Chapter 453:

Chapter 453: The Heroes Assault the City

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 453: The Heroes Assault the City

Narrator: Zeth’s team lands in section L4 of the city. The Dark Matter Clan lands in section M4.

L1 M1 R1 <- Grid layout of City of Darkness

L2 M2 R2

L3 M3 R3

L4 M4 R4

Must reach section M1 to enter the lair.


*In section L4, the heroes don’t get very far before they encounter two people*

Narrator: Deity of Sand. – Barren. (Author’s Note: He was introduced in Chapter 413)

Narrator: Deity of Mazes – Mata.

*Mata is a woman has short brown hair that is pushed to the left side of her head. She has a green gemstone on her forehead in the shape of a square maze. She has dark divine eyes*


Narrator: Meanwhile, the Dark Matter Clan members also find trouble in section M4.

*The Dark Matter Clan members also encounter two deities*

Narrator: Deity of Fire – Jet. (Author’s Note: He was introduced in Chapter 425)

Narrator: Deity of Wind – Flow.

*Flow is a woman that has wavy red hair. She has a gray-colored gemstone on her forehead in the shape of lines representing a breeze*


Narrator: Back with the heroes.

*The heroes prepare themselves to fight Barren and Mata*

Barren: So, you want to fight us six on two, huh?

Mata: We can’t have that now. We have friends that would like to fight too.

Zeth: We’ll take all of you down!

Mata: As the Deity of Mazes, I won’t let you get anything easily.

*She puts her hands together as a bunch of walls start rising from the ground*

Joe: What’s going on!?

*The walls start rising in a way that separates the heroes*

*All of the heroes are now separated from each other*

Emily: Well, this isn’t good…

*The heroes start running through the maze, trying to find each other*

Kurt: Wait, I don’t need to walk through this maze. I can just fly!

*Kurt tries to fly out of the maze but hits a magic ceiling that knocks him back down into the maze*

Kurt: Figures…

*The heroes continue to try to navigate the maze. Eventually, Zeth, Kurt, and Emily all run into each other while, in a different area, Sasha, Joe, and Keith all run into each other*

*Most of the walls lower back into the ground but the ones that don’t lower still keep the two groups separated*

Mata: See? Isn’t that better?

Zeth: So, you’re scared to fight all six of us at once so you decided to split us up?

Barren: Not at all. We just wanted to give some action to our friends.

Zeth: I’ve had enough.

*Zeth forms a Star Shine Blast and releases it at the deities. Mata creates a maze wall in front of them. The Star Shine Blast destroys the wall but the deities are left unharmed*

*Emily takes out her Ball & Chain and swings it at the deities. Mata once again puts up a maze wall, but while that happens, Zeth throws a bunch of Star Shards underground. The Ball & Chain destroys the wall*

Mata: You’re not going to hit us with long-ranged attacks.

Zeth: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

*The star shards come up from below the deities. They aren’t able to react in time as the shards damage and leave cut wounds on them. At the same time, Kurt starts flying at a fast speed toward them*

Kurt: Aura Fists!

*Kurt releases two large fists made of his aura at the deities and lands a punch on them both*

*Zeth tries to get in close to punch them as well. However, Mata puts her hands together and maze walls start rising everywhere again. Zeth ends up punching a maze wall and partially destroys it but with magic, it automatically repairs itself*

Zeth: This again?

Barren: It would be foolish of us to not use our powers to defeat you. In fact, I would say my power complements Mata’s very well.

*Zeth notices the ground under him starts to turn into sand and he starts sinking in it*

Zeth: Not good!

*Barren walks through the maze to where Zeth is. Zeth is struggling to get out of the sand which allows Barren to punch Zeth in the face, knocking his head against a maze wall*

Barren: I am going to punish you.

*Kurt once again tries to fly above the maze and once again is knocked down by a magic ceiling*

Kurt: There has to be a way to deal with this!

*Kurt tries to destroy a maze wall with his aura fist, but it automatically repairs itself. He starts running through the maze to find the others but comes across Mata*

Mata: Going somewhere? Surely you love my maze, right?

Kurt: Screw your maze!

*Kurt tries to punch Mata but she blocks the punch. She then kicks him back toward a maze wall*

Mata: The fun is just starting.

*Emily is trying to navigate the maze*

Emily: I came here to fight. Not play maze games!

*As she goes through the maze, she starts to encounter a sandy floor. Her movement slows*

Emily: Sand too!? I hate this maze.

Narrator: The heroes have been split and Zeth, Kurt, and Emily are tasked with defeated Barren and Mata! Can they overcome the maze? What became of Sasha, Joe, and Keith?

Chapter 453 END

To be Continued in Chapter 454: Sandy Maze