Chapter 5:

First Mission: Lose Yourself

Machine Heart

From the rooftop of one of the suburban skyscrapers, C.C pointed a spot.

"That's the area where your first target is, boy.

According to investigations, the subject's used to hide in one of the pubs on that block; your job is to find him, lead him to a secluded place and take him out.This is a picture of him."

The image depicted a man in his 60s, with little hair but a thick mustache, a bionic monocle, extremely fat and unkempt looking."You see, this man is accused of being a pedophile, with a particular preference for males.

Although his favorite targets are little boys, your lean physique, and childlike face should still be to his liking.

The biggest problem is that this man has a tool that allows him to scan whoever is in front of him, which is why he would immediately see that you are armed, and he would have time to run away or call for help.You have two hours, act accordingly and bring me his head here, K-111."

The boy put the knife in his left trouser pocket and left.

The area indicated was a couple of miles from the building earlier, so it would not be long before he got there.

However, he needed a strategy.

Going through the narrow tunnels created between buildings, looking at the skeins of exposed electrical cables, dangling above him, contrasting with the very few stars visible in the sky, he began to hear a sound. 

The sound sounded similar to something being scratched, something like a strange squeaking sound that seemed to go back and forth in time.

The sound came from a dark alley, at the end of which there seemed to be a door illuminated by a purple light.

K-111 began to get closer, and as he got deeper into this sort of claustrophobic tunnel, everything became clearer to him.What he heard, was not sound, but rather, music.

A music he had never heard before.He approached the door, where the music was even louder, and then, opened it.

It was still an hour and 40 minutes before the murder was due.

A huge man stood in front of him.

"Stop, wait a minute, who are you?"

"..." K-111 didn't say a word.

"First of all I have to search you, don't think you can come in here and do whatever you want."

K-111 knew that no one should have found him armed, or he would get in trouble, Machine Men are not allowed to carry weapons normally, except for him of course.

He thought of two possibilities: run while he could, or kill the man.

The door was closed now, and he wouldn't have time to grab the handle, partly because the light from before, which was flickering, didn't allow him to see well, plus, he was not allowed to kill subjects not authorized by C.C. so that idea quickly proved unworkable.

The giant man was almost about to move his hands closer to the boy's pockets when a small hand stopped him from his arm.

"Leave him alone Big, i invited him, he's with me." Said a thin but ringing voice.

"Fine, but if something happens, it will be your fault."

"Come on!"

Approaching K-111, the boy saw her face.

It was a girl!

She was taller than him, was very thin, had shining light green eyes, short bob hair as black as petroleum, and a pale, whitish carnage.

But what was a girl doing in Machine Men's territory?   

As the name implies, in theory there should be no female individuals, since the jobs that had to be replaced often required a workforce with a strong physique, typical of males.

Seeing K-111, bamboozled she took him by the hand, pulled him to her and said, "Hurry up before Big changes his mind, you know he's not a very patient guy.

And about that...."

She took the knife from the boy's pants pocket.

" That's really interesting!Well I'm not going to ask what you need it for or how you got it, but if he found it you'd be in trouble.

For now just put it in here, it's a sheath full of tin foil, it will help make it invisible to scanners at least."

"I understand, I thank you."

"Now come, let's not waste any more time come on!"

The girl dragged K-111 inside, where the music was coming from.

What he faced was something completely unthinkable.

It was an hour before the murder deadline.