Chapter 455:

Chapter 455: The Aura King

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 455: The Aura King

Narrator: Kurt turns his focus to Barren as he prepares to introduce… the Aura King.

Zeth: Aura King? What does he mean by that?

Emily: I don’t know.

*Barren looks at Kurt with an annoyed look. Mata starts sitting up and also looks at Kurt*

Barren: And who is this “Aura King”?

*Kurt smirks*

Kurt: Me. I was developing this power with the intention to kill the one I hate the most.

*A flashback of Gen occurs in Kurt’s mind*

Kurt: But there is no reason for me to only use it on him.

*Kurt starts to charge up his power. His power completely envelops him. It’s also very bright and starts blinding everyone else*

*Zeth and Emily start covering their eyes with their arms but soon the blinding light ends*

*Everyone gets a good look at Kurt. His body now has a lot of lion aura features, including a fiery mane around his head and neck. He now looks like a humanoid lion made out of aura along with body armor made of aura. Aura residue drops off from parts of his body*

Kurt: This is my Aura King form.

Zeth: Whoa…

Barren: Impressive form but it will take more than that to beat me.

*Kurt looks at Zeth and Emily*

Kurt: You two might want to stay back. This form might bring heavy collateral damage.

Barren: Let’s see if you are nothing more than talk!

*Barren starts running toward Kurt*

Kurt: Here I go!

*Kurt thrusts his right hand forward and a bunch of fiery aura balls releases from it. Barren splits into a ton of sand particles before they reach him. He reforms after they all pass*

Barren: You can’t hit me with those kinds of attacks!

*Barren lands a punch on Kurt’s face, causing Kurt to stumble back a bit before he retaliates by punching Barren. The punch knocks Barren back*

*Barren steadies himself and then forms more sand on his arms. He then starts shooting out a barrage of fists made of sand at Kurt. Meanwhile, nobody has paid attention to the fact that Mata has gotten up and is maneuvering herself around*

*Kurt releases more Aura Fireballs at the barrage of sand fists, but they spread out into sand particles before reforming so he has to dodge them. However, he gets hit by a few of them and has to rebalance himself*

*Mata starts approaching Kurt from the side. She is holding a sword that is made out of the same material as her maze walls. Emily notices Mata and starts running toward her*

Zeth: Wait!

*Emily intends to slash Mata with her Ability Sword but Kurt notices Mata coming for him and he releases a strong wave of aura at her. He doesn’t realize in time that Emily arrives to attack until after he released it so both Emily and Mata are caught in the wave and both are blown back in different directions. Emily is blown back through an open space to a different part of the city, Mata is blown back into a building, destroying its front wall. She is defeated as she has numerous wounds now*

*Kurt is shocked at what just happened*

Kurt: No! Emily! Damn it! Why did she come over here!?

Zeth: I told her to wait too!

*Since Kurt is distracted, Barren hits him with a full barrage of sand fists and knocks him back against a building wall*

Zeth: Kurt!

*Zeth punches Barren in the face and then tries to gut-punch him but he is blocked by one of Barren’s sand hands. Zeth jumps back to avoid being counterattacked*

Kurt: Stop! Let me finish him! I have an idea on how to stop his annoying sand ability.

*Barren looks at Kurt*

Barren: I’d like to see you try.

*Barren starts rushing toward Kurt*

Kurt: Get out of the way, Zeth!

*Zeth jumps away from the path of whatever attack Kurt is about to use. Kurt pulls both of his arms back, getting ready to attack*

Barren: Show me what you can do!

*Kurt thrusts both of his arms forward*

Kurt: Crashing Aura!

*A wide blast of aura energy is released forward from Kurt’s body in a cylinder shape. Barren splits into sand particles but every particle is caught in the aura energy which forces his body to reform and take a lot of damage as his body is blown back into the building behind him*

*The aura energy destroys a big chunk of the building it hits and then splits into smaller chunks of aura energy going around causing more collateral damage*

*Zeth starts having to dodge all of the chunks of aura energy*

Zeth: You didn’t tell me how far I needed to get out of the way! Wow! This is some real firepower!

*Finally, the energy all dissipates but remnants in the form of aura residue remain from the attack. There is massive damage around the whole area*

Kurt: To tell you the truth, even I was unsure of just how much destruction would be caused.

Zeth: Well, did that at least finish him off?

*Barren comes out from some rubble. He is highly injured but still alive. Sand is no longer covering his body*

Barren: That attack was incredible but you will feel regret that it didn’t finish me off.

Kurt: I would say that you are on your last leg.

*Kurt launches himself toward Barren and punches him hard in the face which knocks blood out of his mouth. Barren tries to counterattack but is unable to as Kurt lands more punches*

*Kurt knocks Barren back against a wall inside the highly damaged building*

Kurt: Now, I will deal the finishing blow!

*Kurt pulls back his left arm to prepare the attack. He then thrusts it forward*

Kurt: Aura Drill!

*Aura comes out in the shape of a large drill. Kurt starts drilling into Barren’s gut. The drill pierces through Barren and even destroys the wall he was knocked against. Soon, Kurt stops drilling*

*Barren’s body is lying on the ground dead*

Kurt: He really was on his last leg. I think he died before the drill attack fully pierced him.

*Kurt ends his Aura King form and starts breathing heavily*

Zeth: What’s wrong?

Kurt: *huff huff* Nothing. Just using that form is taxing on my body. There is no time to rest though. We need to go find Emily and then rejoin with the others.

Zeth: Agreed.

Narrator: The Deities of Sand and Mazes are defeated! Will Zeth and Kurt be able to find Emily? And what about Sasha and the others?

Chapter 455 END

To be Continued in Chapter 456: Sasha, Joe, and Keith vs The Deities of Lightning and Rock