Chapter 2:

Hopeless Soldier

Ruler Of Sovereignty

The afternoon at Training Room.

When Squad 105 is ready with dummy 7S Gear, the gate is automatically opened then all Cadet entering the Projection Chamber with full equipment for test.

Alright, Squad 105. Your first test to defeat Fluxter will start in 1 minute. Before simulation begin, I’ll explain our main course.” Samuel speaking by chamber’s speaker.

“Your target is the common type Fluxter, Landcaster. You have learned about it, thick skin as steel, big and tough horn. Even they move slow, their power is pretty strong. Your mission is defeat one Landcaster by extracting the core, and you are free to stay in group or handle it by yourself, but I suggest to stay in group. Time limit is 2 hours, the test will finish if your time is up or someone already defeated no matter Cadet or Fluxter.” Said Samuel.

“How is your lunch?” ask Lemirk.

“I’ve made it on time.” Said Cornelio.

“That’s good.”

“Have you enjoyed your lunch? With Nathan and Dallas.”

Lemirk a bit surprised when Cornelio mention the other two member.

“Y-yeah, it was. Thank you for asking.” Lemirk got nervous.

“So, have you meet real Landcaster before?” Cornelio ask him.

“Well, I’ve saw them in website, why?” ask Lemirk

“Good! Cuz there is no different.” Said Cornelio.

Lemirk doesn’t understand what he said.

Ah, right. Your dummy 7S Gear make you feel anything while in projection, including the pain. But it has same function with real 7S Gear, so use it properly.” Said Samuel.

“First RT Simulation test for Squad 105 will start in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1. Projection activated.”

The chamber is going to dark, then slowly lighted up and changed to rain forest.

“Projection succeeded.”

“All channel communication work properly.”

“All Cadet status normal.”

“Alright, Squad 105. The test has begun!” said Samuel.

Squad 105 start to searching the Landcaster.

But it does not easy to find it, most of them have no experience in forest.

“How many times left we have?” ask Lemirk.

“35 minutes is up.” Said Alexa.

“So, anyone have idea to catch it?” Nathan is asking to the other member.

“Seriously, what have you learn in the class?” said Noel.

“I’m asking for better move than walk to nowhere in this forest!” Nathan is provoked.

“Guys please, we must stick together.” Alexa trying to calm them down.

But Cornelio just walk to different direction and leaving them.

“Hei! Where are you going?” ask Alexa.

“Looking for river.” Said Cornelio and keep moving.

“River? Are you thirsty?” ask Lemirk.

“Landcaster body is filled by bulk of skin, it must treat the skin to survive.” Said Cornelio.

“So what?” Nathan keeps asking.

“They must be near a river or any place with muddy place.” Said Cornelio.

“Is that so? Why don’t you tell us at the beginning?” said Lemirk.

“Alright, let’s move!” said Nathan.

Squad 105 searching any place just like Cornelio’s explanation, he helping them to finish the test quickly then stay away from another Cadet again.

“…! Wait!” Dallas got all attention.

“What’s wrong?” said Lemirk.

“Did you hear that? There … 1 o’clock.” Said Dallas.

He figuring out strange sound.

“That’s it! We are close to target, let’s go!” said Cornelio.

They going to the source of the sound.

When they arrived there, one Landcaster is rolling in mud pond.

“Look at that monster, imagine it was a filthy car.” Said Dallas.

“How many people can ride on its back?” said Lemirk.

“Go try it, Mirk!” said Nathan.

“Just prepare your weapon and finish this boring test.” Said Cornelio.

“Take it easy, Cornelio. Just enjoy this game.” Said Lemirk.

“Good to hear if you can enjoy this sport, Mirk.” Said Cornelio.

But he takes this test as serious case.

“Guys, be quiet or it will run away.” Said Alexa.

“What will we do if it runs?” ask Hazel.

“Don’t let that happened, we only have one chance. Shoot the feet to prevent it runs, then cut off the head while it can’t move.” Said Cornelio.

“T-that’s good idea.” Said Lemirk.

“Any question?” ask Cornelio.

Other Cadet just silent.

“Alright, let’s do this.” Said Cornelio.

All Cadets preparing their gun with Piercing Shell ammo and aiming to the Landcaster’s feet.

“Begin attack in 3 … 2 … 1! Fire!” said Cornelio.

All Cadets shooting their guns, Landcaster feel the pain and roughly moving.

“It won’t stop!” said Hazel.

“FIRE!!” Nathan said to shoot it again.

“Wait! Calm down!” but Cornelio say the other.

Another cadet ignoring Cornelio and keep shooting because of panic.

“Damn it! Just stop moving!” said Nathan.

He pissed off because of he can’t shoot directly to the target.

Landcaster getting mad and rush through the Cadets.

“In coming!” said Dallas.

“Fire!” said Nathan.

“No! Stop it!” Cornelio keep warn them.

“Don’t stop! Shoot down that beast!” Nathan won’t hear him.

But they can’t stop the Landcaster.

“Damn! It doesn’t work!” said Nathan.

“It getting close!” said Dallas.

“Everyone, move!” said Cornelio.

Landcaster crush everything that stand on the path, all Cadet have managed to escaped from the attack.

“Is everyone alright?” ask Alexa.

“Yeah, seems like that.” Said Lemirk.

“Kugh …! As I predticte –”

Cornelio trying to standing up but suddenly Nathan punch him.

“What the …?!” said Cornelio.

“That beast is coming and you say to stop?! Are you lost your mind?!” Nathan is very angry.

“Calm down, Nath!” Lemirk try to calm him down.

“Yes, it because of their head is toughest part …! Especially the skull, you can’t penetrate it by common Piercing Shell.” Said Cornelio.

Cornelio trying to explain the situation.

“What a bull shit! Come, I’ll prove it right now!” said Nathan.

Nathan approaching to Landcaster and other Cadets follow him.

“What are you doing? It’s our chance to cut off the head while it exhausted!” Said Cornelio.

“Can you just shut up?!” said Nathan.

Nathan aiming to Landcaster’s head in front of him then pull the trigger releasing one shoot to Landcaster’s head.

“See? You ready to eat your words?!”

But that Fluxter is awaken even there is a hole on the head.

“Whatch out!” said Alexa.

“…! Wha –” Nathan has thrown by Landcaster.

“Everyone, fire!!” said Dallas.

All Cadet shooting that beast.

“Get out of there!” said Alexa.

Nathan is coughing and crawling on the ground trying to get away from Landcaster.

“Damn it! It doesn’t work!” said Dallas.

“I’ve told you before …!” said Cornelio.

“Then what should we do?!” ask Alexa.

“Stay away from Landcaster! Once it goes berserk, all we can do is just wait for a chance to attack.” Said Cornelio.

“Help …! I don’t want to die …! I don’t want to die!!” Nathan keeps crawling with panic.

Landcaster is standing up by its back feet and going to stepped on Nathan’s back.

“NOOO!!” Nathan keeps screaming while the other Cadet coming through to help him.

But suddenly everything become dark then lighted up, projection stopped and the chamber is returned to normal.

Alright, that’s enough.” Said Samuel from room’s speaker.

“Then how is it?” ask Cornelio.

Huh? Are you kidding? Off course you failed.

“Well, I’ve figured it out at the beginning.” Said Cornelio.

“Damn it!” Nathan got angry and hit the floor.

“It’s ok, it’s ok.” Lemirk want to cheer up his friend.

“First try is always hard, that’s common thing.” Said Dallas.

“Even it’s not real Landcaster, but it already so dangerous.” Said Alexa.

“That mean we need more experience to beat it.” Said Noel.

“That’s right!” said Hazel.

Alright Squad 105, go change your outfit then back to classroom.” Said Samuel.

Squad 105 leaving the Projection Chamber.