Chapter 11:

Monster to Monster

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

<Flare's P.O.V>

The troll infront of us was sitting like a frog as its hostility raised when the human female knight unsheath her sword.
The troll was big unlike other trolls who's only 5 meters tall, While his thing is 7 meters tall. If this thing knows how to stand like a human do, Its overall height will be 21 meters high due to its long legs. They sit like a frog since they dont know how to stand or walk. They just crawl in the ground like a dog and jump like a frog. Trolls have long arms and legs, Its slender because from how it looks, Their arms and legs are very very tough, Its almost impossible to cut them. I even heard the toughest and strongest paladin ones said 'I can cut their arms or feet but Im not idiotic enough to waste my time to cut it' 
Laying down here in the ground, I decided to stand up. As I remember, This female knight said she's an adventurer and Its true, I saw her face just this morning after all, before exiting the guild to head here. She just entered as a adventurer this morning means...
"Escape from here, Newbie!"
I ordered as I grab my bow and arrow. The newbie just look to me skeptically but I dont care as long she can escape. 
I run away, Going to the troll's side as I pull the string of my bow with an arrow and aim it to the troll. 
As I called, The little panda-like fairy companion of mine appeared in my left side floating.
"Embue my arrow with wind magic" 
As I command, Kintsuba started to shake its body as the pressure of my arrow became heavier.
Kintsuba made a cute sound of response and a wind magic got embued to my arrow, And then I proceed to release the arrow. 
The arrow head straight to the troll but sadly, It just hit its shoulder and bounce off like my arrow just hit a tough rock. The troll turned its head to me, putting its attention to me due to it.
It was just for distraction purpose but Im also hoping to damage this thing a bit and not just use my arrow for waste.
"Escape now Human! This is your chance!" I shouted again to the human knight who's still standing in place with its hand, Holding a sword placed in front. The knight look to me and unsheath her sword, And escape from the forest, leaving me behind.
Theres no need for her to get involve in this since, Not just because she's a newbie but also because dark elves is the one who should take care of this problem, Not outsiders. 
The troll grip its bat and run like a dog, Approaching to me in vast speed before jumping high with its bat raised up to be smashed down in my place. 
I leap to the left to dodge its attack that damaged the ground so badly and also snapped off the trees. If I was hit by that attack earlier, Im squashed to death right now.
I continously run around, Going away from its field of view. I stretch my bow with 3 arrows at the same time. I concentrated and inhaled.
"Imbue it to my arrow, Flame Shot!" 
The point of the bow blazed with flame before I launch the bows and striked to the troll's back. But then, Im expecting for it to go wild but- It didnt even howled or scream. It just turn around to me with its eyes locked on me. 
Then, 6 of somekind of small, black ball monster with sharp looking mouth, Not teeth but mouth it self as inside of its mouth is purple. There is somekind of trail in its back wiggling around and their numbers is split on 2, Means 3 by 3, floating each side of the troll.
The ball monsters made a whisper-like scream with a size, enough for my palm to hold it charge forward with its mouth widely open.
I immediately run away to the left as the ball monsters trashed down the trees. 
'What is this monsters!?!?' I thought while running away but then... The troll already blocked my way with its bat raised up, Ready to smashed me to pieces. I leap up to my left side again to dodge it. It smashed to the ground and I stretch my bow to hit its eyes this time but without knowing, That little time floating in air placed me in danger without knowing.
The troll tilted its right hand who's holding a bat and moved it towards me in vast speed. 
Defenseless in mid-air, I was sent flying due to the bat, Hitting my body that made me spit blood. I crashed to a tree that stop my flight with a BAM and Crash sound. But then, All I can do is lean on it while sitting due to the damage that have dealt on me. I try to pick up my bow and place an arrow, and aim it to the troll. I did my best to stretch it but I have no strength to do so.
The troll leaped, Heading toward my direction. I just put down my bow, Lost my hope to win against the battle but... before the troll reached me-
*BANG* *Clank*
Only strong, Raging wind reached my place instead of a troll. Infront of me is the female human knight, Blocking the troll's attack only with her sword. The both that have monstrous strength, Giving a glare to each other. 
The human knight, Put a full force to her toe, Pushing herself forward as she take off the collision of her sword and the bat with a downward slash before flipping her sword, Making a upward slash that throw the monster away.
She leaped above as she raise her sword above her head and muttered.
"White Rose Sword Style: Descending White"
Her sword glowed white, Scattering around some white flower petals as the sword made a thin, glowing white trail as she slam it straight to the monster making the wind raged and the ground crack from the impact as the monster block its heavy attack. I can see the monster is shaking its arm pretty badly from the impact.
The female knight pull her sword out and the two clashed continuously with a spark in every collision they made. It made me question if that bat is really made of wood? Its more like a metal.
Raging Winds, Dust smoke, Sparks, and Loud noise is what currently occuring in the whole place as the two figures keep disappearing in every move they made as their figures only shows up in every clash due to their intense speed. The battle doesn't look like a human to monster but more like a monster to monster. I dont think this female knight is even human anymore due to her clashing and standing equally with the troll.
From my pitiful situation, I stand and pick up my bow, Grabbing 2 arrows in my back and place it in my bow. Stretch and aim it to the monster.
*BAM* *Woosh* *Crash*
Noel was sent flying from the monster's punch and crashed to the nearby tree. 
She groaned in pain. 
The troll made a move by leaping straight toward her in vast speed with its fist stretched, Ready to punch noel to death. But also that moment... I release the arrow in my hand.
*Swoosh* *Twack*
The 2 arrows perfectly hit both of the troll's eyes. 
The troll screamed in pain as it hold both arrows who's perfectly shot in its eyes. Dropping its bat to the ground.
It screamed even more louded after the troll pull out the arrows in its eyes. The troll throw the arrow away as the troll randomly go around in any direction as it smash the places randomly. Noel stand as she whip off the blood in her lips and try to stand using the sword to be its aid.
The troll sniff around and turn to my direction with a growl. It sniffed once more, Gritted and dash forward as it stretch its fist up, Making a jump straight to me in vast speed.
"Heavy SpearAxe Style: Four Bladed Slash"
The female knight was in my side and muttered as her spearaxe glowed and slash down the troll's right arm that heading toward me.
Unexpectedly, The troll's arm totally cut into half in the center between its wrist and elbow.
The troll screamed intensely again. It turn toward Noel and made a punch using its left arm. Noel simply block it but due to her still in mid-air, She was sent flying again. She didnt crash to the tree this time since she landed in the tree with her metal boots and leap forward straight to the troll. 
The intense battle occured again but this time, Noel is using a spearaxe, Leaving her sword to the ground while the troll is using its barehand.
Noel have her head bleeding with her body and armor is full of bruises, dirt and dust. While the Troll doesnt have any extra wound in its body except those fatal damages we made earlier.
"Kintsuba, Lend me your power by making me focus to the troll"
I close my eyes as I grab a single arrow, Place it in my bow and aim it to the troll. I opened my eyes and I can feel Kintsuba's power flow through me. The sound around became more clear and silent, Leaving only small hint of sounds and wind of breeze is what I can clearly hear. My focus became so sharp that the surrounding become blurry, Only seeing the troll clearly.
"Flame from the very depth of hell, Make me weild it and ingul it to flames, everything infront of me with your powerful blistering blaze that can burn a thousand sinners to faze. Imbue it to my arrow. INFERNO" 
My arrow blazed to a huge flame and I immediately release it, Leaving a whirling trail of flames as it go straight to the troll in vast speed. Noel immeidately leap away from the troll and the arrow penetrated, turning the troll's head to ashes.
As the troll lost its head, It slowly collapse in the ground and due to it having large body, It made a big BAM and blow a gist of wind that waved both mine and the female human knight's hair as we watched the troll collapsed.
Due to exhaustion, I collapse with my front, Still in concious as I flatten my self to the ground making a heavy breath.
The human knight breath heavily as she sat down to a tree, Leaning her head and back and curled her right knee up, Placing her right hand above it as she let go of her spearaxe to fell into the ground.

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