Chapter 454:

Chapter 454: Sandy Maze

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 454: Sandy Maze

Narrator: Separated from the others, Emily, Zeth, and Kurt must fight the deities, Barren and Mata.

*Emily is running through the sandy path of the maze even though it slows her*

Emily: This has to lead me to the fight.


*Zeth starts blocking Barren’s punches but he continues to sink into the sand*

Barren: You can keep blocking all you want. It won’t get you out of your predicament.

Zeth: Oh yeah?

*Zeth finally tries to punch Barren with his right hand. Barren prepares to block but Zeth stops moving his right fist and instead does the punch with his left hand. He lands a solid hit on Barren’s face*

Zeth: Too bad. You fell for a fake-out.

*Barren is knocked back against a maze wall*

Barren: Oh, I see. You want more sand, don’t you?

*Barren covers both of his arms in a ton of sand to make them bigger. He then dashes forward and punches Zeth. Zeth is unable to block. Not only does the punch damage him, but all of the sand also comes off Barren’s arms and piles on Zeth as he continues to sink*

Barren: You will find yourself in a sandy grave.

*Zeth soon sinks to the point that the sand is up to his waist*

Zeth: (Thinking) I don’t know how I’m going to pull myself out of this. This quicksand is using his power to sink me.

*Barren is about to start stomping on Zeth’s head. However, he is suddenly slashed by a sword, damaging him and making him stumble back*

*The attack came from Emily who used the “Red” power of her Ability Sword. The wound is vertical and goes down the left side of his body*

Zeth: Thanks!

Emily: I’m glad I got here in time.

*Barren is angered and prepares a counterattack*

Emily: Sword. Yellow.

*Emily’s sword glows yellow and she starts rapidly slashing Barren. The slashes are low damage per hit but very quick so he can’t block them*

*Barren jumps back to distance himself*

Barren: Impressive speed…

*Emily takes the time to pull Zeth out of the quicksand*

Zeth: I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t show up so thanks for saving me.

Emily: No problem. Now, let’s take him down.

Zeth: You got it.

Barren: A temporary setback.

*Barren covers his entire body in sand and then starts running toward Zeth and Emily*

Zeth: You have no way to dodge this!

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast at Barren. However, Barren becomes made of sand particles before it hits him and then reforms after it passes him*

Zeth: But didn’t he just cover himself in sand!?

*Barren punches them both and knocks them back into a maze wall*

Barren: As the Deity of Sand, I can use sand in ways that no one else could ever do.


*Kurt is still fighting Mata within the maze walls. Mata runs toward Kurt. Kurt readies himself and tries an Aura Fist but Mata forms a maze wall square on her hand as a shield to block the attack. The shield is destroyed but she suffered no damage*

Kurt: Damn…

*Mata launches towards Kurt and kicks him on the chin. She then punches him back into a maze wall*

*Mata forms a large maze wall on her arm and tries to smash Kurt between it and the one he is knocked against. The aura on Kurt’s right arm starts to become flaming*

Kurt: Max Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt punches the large square shield. Not only does he destroy it but he also gets through and hits Mata as well. The punch knocks her back into a maze wall and burns her a bit*

Mata: I admit. That was a nice hit.

*Mata starts running to a different part of the maze. Kurt runs after her but loses track of which way she went. He starts to hear her voice though*

Mata: You will get lost in this maze trying to find me. I’m primarily a defensive fighter so I’m going to be more cautious. Barren is taking on your friends. Once he is done with them. He will be coming for you.

Kurt: All you are doing is proving a theory that I have.

Mata: And what would that be?

Kurt: Keeping this maze up requires you to keep outputting a lot of magic. You can’t risk lowering that output by taking major damage so you have no choice but to run.

Mata: It’s not like you will even get to test your theory. You won’t find me.

*Kurt chuckles and then starts charging his magic*

Kurt: You’re wrong.

*Kurt’s aura starts to expand*

Kurt: I’m going to weed you out! Aura Tidal Wave!

*Kurt’s aura comes crashing down like a tidal wave of water and starts spreading throughout the maze. Mata doesn’t know what he is doing*

Mata: (Thinking) What attack is he using?

*It’s not long before the Aura Tidal Wave reaches her location and she gets swept up in it. She takes a lot of damage from the attack*

Mata: Aaahh!!

*All of the maze walls start to crack*

*Zeth, Emily, and Barren also notice the walls are cracking*

Barren: What’s going on?

*All of the maze walls collapse and do not repair themselves. The aura tidal wave spreads out and dissipates. Mata is very injured*

Barren: What just happened!? How could that happen to Mata!?

*The three of them look at Kurt who is smiling confidently*

Kurt: I overwhelmed her with my attack. You’re next.

*Zeth and Emily look excited*

Zeth: Alright. Kurt!

Emily: Way to go!

Barren: How dare you…

Kurt: It’s time I introduce… the Aura King.

Narrator: Kurt has put an end to Mata’s maze as well as dealt a critical blow to Mata herself! He mentions an Aura King. What exactly is that?

Chapter 454 END

To be Continued in Chapter 455: The Aura King