Chapter 479:

Chapter 479: Origins of the Divide Part 1 – Love Between Light and Dark

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 479: Origins of the Divide Part 1 – Love Between Light and Dark

Narrator: Over 4.5 billion years ago in Heaven.

*Two men are walking through a hallway*

Narrator: Head Advisor of the Light Goddess – Fox.

*Fox has short light brown hair and a normal mustache. He is wearing a gray uniform*

Narrator: Angel General – Folken.

*Folken has blonde hair that is close to a buzz cut. He is also wearing a gray uniform*

Folken: Is there something you wanted to tell me about?

Fox: Our goddess is doing something I highly disagree with. She and the Dark God are planning to name their children the heirs of their positions.

*Folken is shocked*

Folken: That’s crazy!

Fox: I know. That’s why I wanted to bring it up with you.

Folken: The Divine World segregated light divine beings and dark divine beings to Heaven and Hell for a reason. The two sides shouldn’t mix like this. It’s bad enough that they would marry and have kids together. The heir of the Light Goddess should not have dark blood. Is there anything we can say to make her reconsider?

Fox: I doubt it. But I agree. If she wants this union, fine. But at least produce a fully light heir as well.


Narrator: Somewhere outside in Heaven.

*The Light Goddess and Dark God meet with Miranda and Zenos*

Narrator: Miranda – Age 74.

Narrator: Zenos – Age 52.

*Miranda and Zenos look similar to their present-day appearances but also look like teenagers. While their ages would be considered old for mortals, those are still considered adolescence for divine beings*

Narrator: Light Goddess – Saykasura.

*Saykasura has long flowing blonde hair. She is wearing a white goddess dress and she is 7 feet tall*

Narrator: Dark God – Hemoroso.

*Hemoroso has upper-back length black hair that goes down the sides and back. He has Dark Divine Eyes. He also has a full beard, he has pointy ears, and sharp teeth. He is wearing a dark gray uniform. He is 7 feet tall*

Saykasura: Miranda. Zenos. We have asked you to meet us because we have some important news to tell you.

Hemoroso: It’s also exciting news.

*Miranda and Zenos look excited*

Miranda: Really? What is it?

Zenos: Is it something cool?

Saykasura: We have decided that you two will be our successors as the rulers of Heaven and Hell. Who will get which will be decided when it is closer to that time but when our time comes to step down, you two will become the new rulers.

Miranda: Wow!

Zenos: That’s Awesome!

Hemoroso: Of course, this means you will start schooling to learn how to become a proper god and goddess.

*Miranda is still excited while Zenos looks sad*

Miranda: I’m interested in that. I can’t wait to start!

Zenos: There’s always a catch…


Narrator: Later.

*Miranda runs into her room with excitement and closes the door*

Miranda: I can’t believe it! I actually am going to be a goddess one day! I wonder, will I be the Light Goddess or will I be the Dark Goddess? So exciting either way!

*She holds her arms upwards with a big smile on her face*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zenos.

*Zenos is in his room and he is sitting on his bed*

Zenos: I really want to be a god. But I don’t want to do schooling.

*He sighs*

Zenos: I guess I don’t have a choice. But now that I think about it, which god would I rather be? I think maybe Dark God since I have Dark Divine Eyes. Maybe to prepare, I should start living in Hell more often. I guess I will go back there tomorrow.

*He looks out the window*


Narrator: Back with Miranda.

*Miranda leaves her room and finds her mom*

Saykasura: Oh, Miranda. Still excited by the news, I take it?

Miranda: Yep!

Saykasura: To honor your excitement, there is something I want to show you.

Miranda: What is it?

Saykasura: Follow me and you will find out.

*They walk through the halls of the building and then enter a room with a shining light coming from its entrance*

*Miranda’s eyes open wide*

Miranda: Wow…!

*The room has ceiling lights all shining on an encased katana on a pedestal. It’s the same katana Miranda owns in the present*

Saykasura: This is the gift your father gave me when we married.

Miranda: That’s so cool! Did you give father anything?

Saykasura: I gave your father my staff. The weapons we exchanged meant a lot to us. By exchanging them, it showed how strong our union is. The katana can only be used by someone with dark blood while the staff can only be used by someone with light blood. That means they can’t be used by each other and have become symbolic instead. You, however, can use both.

Miranda: So, I can wield this blade when I become a goddess?

Saykasura: You sure can.

Miranda: Sweet!

Saykasura: That’s all I wanted to show you. You can return to your business.

Miranda: Okay! Thanks, mom!

*Miranda leaves the room and then Zenos stops by for a moment*

Zenos: I’m going to Hell tomorrow. Figured I am most likely going to be the Dark God so it made sense to me.

Saykasura: That’s fine. Just let your father know ahead of time.


Narrator: The next day.

*Zenos is in Hell and just looks up at the orange and red sky. He grins with happiness*

Zenos: I love this place. It would be a great place to be a god. Life is just so good. I couldn’t see it going wrong.

*He starts singing*

Zenos: Dark God! Dark God! Does whatever a Dark God does!


Narrator: Back with Miranda.

*Miranda is in Heaven and hears some voices as she passes a meeting room with a door closed*

??? 1: I hear that in Hell, they are thinking the same thing as us.

??? 2: Then maybe we aren’t the crazy ones. Maybe we have a legitimate argument.

*Miranda continues walking by*

Miranda: Huh? I wonder what that was about.


Narrator: Later.

*Miranda meets with a young adult female angel on a roof of a building*

Narrator: Miranda’s Best Friend – Fate.

Miranda: So I have exciting news!

Fate: Oh, and what would that be?

Miranda: My mom and dad told me I am going to be one of their successors!

*Fate looks happy*

Fate: Wow! Congratulations!

Miranda: Thank you! I look forward to the challenge of learning how to become a good one.

Fate: I think you will make a great goddess.

Miranda: That’s what I’m hoping for. I don’t just want to be a goddess. I want to be among the best there ever will be.

Fate: Earth is such a young planet so with you being the second ruler of light or dark of Earth, your competition will be those that come after you.

Miranda: And I hope that they end up having to aim to be as good as I am. Hopefully, it’s possible to get updates on how it goes after your time is done.

Fate: I’m sure it is. The Divine World keeps track of things.

*Miranda looks up at this sky and smiles*

Miranda: This is just such an exciting opportunity.


Narrator: Two days later.

*Fox and Folken are meeting*

Folken: So, did you find anyone worthy?

Fox: I sure did. He is someone that I am confident will take Heaven in a good direction. He is ready when we are.

Folken: Great. I’m sure I can pull a few strings to make this work.

Fox: It will most definitely work.

Folken: To do this under Saykasura’s nose. You are sly like a fox. You live up to your name.

Fox: I like your compliment. Soon, our plan to overthrow Saykasura will begin.

Narrator: The story of what happened over 4.5 billion years ago begins! The union of light and dark had peace but a horrible plan is brewing to bring that to an end!

Chapter 479 END

To be Continued in Chapter 480: Origins of the Divide Part 2 – Coup D'état