Chapter 4:

Work And Society

Machine Heart

Thus began the work of the Machine Man "K-111" whose real name was actually "KILLER-111" that indicate, the 111th killer that the government had created and prepared to make use of.

C.C. was his trainer and master, the arm that controlled the weapon created to suppress individuals who threatened the "peace" or rather, the balance that the Big Government had created during the last century.

Exactly, because unlike how it might seem, where everything worked as planned, with the Machine Men under control, and the Citizens happy and blissful, things were not actually so, and that's because the human being is not a single chess piece that can be moved to the end of the chessboard to consider the game over, but is a collection of pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, kings, queens, and even checkers, who want to move regardless of their assigned role, and who aren't limited to only the squares chosen for them, but want to invade others and even go outside the playing area, to find the point they prefer.

Obviously this would ruin the game, which is why pawns that don't respect their role are simply eliminated.

For this purpose there's a secret section of the Big Government, which is in charge of keeping everything in order, and about which almost nothing is known, even from the other sections.

C.C is the man in charge of dealing with the murderer of the last generation, and training him so that he can become a ruthless killer under his direct command.

The first step was the approach, the control of the Machine Heart manipulation features, and physical combat skills.

The second step was the teaching of martial arts and fundamental fighting techniques, so that the boy would be able to fight using in a loose, quick and silent manner, every part of his body, both in a defensive and offensive function, to kill the target in case he was disarmed.

For this reason, the boy was imparted with very hard training: boxing, for its snappy movements and powerful blows, capoeira for its kicks and acrobatics that can confuse the enemies, and finally "Escrima," the ancient Filipino fencing, considered the martial art par excellence in the field of white weapons, which was meant to teach how to use the butterfly knife during fights.

The third step, which is the last and most delicate step before getting down to the actual work, was the psychological test.It is true that Machine Men are psychologically subdued, but like any other human, they also have a limit, which if exceeded would lead them to a perpetual catatonic state, making them completely useless.

In K-111's case, having been used from an early age to handling a weapon as if it were a game, and thanks to the fact that his level of rebellion was practically non-existent, it wasn't difficult to inculcate the idea of murder in his brain, and to make it a normal thing.

It took two years to pass the training and the psychological test.

Only the last test remained to deem the boy fit for this assignment, namely his first assassination.

But the conditions were clear.

In case of failure, death awaited him.