Chapter 14:

Mission Impossible: Lily Grace Part 1

Lyceus Awaits

William, Alice, Anthony and Victoria got back to Argus, Argon by the night.

After reaching home they rested for a while and introduced Victoria to the rest of the team then all of them went to the hide out where Axcel and Max told William and the others the bad news and the good news. They told the bad news first as they good one came afterwards. The bad knews was that Lily Grace was in the possession of the ENIGMA maker, Ethan Guntur in the country, Ross. This was also a good news as now just after rescuing Lily they could just setup another hideout in Ross without going through all the trouble to search for him again and work on putting an end to Ethan's malice and capturing him.

They planned to take a break for 2 days and leave after that as everyone was pretty tired. Although William was against this, he wanted to be moving as soon as possible, he couldn't do anything as everyone else wanted a break. In those two days they also got Victoria a suit. Her suit was completely purple and an exception to her suit was that it had glasses and a mask that would cover half of her face. She had the ability to create many different things with just her thoughts and use her breath to make her opponents sleep temporarily. She could also use her blasters and glasses to make nearly impenetrable shields.

By the time the break ended everyone was ready with their fake identities and stuff for the trip. This was going to be a long one, even while in air so they left that day when the sun was still up and got their by the next day sunrise. Most of them were asleep while in the plane but William, despite being told by Alice to sleep, was still reading all the research they had on Lily, Ethan and other things. He also reviewed the saved data his dad left for him and Axcel. Alice did check up on William in between but she was told off by William to go back to sleep and not worry about him.

After they reached, Axcel had already checked out a place where they could stay. That place was kind of isolated so they could use it freely as a hideout.

Lily was being held in a very secure location guarded by paid men at an abandoned workshop inside a forest that was illegally being used by Syndicate, the organisation owned by Ethan. The plan was very simple and clear, William, Max, Anthony and Victoria would go ahead using a combination of their abilities to infiltrate the workshop. First they would use Victoria's abiltiy to make all the men guarding outside sleep which would give them easy way into the workshop. Then they would use Max's hacking and speed, his hacking would be used to pause the cameras and open the doors to reach where Lily was being kept and his speed would be used to search the workshop after the mission was done. Now all they had to do was wait for the night to come out to play out this plan.

The night eventually came and they were in their positions. All the men guarding outside were sleeping soundly thanks to Victoria's ability. They made it through the entrance by using Max's hacking and took out the men they met in between using some punches from Anthony and gravity from William. They finally reach the middle of the workshop and there they saw a cage that was covered with a sheet. William assumed that Lily was in the cage. There were a lot of men there and they had to get out of hiding to fight all those men as there was no other possible way.

They used Anthony's ability to cause a strong earthquake in that place which would confuse the men or make them fall on the ground. Then they got out of hiding and started fighting the men. Victoria used a gun with rubber bullets, Max used his speed, William used gravity and Anthony used his punches. There was a small problem that there were too many of them as the alarm had been turned on so it was timetaking.

They finally took out all the men and now they were standing with the cage right in front of them. They removed the sheet from the cage and there they saw a 12 year old girl in a suit looking very sleepy, scared and tired working on modifying a weapon.

Max: We came here for this? A freaking child!

Victoria: My My look at the one talking.

Lily: Please don't hurt me!

William: It's ok, we won't hurt you instead we are here to save you from these cruel men. My name is William and I can be like a big brother to you.

Lily: Save Me?... Big brother?

William: Yes! Anthony break her out of the cage.

Anthony: Right at it.

Anthony broke the cage's door open and asked Lily to walk out which she did but she fell as soon as she got out. Anthony checked her and she was unconcious. It seemed she worked tirelessly and because of that she wasn't able to sleep or have food properly for days. Anthony carried Lily and Max had already checked the whole workshop, there was no sign of Ethan so they walked out of the workshop. Just as they stepped out of the workshop they saw three members of the Watchdog Nathan Gale, Anna Roar and Henry Hans waiting for them outside.

Nathan: I heard there was commotion out here so even though I was in Argon I wasted no time to get here by just asking Justin just to make a portal for us to get to this forest. The perks of being a Watchdog member, you have visited a lot of places. Now you better surrender or meet your end here.

Now Nathan coming here himself and these sudden change of events, were something that would make this mission more than just impossible.