Chapter 452:

Chapter 452: Kogen vs Deity of Arrows

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 452: Kogen vs Deity of Arrows

Narrator: Sherra and Kopmon are in section R4. Hamura’s team is in section L2. Scythe and Kogen are in section R3.

L1 M1 R1 <- Grid layout of City of Darkness

L2 M2 R2

L3 M3 R3

L4 M4 R4

Must reach section M1 to enter the lair.


Narrator: Back with Scythe and Kogen.

*As Scythe and Kogen move through section R3, a couple of magical arrows come flying toward them. Scythe uses his scythe and slashes them up just in time*

Scythe: Show yourself.

*They hear a voice echoing*

???: If you want to see me, then find me yourself. I am Bolt, the Deity of Arrows.

Kogen: Don’t waste your time on this. I will deal with him while you go on ahead.

Scythe: If that is what you want.

*Scythe starts running ahead. Some arrows come flying toward him. Kogen destroys the arrows with a burst of red energy*

Kogen: I am your opponent.

*Scythe continues going ahead*

Bolt: Unless you can find me, you are more like a lamb being slaughtered than you are an opponent.

*Kogen hears movement and turns to his left. He ends up getting pierced by a couple of arrows from behind*

Kogen: Gah!

*Kogen tries to quickly pull the arrows out as a bunch more comes at him. He jumps to the side to dodge*

Bolt: That was a quick reaction time you had there. Let’s see if you can keep it up.

*Arrows start coming from Kogen’s right. He jumps over those arrows but is then hit by an arrow in his left leg coming from a different direction. He falls to the ground as an arrow is coming straight toward his head. He rolls out of the way just in time and stands back up and rips the arrow out of his left leg*

Kogen: (Thinking) I’m a sitting duck just standing out here in the open!

*Kogen leaps to a balcony of one of the buildings as more arrows come toward him*

Bolt: Go where you like. I can still hit you.

*Kogen notices that some arrows are coming down toward him from above. He sidesteps to avoid them and then starts climbing up to the top of the building like a four-legged creature. When he gets to the top, no one is there*

Kogen: He shot at me from above. He should be around here…

Bolt: Or was I?

*Kogen turns around to see a magically floating bow shoot an arrow at him. He gets pierced in the abdomen and is now in pain*

Kogen: A floating bow!? That means…!

Bolt: Yes. I could be anywhere. It’s useless to just track the arrows.

*Kogen dodges more arrows and rips out the one that pierced him*

Kogen: (Thinking) I’m guessing he has to manually place the bows. I thought I was tricked earlier when I heard movement in the front but was then shot in the back but what if it wasn’t a trick? That movement could have been him.

Bolt: How about we try different arrows?

*A barrage of arrows with a fuse on them comes flying toward the building Kogen is standing on. He leaps off the building and onto a different one as the top of that building is pelted with explosions from the arrows*

Kogen: (Thinking) I will find you! Just you wait!

*Kogen falls through a gap between buildings and clings to the side of one of them like a four-legged creature. He clings to the wall patiently, listening for sounds*

Bolt: Are you trying to hide now?

Kogen: (Thinking) Can he not see me? Interesting. I’m going to take the chance that the movement I heard was him. Now I just need to hear it.

*He soon hears a noise around the buildings on the opposite side of him*

Kogen: (Thinking) The noise is at 2 o’clock across the street from my position. Go!

*Kogen leaps out onto the streets. As he does, more explosive arrows are shot at him from various places. The arrows explode when they hit the street but Kogen was able to leap toward the building that was 1 o’clock from his previous position*

*Kogen starts climbing around the buildings while listening for noises*

*There are bows around the city looking for Kogen’s position, but he isn’t spotted at any possible exit point. There is a silhouette of someone moving from building to building on their midsections. That silhouette jumps up to the top and starts setting up another floating bow. He suddenly looks to his side as Kogen also leaps on top of the building and punches Bolt in the face. Bolt is knocked down onto the street and Kogen jumps down after him. Kogen finally sees what Bolt looks like. He looks like a young adult that has short blonde hair. His clothes look like normal mortal clothes. He has a light brown gemstone on his forehead in the shape of an arrow*

Kogen: (Smirking) I found you.

Narrator: Kogen has rooted out Bolt in their battle! Does Bolt have any close-quarters fighting abilities?

Chapter 452 END

To be Continued in Chapter 453: The Heroes Assault the City