Chapter 472:

Chapter 472: Focus of The End’s Eyes

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 472: Focus of The End’s Eyes

Narrator: With Rayna’s defeat, it’s now time to enter Zenos’s lair.

*Hamura has rejoined the rest of her team at section L1. Her communicator device is beeping so she activates it. It is Scythe contacting her*

Scythe: My team has reached Zenos’s lair. What is the status of your team?

Hamura: My team has basically done the same. We’re about to head back to the staircase. I think it’s time we contact my mother.

*Hamura and Scythe both set up communication with Dakame. She answers her device while she is in a recovery room*

Dakame: Yes, do you have a report?

Scythe: Both of our teams have reached Zenos’s lair.

Hamura: I killed his second in command, Rayna, in the process.

Dakame: That is good news but there is bad news on my end.

*Hamura looks surprised. Scythe is surprised too but his expression is hidden because his face is covered*

Dakame: Zenos decided to outright attack Hell by himself. I expected that he might send his own forces but he just showed up by himself and I’m still not sure how he got here undetected. I took a great deal of damage defending everything. I’m in no shape to challenge him again. Is there anything else I need to know?

Hamura: We have been hearing fights going on in other parts of this dark city. I’m guessing Heaven has also invaded this dimension. If you can’t fight, what should our next move be?

Dakame: Do you know who are included in Heaven’s invasion?

Hamura: No.

Dakame: I don’t expect them to accomplish much in an actual battle with Zenos but try to stay hidden and observe what happens. Our two sides have technically entered an agreement to cease hostilities until Zenos is defeated but only assist them if it will actually help take down Zenos.

Hamura and Scythe: Understood.

*The communication ends and Dakame just looks up*

Dakame: Harmona, if you have a trick up your sleeve, now’s the time to use it.


Narrator: Earlier.

*Zothena becomes conscious and quickly sits up as if she had just woken up from a bad dream. She looks at Harmona, Apollo, Zaydra, and Zenfaro*

Zothena: Who are all of you?

Harmona: Mother, it’s me.

*Zothena is shocked*

Zothena: H-Harmona? Is that really you!?

Harmona: Yes.

Zothena: How long have I been… gone?

Harmona: It’s been nearly 300,000 years.

*Zothena looks shocked again*

Harmona: A lot has happened since then. I killed the previous Dark Goddess, Zenta. I’ve had three children. I… even made the Zorens go extinct.

*Zothena takes in this information and then remembers where they currently are and has a distressed expression*

Zothena: Wait! This is the Dimension of Dark Matter! What are you doing here!?

Harmona: I know the truth. I know what happened to you. And… I know that it’s my fault. Sonzen told me everything after the seal on this dimension was broken. We are here to stop Zenos.

*Zothena stands up*

Zothena: I see… I’m sorry.

Harmona: It’s alright. I understand your reasoning for wanting to keep the truth from me.

*Harmona looks at Zaydra and Zenfaro*

Harmona: These are two of your grandchildren. The oldest, Zenfaro. The middle, Zaydra. My youngest, Zeth, is somewhere in that city in the distance.

*Zothena finally smiles*

Zothena: I wish it would have been under better circumstances but I’m happy I get to meet my grandchildren.

*Zothena hugs Zenfaro and Zaydra*

Zaydra: And we’re glad we get to meet you.

Zenfaro: Mom had great things to say about you.

Harmona: We better get going.


Narrator: Back in the present.

*Harmona, Zothena, Apollo, Zaydra, and Zenfaro are running toward the city. Zaydra’s team left to take Dayna to be locked up in Heaven*

Zothena: There isn’t much to it but I want to tell you what happened since I sealed this dimension.

Harmona: More than being turned into a giant salamander monster?

Zothena: Yes. When I sealed myself with Zenos in this dimension, I did it believing that it would be my end… but he didn’t kill me. He instead decided to torture me. He wanted me to undo the seal. But for your sake… for the sake of everyone… I would not budge even after being left with many scars and injuries. He eventually gave up and just turned me into a monster. Though, it looks like becoming a monster has removed the scars on my body. Anyway, how did he undo the seal?

Harmona: He caused a dimensional tear using Zenfaro and Dayna, the woman we just had Zaydra’s team take back to Heaven.

*Zothena is shocked*

Zothena: How did he do that from within his dimension?

Harmona: He didn’t. He gained followers on the outside. How he did that exactly, I’m not sure. But I’m guessing Rayna, Dayna’s mother, was able to contact him somehow with her powers.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha’s team.

*Sasha’s team goes into section M2 and finds Zeth, Kurt, Emily, and the Dark Matter Clan. Sasha is still in her True Demonic Release form. Sasha, Joe, and Keith are happy to see the others and start running toward them. The others turn to see them*

*Sasha runs up to Zeth and hugs him*

Sasha: I’m glad you’re alright.

*They stop hugging and Zeth notices her appearance*

Zeth: Where did this new look come from?

Sasha: It’s my True Demonic Release. It brings out the real me and causes me to be even more sadistic.

Zeth: It’s a nice look along with being even more kick-ass. I like it.

*Joe talks to Emily who is still lyying on the ground*

Joe: So, your permanent vampirism is gone?

Emily: Yep.

Joe: That’s good. If we can’t get you out of here then I will carry you myself.

*Someone with Dark Divine Eyes is watching them and it is revealed to be Zenos who is using his power of being able to overlook the dimension to watch them* (Author’s Note: It is similar to Harmona’s ability to overlook the Earth.)

*Zenos focuses on Zeth and Sasha who look so happy together*

Zenos: Interesting.

Narrator: Zenos has his sights set on Zeth and Sasha! What is he planning?

Chapter 472 END

To be Continued in Chapter 473: Face to Face with The End