Chapter 13:

A Thief Charged with Treason

Lyceus Awaits

There were holidays and Alice wanted to thank William once again but as school was closed they couldn't meet in school so she thought of going to William's house.

Alice reached William's house in a few minutes. She rang the doorbell but no one opened the door. At that moment she realised that William gave her spare keys so that she could come and go anytime but she decided to wait anyways. After a while she got a bit restless so she opened the door and went in. She called for William and Axcel but it seemed like nobody was home. She then called William on his smartphone but there was no answer. She decided to wait for them while doing so she would explore the house.

When Alice was exploring the huge house she noticed there was a bookshelf. She looked at the different books and found that her favourite book was there as well so she decided to read that book instead of exploring any further. As soon as she pulled out the book, a door opened and there was a room full of darkness. Out of curiosity she went through the door and got to know it was a lift that went down. She went down the lift and she accidentally found the hideout. In the hideout she saw William, Axcel, Anthony, Max and Martin planning on how to get Victoria. Alice overheard the whole conversation while hiding.

In the conversation, Max was telling them that Victoria was in the city Virgo, situated in the country Flea. Max told them the whole story of Victoria. Victoria joined the army when she was 18 and stayed in it for a year till she was kicked. She was charged with treason but this was all that the military of Flea showed to its citizens. In reality, she was investigating the corruption in the military. As the corrupt people were higher ups and didn't want to get exposed they threatened Victoria but Victoria still didn't leave the work she was doing for the better of her country. The military court martialed her and charged her with treason. They kicked her out of the military and demanded her to be immediately arrested. After this Victoria hid herself so that she would not get arrested or caught. When the military wasn't able to find or catch her they went as far as killing her whole family. Victoria was deeply sadened and swore to get revenge so she started stealing from bad people in her country and gave the stolen objects, things or money to the poor and outsiders.

Alice was listening to all of this carefully and figured out William was indeed Lyceus bht what she didn't know was that Lyceus was working for a good cause. William noticed that someone was listening and asked whoever it was to come out as they have been noticed. Alice got scared and came out from hiding. William was shocked to see her there but then he realised he was the one who gave her the spare keys of the house.

William: Alice... What are you doing here?

Axcel: How the hell is she here?

William: Well... Um...

Axcel: Speak up!

William: I gave spare keys to her so that she could come over whenever she wanted to.


William: Hey! How the hell was I supposed to know she would find the hide out?

Alice(with teary eyes): I came here to thank you once again but I didn't know it was you who got me into this mess. You killed the President??!

William: I can explain.

Alice: I don't need any explanation... bye.

Just as Alice was about to leave while crying William stopped her. He took Alice to a room in the hideout and explained Alice and told her everything even more than he told Max, Anthony and Martin. Alice also knew William and his backstory as they were close friends so she believed William in an instant but she was mainly angry at the fact that William hid it from and that didn't trust her enough to tell her. William calmed her down by telling her he wanted to protect her. Alice was also against the fact that he killed the president but when William said he couldn't do anything as he had lost control Alice hugged him and told him its ok and that she would never leave him. William and Alice were fully honest and were very emotional throughout the conversation. Alice told William that there would be no more secrets between them from now on. She also told William she wanted to stay and help him to which William agreed after a bit of convincing from her. After that William told her to stay in the room while he went out to talk to Axcel.

Alice lived alone so it was easy for her stay wiyh William and help him. Her father was gambler and one day he gambled everything away. After that her father became an outsider and was nowhere to be found. She lost her father when she was little so her mother was the one who raised her but some time ago she even lost her mother to a disease.

When William told Axcel that she will be staying now with them Axcel was convinced William had gone crazy. Both had an argument but eventually Axcel gave up as he couldn't do anything about it now. Besides there were more important things such as completing the mission.

It was decided that Axcel, Martin and Max would stay back with Anthony's mother while William, Alice and Anthony went to the country to get Victoria. Max already had the fake identities ready for William and Anthony so he got Alice's identity ready in no time. They would all still stay in contact if anymore help, assistance or information were needed. William, Alice and Anthony changed their appearances according to their identities and took off.

When they got to Virgo, Flea William informed Axcel that they were there. As it was already night time when they got there they stayed in a hotel and waited for the next night to execute the plan. While Anthony decided to sleep till the next night to build his stamina William and Alice got up early in the morning and went out to have some fun.

It was finally night William got sent the exact whereabouts of Victoria and arrived on the scene with Anthony and Alice. Even at that time Victoria was stealing a diamond. Alice's only job was to watch for them and call them out if anyone was about to be coming while they went in to bring Victoria with them. William and Anthony got in as easily as they breathe. William decided to do the talking.

William: A thief charged with treason. Ain't it funny?

Victoria: Huh! You here to stop me?

William: Oh no not at all please carry on don't mind me. I am just here to offer a deal Victoria.

Victoria: How do you know my name?

William: Let's just say I have a hacker friend.

Victoria: Hmm... You sure know how to get a person interested in something. Carry on I am listening. Besides if you know my name you must know a lot of things.

William: Oh yes! That I do.

William told her everything he knew about her. After that he gave her the same offer he gave to all the other members. He also told her how it was also The Head who was behind all corruption in the world.

Victoria: Why should I believe you? After all you did invade my privacy to know everything about me.

William: Well you don't have reason but then again we are two people with suits do you have a choice?

Victoria: Excellent! You seem to be promising and have good leadership qualities. A determined man willing to do anything to achieve his goals even by using force when needed. I am willing to work with you and I know you are telling the truth.

Alice[on the mic]: Someone's coming!

William: We are on our way.

William told Victoria someone was coming and they left with the stolen diamond. William told Axcel the mission was a success. After that they went back to the hotel and discussed things in more detail. The next day Victoria asked William to sell the diamond which he did and gave the money to Victoria. Victoria gave away that money to the outsiders and the just like she did always.

This caused another day to be spent in Flea so they decided to leave in the morning. William told Axcel about this beforehand and Axcel told William that he had to tell him a good and a bad news about their next member as soon as he got back.