Chapter 478:

Chapter 478: Miranda and Zeth

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 478: Miranda and Zeth

Narrator: Miranda has shocked everyone by revealing that she is the Deity of the Divide!

*Everyone looks shocked by Miranda’s revelation, including Dakame’s warriors who are watching from the outer edge of the roof which wasn’t destroyed by monstrous Zeth’s beam*

*Even Zenos looks over in that direction while dodging a punch from monstrous Zeth*

*Zenos then kicks monstrous Zeth back and looks at Miranda*

Zenos: So you claim to be my older sister, yet, you look nothing like her.

Miranda: Don’t be so dimwitted little brother. I wouldn’t just go around in my normal appearance.

*Miranda’s body starts to glow white. She has transformed into her true appearance. Her hair is now long and flowing and is white-colored. She has pointy ears and sharp teeth. Her eyes are white with a green iris color. She is 7 feet tall*

*Hamura looks down in awe from where she is standing on the outer edge of the roof*

Hamura: (Thinking) Her appearance is just as the legends stated!

*Zenos smirks*

Zenos: How amusing then. Well, my dear older sister, I welcome you to my victory party. I see you brought the katana that father gifted to mother. I will enjoy taking that off your hands.

Miranda: And I see that you have the staff that mother gifted to father. You don’t deserve to have it. But I will get to you in a moment. I have something else that I need to deal with first.

*Miranda turns to face the monstrous Zeth who is roaring and is about to begin attacking Zenos*

Miranda: Hey, Zeth! Over here!

*Monstrous Zeth turns to look at Miranda*

Miranda: That’s right. Come and attack me.

*Monstrous Zeth starts running toward Miranda*

*Miranda gets her katana ready and then starts dashing. With great speed, she avoids monstrous Zeth’s attacks and jumps and starts slashing*

*She slashes monstrous Zeth all over his body*

*Monstrous Zeth roars as blood magic, along with actual blood, starts spraying out of the fine cut wounds on his body*

*Zeth starts to go reverse through each Blood Form stage starting with going back to Stage 4*

*Harmona is in complete shock*

Harmona: But how!?

*Zeth goes back into Stage 3*

*Miranda looks at Harmona*

Miranda: You need to make it so that the Blood Magic has a release throughout the entire body. You need to make the finest of cuts. It’s such a delicate process that it’s almost impossible to do which is why it’s believed there is no coming back from Stage 5 but I have lived for so long that I have mastered the art of cutting.

*Zeth goes back into Stage 2*

*Zenos is surprised by this*

Zenos: To think that it’s actually possible…

*Harmona thinks back to the Reaper corruption incident where Zeth and Sasha were Stage 4 but were turned back before they had found them*

Harmona: So, back at the Palace of the God of Death… was it you that saved them?

Miranda: Yes. That was me.

*Zeth goes back in Stage 1 or just Blood Magic as it’s also called*

Miranda: Once he is back to normal, he is going to be near death from all the wounds I just gave him. Is your healer still capable of healing?

Apollo: As long as he doesn’t die before I start healing him, I should have enough magic for one more heal.

*Zeth’s body is now normal but he is lying on the ground unconscious with a lot of cut injuries*

Sasha: Zeth!

*Apollo runs over to Zeth to start healing him*

Zenos: Well, with him no longer able to entertain me, I have no reason to allow you to heal him.

*Zenos gets ready to attack and Miranda opens her right eye wide in anger*

*In a split second, Miranda is blocking Zenos’s punch with her katana. She then kicks him back hard which sends him flying back and out of the building through the destroyed wall*

Miranda: Keep healing. I won’t let him attack you.

Apollo: Thanks!

*Apollo keeps healing Zeth*

*Zenos jumps back into the room*

Zenos: It’s been so long since I have fought anyone even close to my level that I underestimated your ability to stop me. You even attempted to slash me but I forced you to use your katana to block me instead.

*Apollo finishes healing Zeth*

Apollo: It’s done! He is going to be fine!

*Zeth starts to open his eyes and he sees Miranda. His vision is a bit hazy*

Zeth: W-What…?

*Zeth sits up. Sasha runs over to Zeth and hugs him*

Sasha: I’m so glad you could be returned to normal!

*Zeth’s eyes open wide*

Zeth: Wait, Sasha…!? The last thing I remember was being in total despair over your death. How are you alive?

Apollo: I revived her.

Harmona: We can give you the details later.

Miranda: Zeth, do you know who I am?

*Zeth looks at her*

Zeth: No.

Miranda: I am your stepmom. I’m also the Deity of the Divide. The daughter of Earth’s first Light Goddess and first Dark God.

Zeth: Wait…! Then you’re the deity of legend that I was told about?

Miranda: Yes. Most of the time, I take a mortal identity. My real name really is Miranda but I completely change my appearance when I take a mortal identity.

Zeth: But why didn’t you tell me about this before?

*Zeth’s eyes start to tear up*

Zeth: Don’t you think this would have been good information for me to know!?

*All of the others just stare at them in silence as this conversation goes on*

*Miranda gets down on one knee and puts her left hand on Zeth’s right shoulder and looks him in the eyes*

Miranda: I know this information hurts you. But I couldn’t let my secret be compromised. I needed to remain hidden until the time was right. That time is now. I’ve always tried to reunite Heaven and Hell peacefully. But there is one that would never work on. My younger brother, Zenos. He is so powerful that there would be nothing to stop him from being a dictator. I’m the only one powerful enough to stop him. Remember back when you first returned to Kunasha after escaping the Hawk Clan prison and you asked me about what happened in the Great Chaos? (Author’s Note: That was back in Chapter 32).

Zeth: Yes.

Miranda: I told you a lot of details. There was no way a mortal who was living over 100 years after the fact could have possibly known all that. If I had told a divine being who lived during that time the same details, there is no way that divine being would believe I was a mortal. I gave you those details because I cared about you. Following those details, I fed you lies.

Zeth: What did you lie about?

Miranda: When the cloaked person asked me to take you and to raise you when you were a baby, I knew what was going on. In truth, I knew she was an angel. I knew you were Harmona’s son. It was no accident that the angel happened to have come across me. As you grew up, I saw the potential in you. I wanted to help raise you with the belief you would grow up to become someone great. Someone who wanted to change what was wrong. But I acted like I didn’t know who you truly were. All for the sake of not compromising my identity. I still feel guilty about you being imprisoned by the Hawk Clan but I knew that the incident would lead to your powers developing. I knew you would be able to find your way home once that happened. I may not be your biological mom, but I love you as any mother would.

*Miranda now stands up and faces Zenos*

Miranda: And now, here I am, ready to protect your future. The future of everyone. Sasha is a lovely girl. You two will build a great future. You two will succeed where I failed.

*Zeth and Sasha stare at her in awe*

Miranda: I won’t let Zenos destroy that future. But before that battle begins, I think it is important for everyone in this room to know our history. Everyone needs to know what happened over 4 billion years ago during the ruling of Earth’s first Light Goddess and Dark God.

*Miranda gives Zenos a stern look*

Miranda: Is that okay with you, brother?

Zenos: Hahahahahaha! Go right ahead. Let’s see if they think your ways are good after knowing the truth.

*Everyone in the room looks interested, including Dakame’s warriors on the outer edge of the roof*

Miranda: Here we go then…

Narrator: Miranda has saved Zeth from his Stage 5 Blood Form and then had a talk with him! She now intends to tell the story of her parents and what happened back then. The truth about what caused the divine conflict between Heaven and Hell will finally be revealed!

Chapter 478 END

To be Continued in Chapter 479: Origins of the Divide Part 1 – Love Between Light and Dark