Chapter 477:

Chapter 477: At Long Last

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 477: At Long Last

Narrator: Although no progress has been made on defeating Zenos, the monstrous Zeth continues to face him nonetheless.

*Monstrous Zeth roars at Zenos. As he roars, a bunch of people run into the room. They are Harmona, Zothena, Zaydra, Zenfaro, Apollo, Kurt, Joe, Emily, Keith, Raider, Easia, Kennedy, Alaina, Gice, the six Dark Matter Underworld natives, and the four people who were under Rayna’s control who are Dom, RAG, Sandy, and Jane*

*All of them are shocked by what they see*

Zaydra: What in the world!?

*They see the giant monster who tries to punch Zenos but Zenos jumps out of the way*

*They then see Sasha’s dead body on the floor*

*Zenos does a repeated attack of jumping followed by punching monstrous Zeth in the face. After doing that twice, he stomps down on monstrous Zeth’s head, pushing it down onto the floor*

*Harmona runs up to Sasha’s body*

Harmona: I think I’m putting two and two together…

*Harmona puts her ear up to Sasha’s chest to check her heartbeat. Harmona opens her eyes wide*

Harmona: She doesn’t have a heartbeat! She’s dead! The only thing that could have possibly happened is that Zenos killed her and drove Zeth so angry that Sasha’s dark power in him took him all the way to Stage 5!

*Monstrous Zeth releases a beam of energy at Zenos but he dodges*

*Harmona is in tears*

Harmona: There’s nothing that can be done for him now. He is now permanently stuck in that form.

*Apollo quickly comes over to Harmona and checks Sasha’s dead body. His eyes open wide*

Apollo: It’s not too late for her.

*Harmona is still in tears but looks at Apollo*

Harmona: What do you mean?

*Zenos continues to dodge monstrous Zeth’s punches and then kicks monstrous Zeth on the chin*

Apollo: Her lifeforce hasn’t completely vanished.

Harmona: What? How can that be? She’s clearly dead.

Apollo: When someone dies, their life force doesn’t leave all at once. It’s a gradual process. The only exception is if the body is completely destroyed. For a mortal, the process takes about five minutes. But for a divine being, the process takes about one hour. However, you have to get close to the body to be able to tell if the life force is still there. If even a tiny amount of lifeforce remains, the person can be revived.

*All of the others take in this information with awe*

Harmona: Is that really possible?

Zothena: I can confirm that it is. Though, it’s not that easy. You would still need someone with extremely powerful healing capabilities to do it.

Apollo: And I fit that bill. I will save her. Reviving someone like this takes a ton of energy. After this, I may not be able to heal anyone until my magic recharges. It’s a good thing that her body is still in one piece or even I may not be able to revive her.

*Apollo puts his hands above Sasha and starts releasing his healing energy*

Apollo: Even still, this will only be a half-victory for you. I’m sorry that there is nothing we can do for Zeth.

Zothena: It brings me sadness too. It hurts knowing that this is the fate of my grandson… We will have to put him down.

*Harmona goes back into tears again and so do all of Zeth’s friends*

*Monstrous Zeth tries to pounce on Zenos again but Zenos jumps on top of Zeth’s body and kicks his back. Monstrous Zeth responds by hitting Zenos with his tail, knocking Zenos toward a wall*

*Apollo is now sweating as he continues to use his healing magic on Sasha’s dead body*

Zaydra: (In tears) I can’t believe this. There’s really nothing we can do for him?

*Zenos runs toward monstrous Zeth*

*Monstrous Zeth tries to grab Zenos but he releases a wave of magic from the palm of his hand. The wave of magic knocks monstrous Zeth back*

*Apollo stops releasing his healing magic and he looks exhausted*

Apollo: It is done.

*Sasha starts to slowly open her eyes. As she opens her eyes, she sees everyone and they are still in tears*

Sasha: What is…? Why is everyone…? Why are you all in tears? What’s going on?

*Harmona is looking across the room instead of at Sasha but she still speaks to Sasha*

Harmona: (With a grim expression and in tears) Sasha, I’m sorry. You were killed by Zenos and that sorrow drove Zeth to go into Stage 5 Blood Form. There’s no coming back for him.

*Sasha has a terrified and confused expression*

Sasha: I… was killed? And Zeth was…?

Harmona: We revived you. As for Zeth, look over to the other side of the room.

*Sasha hears a loud roar and then sits up and turns her body to the left. Her eyes open wide as she sees the monstrous Zeth fighting Zenos*

*Sasha’s eyes are wide open with terror and her mouth is now also wide open. Tears start to flow down from her eyes*

Sasha: I remember now…! I remember being finished off by Zenos…! We tried to fight him but we were no match for him…! No… This can’t be Zeth’s fate! I won’t accept that!

*Monstrous Zeth tries to punch Zenos but Zenos easily dodges*

Zenos: Your movements seem to be getting slower. Are you reaching your limits?

Harmona: Sasha, we have to accept that there is nothing we can do. I shouldn’t have let him come here.

???: Wait.

*Everyone turns to see someone walking into the room. It’s Miranda and she has her demonic katana in hand*

Sasha: Zeth’s stepmom?

Harmona: What are you doing here? How did you even get here?

*Harmona looks at the demonic katana*

Harmona: That’s no mere katana. Just what are you?

Miranda: Do not worry. If done correctly, Zeth’s condition can be reversed.

*Everyone looks confused as they look at Miranda*

Harmona: You have to tell me just who you are.

*Miranda walks past them and stops. She turns her head to look back at them*

Miranda: I am the Deity of the Divide.

Narrator: At long last! The bombshell revelation drops! Miranda is the deity of legend! She is the Deity of the Divide!

Chapter 477 END

To be Continued in Chapter 478: Miranda and Zeth