Chapter 456:

Chapter 456: Sasha, Joe, and Keith vs The Deities of Lightning and Rock

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 456: Sasha, Joe, and Keith vs The Deities of Lightning and Rock

Narrator: Back in the Dark Matter Underworld.

*Commander Moss, Major Tarres, and Major Smithy continue to look at the computer as it maps out the City of Darkness which now gives the locations of all the Dark Matter Clan members*

Commander Moss: They split into three groups?

Major Tarres: Actually, it appears that Emily is on her own.

Commander Moss: Why would she do that?

Major Smithy: Who knows. Let’s just hope our comrades have made the right decision.


Narrator: Update on everyone’s location – Sherra and Kopmon are in section R4. Kogen is in section R3. Scythe is in section R2. Hamura’s team is in section L2. The Dark Matter Clan is in section M4. The heroes, except Emily, are in section L4. Emily is in section M3.

L1 M1 R1 <- Grid layout of City of Darkness

L2 M2 R2

L3 M3 R3

L4 M4 R4

Must reach section M1 to enter the lair.


Narrator: Back with Sasha, Joe, and Keith who are in a different part of section L4 than the other heroes.

*Sasha collides punches with a male deity*

Narrator: Deity of Lightning – Watt.

*Watt has blonde hair with strands that are shaped like lightning bolts. The yellow gemstone on his forehead is also shaped like a lightning bolt*

*Joe uses wind on a male deity but that deity turns to stone to avoid being pushed back*

Narrator: Deity of Rocks – Grit.

*Grit is fat but also strong. His brown hair is short and thin. He has a gray gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a rock*

*Watt starts shooting lightning out at Sasha and she does her best to dodge them*

Sasha: (Thinking) I need to get an opening for an attack!


*Keith comes out of a portal behind Grit as Grit turns back from a stone. Keith gets the surprise attack and kicks Grit hard in the back, knocking him toward Joe. Joe forms a lightning bolt in his hand and throws it at Grit. However, Grit turns to stone as he is headed toward Joe so the lightning does nothing to him. Joe takes a direct hit from Grit’s stone form, knocking him back in pain*

Grit: A stone. Such a simple object, but one you do not want to get hit by!


*Sasha struggles to get closer to Watt as his lightning attacks are fast and have great range. Sasha summons about ten Hellhounds and then points forward*

Sasha: Go, my Hellhounds!

Watt: You think I can’t handle a high number of enemies?

*Watt starts firing his lightning at an even more rapid pace. All of the Hellhounds are killed before they can get close to him*

Watt: I hope high numbers weren’t your only strategy.

Sasha: I got more up my sleeve!


*Keith transforms into his demon form and goes into a portal. Keith starts appearing in and out of portals around Grit, trying to punch him. However, Keith isn’t denting him when he turns to stone*

Keith: Damn! I know stone is pretty hard but it’s not this hard!

*Joe starts charging up for an attack. He forms a cloud that starts shooting razor hail out of it horizontally*

*Keith gets away in time as the razor hail pelts Grit in his stone form. The razor hail chips away at him and causes him to bleed*

Grit: What!?

*Grit turns back from his stone form so he can jump away from the razor hail*

Grit: I’m a deity! A mortal like you shouldn’t have anything that can damage my stone power!


*Sasha summons a Hell Frog. It is the size of a tank*

Watt: A frog!? Is this a joke? That’s even worse than using your dogs.

*The Hell Frog, in less than a second, sticks out its tongue and has it wrapped around Watt. The Hell Frog then retracts its tongue which pulls Watt toward it. Sasha gut-punches Watt when he reaches her, causing him to cough up blood. Sasha then pierces him with a Dark Spear which damages him more. Watt gets angry and releases lightning in all directions around him which electrocutes Sasha and the Hell Frog. Watt is able to break free from the Hell Frog’s tongue and then jumps away from them*

Sasha: That lighting is very annoying…


*Joe and Keith run toward Grit from two different directions*

Joe: We got you now!

*Grit jumps up in the air and then Joe and Keith do the same. Joe has razor hail formed on his right fist. Grit turns to stone to slam himself back down to the ground as Joe tries to punch him with the razor hail and Keith tries to kick him*

Joe and Keith: Oh crap!

*Keith ends up kicking Joe and Joe ends up punching Keith in the chest with the razor hail fist. Joe is knocked back to the side while Keith is bleeding from the razor hail attack*

*Grit turns back from his stone form and starts trying to punch Keith who is slower in his reactions because of the hit. Grit lands a punch and knocks Keith against a building wall*

Grit: Your friend’s attack will be the end of you. I turned your strategy against you.

*A portal opens behind Grit and a ball of magic flies out of it and blasts into Grit’s back, knocking him forward. Keith gut-kicks him. The attacks combined do a good amount of damage*

Keith: Sorry, this isn’t even close to being over!


*Joe is now over where Sasha is*

*Sasha has the Hell Frog use its tongue more but now Watt knows the timing on dodging it so the Frog keeps missing him*

Watt: Your frog is useless now!

*Watt uses his lightning on the frog some more and it finally collapses from the pain*

Sasha: Damn…!

*Sasha looks at Joe*

Sasha: Is there a way for you to neutralize this lightning?

Joe: I can try.

*Joe gets in front and starts charging his own lightning. He then releases it while Watt releases his lightning. Their lightning clashes*

Watt: Your inferior lightning can’t do anything to mine.

*Watt’s lightning overpowers Joe’s and their combined lightning strikes Joe on the head. Joe is knocked down and covers his face in pain*

Sasha: Joe! Are you okay!?

Joe: Gah! Yeah…! I’m fine…!

*Joe starts to stand back up. When he removes his hand from his face, his eyes have lightning bolts as irises*

*Watt is shocked when he sees Joe’s eyes*

Watt: Those are Storm Lord eyes!

Joe: Wait, what?

*Joe looks at Sasha and she sees them too*

Sasha: Your irises look like lightning bolts.

Joe: So these eyes have shown up again. I still don’t know how to activate them at will.

Watt: Do you know of the Storm Lord? Not the eyes, but the actual Storm Lord.

Joe: Someone that is a Storm Lord?

Watt: Yeah.

Narrator: Sasha, Joe, and Keith fight Watt and Grit! Watt is shocked by Joe’s Storm Lord eyes. What will Watt reveal about the Storm Lord and what connection does it have to Joe?

Chapter 456 END

To be Continued in Chapter 457: Who is the Storm Lord?