord Zenos, you will have to get past us.

*Hamura smiles*

Hamura: I don’t think that will be a problem.

Wintry: We’re deities. Don’t take us lightly.

Gen: You may be deities, but you are inferior to us.

Lane: Don’t come here with that superiority attitude!

*Lane thrusts his arm forward. The downward gravity on Hamura’s team is highly increased. The highly increased gravity makes Hamura’s team fall on a knee in a crouched position*

Lane: Take care of them while I have them stuck.

*Wintry releases a barrage of snowflakes towards them*

Gen: Snowflakes? Is this a joke?

Wintry: No.

*The snowflakes turn out to be powerful as they leave cuts on them for every touch*

Grom: Let me take care of this!

*Grom charges up magic in his fist*

Grom: Crushing Fist!

*Grom does a strong punch that releases the power of it throughout the air in front of him and destroys the snowflakes coming towards them*

*Krayn starts running towards them*

*Hamura grabs Gen’s right arm (Author’s Note: Reminder – Gen’s left arm was torn off in chapter 252. Now, he has some sort of metal cover over where it used to be.) and throws Gen out of the gravity zone. As Gen goes past Krayn, Krayn tries to slash him with his mohawk hair. His power turns it into steel. However, he misses and Gen heads towards Lane*

*Gen punches Lane which knocks him back and ends the gravity zone*

*The rest of Hamura’s team starts moving forward to attack*

*Grom confronts Krayn. Grom tries to punch Krayn but Krayn turns his fist metal and collides his punch with Grom’s*

Krayn: You can’t overcome my steel power.

Grom: Watch me.

*Krayn tries to attack by slashing with his mohawk. Grom pulls his arm back but does receive a cut from the attack. He then quickly tries punching again and hits Krayn in the face which knocks him back*


*Korobu tries to get close to Wintry but she does a swipe motion with her left arm that releases a lot of snowflakes in front of her that force Korobu to keep his distance. A black aura starts to surround him with red skulls in it. Korobu launches a lot of red skulls at Wintry that all attack her from different directions. She tries to destroy them using her snowflakes but she is only able to destroy some of them as the others hit her directly*

*Korobu gets close to her and blasts her away using a wave of dark magic from his hands*

Korobu: You will have to do better than that.


*Hamura gets close to Catila*

Hamura: Show me what you got.

Catila: Gladly!

*Catila creates wasp stingers at the end of each finger on her right hand and thrusts her right hand forward. Hamura quickly steps aside to dodge and then attempts a punch. Catila dodges by flying upward using fly wings*

Hamura: Do you think you can escape from me?

*Hamura launches upwards and punches Catila to knock her back down toward the ground. Catila helps her fall by becoming a pill bug ball*

*Hamura lands back on the ground*

Hamura: Well, you’re not going to be doing much damage to me being rolled up like that.


*Gen goes after Lane. Lane keeps creating new gravity zones but Gen dodges them before he can be affected. Soon, Gen gets within point-blank range*

Gen: Your gravity won’t help you now.

*Suddenly, Gen is slammed against the wall of the building next to them due to a horizontal gravity zone. Lane’s hair now sticks out to the left*

Gen: What!?

Lane: Didn’t expect that, did you?


*Wintry starts to cover the surface around Korobu’s legs in snow which limits his movement*


*Grom and Krayn basically start wrestling each other but Krayn ends up pinning him down*


*Catila launches out from her pill bug ball with a mosquito’s proboscis coming out of her mouth and pierces Hamura in the shoulder with it*

Catila: I got you. I’m going to drink your blood.

Narrator: After gaining an advantage, each member of Hamura’s team finds themselves in trouble now!

Chapter 451 END

To be Continued in Chapter 452: Kogen vs Deity of Arrows