Chapter 476:

Chapter 476: Vengeful Tears

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 476: Vengeful Tears

Narrator: Continuing with Stage 5 Blood Form Zeth’s struggle to kill Zenos and avenge Sasha.

*The monstrous Zeth roars at the sky one last time and then falls back on all four legs. He roars at Zenos*

Zenos: Unfortunately for you, roaring won’t increase your chances of killing me.

*Zeth starts trying to viscously slash at Zenos. Zenos jumps to dodge one but has to push back against the next claw with his hands*

*Monstrous Zeth then punches Zenos with his other claw. The attack knocks Zenos to the side but he rebalances himself*

Zenos: That’s more I like it!

*Zenos launches toward the monstrous Zeth’s head and punches it to knock the monstrous Zeth to the side*

*Monstrous Zeth roars and then does a pounce to where Zenos is*

*Zenos was surprised by the pounce and is knocked back against the wall behind him. He pushes himself off the wall and slides forward as monstrous Zeth tries to pierce him by thrusting his claw forward*

*Zenos does a powerful kick on the monstrous Zeth’s chest that knocks him back at an arch while spitting out blood*

*After getting back on his feet, the monstrous Zeth does another pounce but this time Zenos is ready and jumps to the side, allowing him to completely avoid the hit*

Zenos: Sorry. That won’t work again.

*Monstrous Zeth turns to the side to continue facing Zenos but Zenos has already started his next attack and does three quick punches to monstrous Zeth’s face. He then lands again*

*The monstrous Zeth is in a lot of pain*

Zenos: I know you don’t have any control of yourself in that form but your fight is hopele—

*Zenos opens his eyes wide*

*More tears fall from the monstrous Zeth’s eyes*

Zenos: So what I saw earlier really were tears. I’ve never seen anything like this. You have no control over yourself yet your current form understands what you are fighting for. I won’t let you leave here alive but I respect what this fight means to you. I will end your life and send your soul to the Divine World, but you have my deepest respect.

*With tears still falling from monstrous Zeth’s eyes, he opens his mouth and starts charging energy for an attack. The attack formed in monstrous Zeth’s mouth looks like a very bloody red ball with an unstable star in it*

Narrator: This attack that the monstrous Zeth is forming in his mouth is the Super Blood Nova. It is the Blood Magic version of the Super Nova.

Zenos: I can tell. This attack will be stronger than the beams he has released earlier.

*Monstrous Zeth doesn’t release the Super Blood Nova yet and instead starts moving toward Zenos*

Zenos: He’s not releasing the attack!?

*Zenos decides to try to jump around monstrous Zeth but gets hit by monstrous Zeth’s tail in the process. The hit knocks Zenos back toward and out past the destroyed wall. Monstrous Zeth then releases the Super Blood Nova at Zenos*

*The large unstable star gets close to Zenos and he has a somewhat panicked expression*

*The Super Blood Nova then creates a giant explosion*

*The explosion soon clears. Eventually, Zenos jumps back into the formerly domed room through the destroyed wall. He looks like he took damage*

Zenos: That was close. For as powerful as I am, even I wouldn’t have gone through that attack unscathed.

*Zenos has a flashback to what he did to avoid getting hit by the full explosion. He used a blast attack of his own to propel himself backward from the blast to avoid a direct hit. His flashback ends*

*Suddenly, two male deities come into the room from the stairs entrance behind the monstrous Zeth. The first deity has a green gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a leaf. The second deity has a gray gemstone on his forehead in the shape of a goat head*

Male Deity 1: Lord Zenos! There is a problem!

Male Deity 2: Intruders have infiltrated your lair!

*The deities gain the attention of monstrous Zeth as they run toward Zenos*

Zenos: You fools! You’re going to die by running in here!

*They look up to see the monstrous Zeth charging a beam attack in his mouth*

Male Deity 1: Where did that thing come from!?

*The monstrous Zeth releases the beam and the two deities are caught in it as it goes outside through the destroyed wall. The deities are vaporized. There is not a trace left of either of them as the beam clears*

Zenos: For being that stupid, they deserved to die.

*Monstrous Zeth lunges forward and tries to eat Zenos. He does get Zenos in his mouth but Zenos starts pushing his hands up to keep monstrous Zeth’s jaws open*

*Zenos uses his right fist and punches the roof of monstrous Zeth’s mouth. It leaves monstrous Zeth in so much pain that Zenos is able to escape and then kick monstrous Zeth on the face repeatedly*

*Zenos then thrusts the palm of his hand forward and releases a wave of his magic. The magic is strong enough that it pushes monstrous Zeth back toward the corner of the room, leaving monstrous Zeth in pain*

*Monstrous Zeth then looks forward and left and sees Sasha’s dead body still lying there on the floor. Tears start to fall from monstrous Zeth’s eyes again and he starts walking forward to confront Zenos again*

*Zenos looks surprised*

*Monstrous Zeth roars at him*

Zenos: I am truly impressed. I haven’t been using all of my power but the fact that you can still stand and move after the attacks I have given you so far is incredible. I’m enjoying this. I will let you entertain me for as long as you are able to.

Narrator: While the monstrous Zeth has dealt Zenos some damage, it is becoming clear that even with Stage 5 Blood Form, Zenos is still stronger.

Chapter 476 END

To be Continued in Chapter 477: At Long Last