Chapter 12:

...And Another One

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

<Noel's P.O.V>

Minute has passed from our battle earlier. The female dark elf, Flare, stands up from the ground and approached me. She have a lot of bruises and wounds, theres even a dried blood in her lips, And walked to me in very slow pace and too numby that have a high chance to slip any moment from the pieces of wood, pebbles, cracks and holes, branches, and leaves laying in the ground.

When she reached to me, She kneeled and pointed her two palms to my wounded hand that she stabbed earlier.

"Fairies Fairies, Lend me your power that can aid any wound and sickness"

As soon she chanted that, little faint-green lights in a form of round, float around the both of us and then after that, Flare added.


In instant, My wound was covered with faint green light, No, My whole body got covered by a faint green light and same to Flare, I can see Flare is also shocked to the sudden event. For both of us to glow green, Means both of us is being healed when my wounded hand was supposed to be the only one to be healed but as I look around to see the cause, I can see a small figure who have panda-like appearance floated and was looking to the both of us with its both hand pointed at us.

Then our bruises closed and the dried bloods in our body, Including in our lips, disappeared, Leaving us in full healthy body. Actually... It still didnt fixed the numbing of my arms after the fight with the troll.

I countered a lot of its heavy attacks and even cut its rock-hard arms. If I just relay with the sword style activation of my spear-axe without using my strength, I would never be able to cut that thing, Also leaving me a very numb arms due to the impact of not being able to cut it.

"You dont need to do that, Kintsuba"


Flare spoke and the panda-like creature responded with a cute sound and a nod. Flare give a gaze at me and asked.

"What's your name, Human?"

"Im Noel Shirogane, You can call me Noel"

"And I'm Flare Darkwood, You can call me Flare. And this is Kintsuba, my fairy companion"

"What a cute panda-"

"She's not a panda"

"Oh, Sorry"

"No, Dont worry about it-"

Before she finish her sentence, She immediately turn her head back to the direction where we came from but above of it. In there, A orange light glimmed with a bit spark of flames rised up with a thick white smoke, A sign of a large area is ingulfed by flames.

"The village-"

Flare muttered before turning her head toward me.

"Noel, Your a adventurer right? And the quest you said was to get some moonlit flowers?"

"Y- yeah, What about it?"

"Can you hand me the quest paper for a bit"

I open my leather shoulder bag and get a paper being rolled with a thin rope tied in it. Flare unleash it and bite the tip of her index before pointing it to the quest paper and pinch it, Blood slowly goes out from it and drop to the quest paper. The quest paper glowed white before she hand me the paper and also handed me a small sack of coins.

"You can go home now. Lets go, Kintsuba"

After saying that, She darted away with her fairy companion.

I immediately open the scroll and I can see, A blood-like colored text was written and also inside of a blood-like colored box. The text was not very clear, Its a bit faint and like written from a writing brush who's not dip in the paint. What written there was... 'COMPLETED'. Leaving me a very huge shock from the sudden event, I immediately called the darting female dark elf, Trying to reach my hand to stop her.

"W- wait!"

Unfortunately, My hand isnt long enough to reach her who's already too far away, Jumping to the tree branches in very fast pace, heading toward her village, Unable to hear my words.

I just sighed and roll back the quest paper and tie it back, Place it back to my leather bag, Doing the same to the small sack of coins and turn to the opposite direction.

"Looks like I have no choice but to go back"

And then walk to the opposite direction where Flare went.

<Flare's P.O.V>

I head to the village as fast as I can, Hoping to the branches. In a distance, Orange-Light Hue can be seen within the trees and the smell of a burned wood reach my nostrils. And when I reach the place, Destroyed and Burned Houses is the first thing I saw. Looking around, Orcs can be seen among the houses, Walking around, Finding their preys.

Shouts and screams of my fellow dark elves can also be heard and brave soldiers who plan to save the others.

I hop to a roof and take a view in the surrounding. There's a total of 5 orcs, 1 in the northeast, Northwest, South East, and Southwest and those things are just normal looking, Same to a normal orc with a weapon with them. The smoke and flames covered the places so I cant clear out what weapon their holding but there is one orc that caught my sight and that is the orc in the middle part of the village.

Its eyes were bright red, Wearing a full, Thick metal and spiky armor. Its face was visible even with helmet due to having a T shaped hole in its helmet. In its both hands was 2 short, but heavy and thick axe. As I can see, The darkelves is trying to subjugate this orc but...

*Swoosh* *BAM*


All of the soldiers got wipe out instantly as soon the orc spun around its body with its axe, Perfectly hit all darkelves soldiers in the roof and sent them flying.

All I can do is stare at the horrible and unbelievable moment. Its unbelievable to see such incident occur but on how prepared the orc was, Theres no doubt who did this...


They hold and able to control all of the intelligent type of monsters under their forces in their demon army, Slowly expanding their domain and take control every kingdom that will be covered under their domain, But why us? I dont think the domain reach us yet and if it really did, The kingdom of Zophiel will be under their domain before being able to reach this place...

I snap out from those thoughts and decided to get closer to the thing. When I get closer and see the ground below the full armored orc, There was a dark elf, Only one and that's... My Father, He was laying in the ground, With his bow far away, He's concious but unable to move, He crawled backwards but unfortunately, Unable to escape due to the walls meet his back. From how it looks... His legs got disabled, Laying and unable to move.

Looking to the situation, Looks like the orc is targetting my father. I immediately stretch my bow, Point it to the full armored orc and concentrated.

"Flame Shot!"

I plan to do the inferno but the Inferno still takes long and also takes a large amount of magical energy. I cant use it 2 times in a row immediately or use it again in a short period of time after newly used or that will lead me to death if worsen. When a person uses a magic even already surpassed their limit will result to take their life force, Getting converted as their magic energy. If you wont die, You'll get sickness, The more life force taken, The more worse of the sickness.

The arrow missed and only hit above its eyes, Resulting to bounce off due to its thick armor. The orc ignored me and raise its axe to directly hit my father.


I repeatedly grab an arrow and release it to the orc with the flame shot spell but all of it still missed.

I breathed, Get another arrow and stretch it to my bow, Focusing to hit the monster, Trying to calm my shaking nerves down from my fear to unable to save my father. I focus and aim it to the orc's eyes.



Before I finished chanting, The orc swung its axe towards the house where I am. I'm in the roof, Resulting for me to lost balance as the house collapsed to pieces.


Hitting my back in the ground and end up letting go of my bow before being bounce off after collision and now laying while facing the ground, Unable to move.

Due to the battle with the troll earlier, My body is still so weak, Kintsuba might able to heal me but healing from fairies isnt that miraculous like gods and light magic. It will heal the wound and damage but for those fatal ones, It will only increase the regeneration rate, Means the damage from my back earlier takes time before completely healed, And now I end up breaking my spine due to not being completely healed and recieved another damage in the same spot.

"Kiiin! Kiiin!"

Kintsuba worriedly called, Going towards me.


Kintsuba tried to heal me again, When it finished healing, I still couldnt stand up due to my back not being healed completely yet.


Kintsuba hugs my face, Meaning an apology and worryness too.

"Its okay Kintsuba, You did your best" I patted the head of the worried panda-like fairy companion of mine.

Watching the orc raising its axe toward my father whose feet is disabled and cannot move in the other side through the collapse house, All I can do is close my eyes, Letting out my emotion through tears.

But then... A familiar scent of flowers come across my nose that shocked me. When I open my eyes, White petals was floating around. Infront of me was... The female human knight with her sword, Held by her both hands and placed, labeled in her right hip.

"White Rose Sword Style..."

Noel muttered as she dashed forward to the orc with her sword glowing white. The orc caught attention to her and instead continuing to smash its axe toward my father, It look to Noel with caution.

"White Rose Release!!!"

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