Chapter 460:

Chapter 460: The Terrifying Ghost and Headless One

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 460: The Terrifying Ghost and Headless One

Narrator: Back before the heroes finished off their opponents, the forces of Hell were still dealing with their opponents. Back to Sherra’s and Kopmon’s battle against Chaw and Ryking.

*Sherra charges up her ghostly aura*

*Kopmon’s right magic arm becomes a mallet and his left arm becomes an axe. He forms magic out of his head socket and it becomes a cannon*

Sherra: Just remember, you brought this on yourselves.

Chaw: I told you that you can’t intimidate us.

*Chaw and Rykin start rushing toward them*

*Kopmon shoots out a magic cannonball from the cannon that is his head*

*Chaw catches it in his mouth and chomps on it which destroys it*

*Rykin starts leaning his head down like he is charging like a rhino. He starts to do a charging attack on Kopmon but Kopmon slams his mallet down on Rykin in an attempt to stop him. The mallet lands and heavily slows Rykin but he keeps pushing*

*Sherra releases a fast-moving ghost hand at Chaw*

Chaw: There is nothing I can’t destroy with a chomp!

*Chaw prepares to chomp the ghost hand, but it moves so fast that it slams into the back of his throat to knock him back*

Sherra: Not if you can’t chomp fast enough.

*Kopmon slams his axe arm down onto Rykin’s shoulder to stop him. It works as Rykin feels pain. Kopmon then kicks Rykin back and releases a magic cannonball in the process that lands a direct hit*

*Both Chaw and Rykin took a good amount of damage from those attacks but they get up*

Sherra: Surrender and we will make your end quick and painless.

Chaw: Never!

*Chaw starts leaping around to different spots to try and confuse her. He then lunges at her from the side, thinking she won’t notice in time to dodge but she just turns her head toward him. Chaw tries to chomp her head but, with speed and precision, she grabs his head*

Sherra: (Spooky voice) I will haunt you to the grave!

*Chaw’s vision becomes all swirly*

*The next thing Chaw knows, he is in a cave and he is confronted by Sherra*

Chaw: What the Hell is this!?

Sherra: Your grave. I’m going to kill you from the inside of your mind.

*Chaw starts trying to slash Sherra while using his great speed but she is still able to dodge him*

*Chaw then tries to do a super-fast chomp attack but Sherra starts flying up in the air to avoid it*

Chaw: You can fly!?

Sherra: My ghostly powers give me many abilities… such as this.

*Sherra splits into many transparent versions of herself and starts flying all around the room*

*Chaw stands in one spot and is not sure what to do*

Chaw: (Thinking) Is this one of those situations where only one of them is real? Or is it that they are all real but with power split between them?

*All of the transparent Sherras start flying down toward Chaw*

*Chaw prepares himself and even swipes at the first few Sherras but his attack goes right through them and then they all start grabbing onto him*

*Only one Sherra doesn’t grab him. She lands on the ground and stops being transparent. She starts slowly walking toward Chaw*

Sherra: Do you know what your current being represents?

Chaw: What are you getting at!?

Sherra: It represents your mind. If bad things were to happen to you in here… they happen to your real mind.

*Sherra’s left index finger starts to take the form of a dagger*

*Chaw tries to break free from all the transparent Sherras*

Chaw: Damn you! I will kill you! Do you understand!?

Sherra: It sure would be a shame if…

*Sherra lunges forward and pierces Chaw in the head with her dagger. Blood spills out from it*

Sherra: …something were to happen to you.

*Back in reality, blood splatters out from Chaw’s head and he falls down dead*

Sherra: I warned you.

*Sherra looks over to see how Kopmon is doing against Rykin*

*Rykin is quite bloody and damaged. He is breathing heavily*

Rykin: *huff huff* I won’t lose! I won’t fail Lord Zenos!

*Rykin starts charging his magic to high levels*

Rykin: I’m going to hit you with a force that will hit so hard that it will blow you to pieces.

*Kopmon turns both of his magic arms into cannons so that he now has three cannons aimed at Rykin*

Kopmon: Likewise.

*Rykin’s aura is now fierce and Kopmon starts charging his cannons*

*Kopmon starts rushing forward and releases large blasts of energy at Rykin before Rykin can get to him*

*Rykin is shocked by how much energy is released and is unable to get away. Rykin is completely blown to bits by the energy from the cannons*

Sherra: Good work. Let’s catch up with the others.


Narrator: Kogen is still fighting the Deity of Arrows, Bolt.

*Bolt is no longer able to pull off his stealth shots and so he struggles to hit Kogen who is swift*

Kogen: You may be good at attacking from the shadows, but you are helpless when you aren’t.

*Kogen is able to get close to Bolt and uppercuts him which knocks him upwards. Kogen jumps upwards like a ball and then uncurls to slam his fists down on Bolt’s back*

*Bolt is slammed down to the ground and is defeated*

Kogen: You would be advised to not get in our way next time. Zenos will fall.

Narrator: Sherra, Kopmon, and Kogen have defeated their opponents. How did Hamura’s team do?

Chapter 460 END

To be Continued in Chapter 461: Higher on the Food Chain