Chapter 483:

Chapter 483: Crossing Weapons of the Gods

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 483: Crossing Weapons of the Gods

Narrator: As Miranda’s final battle against Zenos continues, Dom has documents that he believes reveal Zenos’s weakness.

Dom: These documents include information about Zenos and dark matter. I haven’t made complete sense of it yet.

Harmona: Let me see those.

*Dom hands the documents to Harmona and she starts reading them*

Harmona: It’s a design plan to keep dark matter from draining out of areas that they cover it in.

*Meanwhile, Miranda and Zenos prepare to continue their fight. They both hold their weapons upward which makes them both glow with power*

Zenos: With this, I will destroy you.

Miranda: Not a chance.

*Zenos summons a lot of small meteors in the sky that are charged with a lot of magic and sends them down toward Miranda*

*Miranda slashes some of them. In the process, she releases a bunch of magic katanas from her katana that spin toward Zenos*

*Miranda takes direct hits from a few of the meteors and is blown into the ground while Zenos receives more slash wounds from the magic spinning katanas*

*Miranda jumps out the ground. She took some damage from the attack but she dashes toward Zenos*

*Miranda tries to punch Zenos but he blocks it with his arm*

*Zenos tries to punch Miranda but she dodges. She then kicks him to the side and releases another spinning magic katana from her katana*

*Zenos stops the attack by sending a dark matter missile into the magic katana which explodes upon contact*

*Zenos is pushed farther back by the explosion*

*Miranda appears from above and kicks Zenos down to the ground*

*Miranda tries to slash Zenos from above right after he lands on the ground*

*Zenos seemingly vanishes which makes Miranda miss her slash as she lands on the ground*

*Zenos appears just above her and pounds on her back and then kicks her away. He thrusts his staff forward toward the direction she was sent flying back toward*

Zenos: Survive this!

*Zenos releases a large combusting beam powered by dark matter*

*Miranda opens her eyes wide and dodges to the side to avoid the main beam but she is still blown away by the combusting explosions coming off the beam*

*The beam goes all the way through the City of Darkness and creates a “line” of destruction through it*

*The others are completely amazed by the power of that attack. Harmona then goes back to reading the documents*

Zaydra: Mom, you better completely decipher that soon or we might be toast as collateral damage!

Harmona: I’m working on it!

*Miranda took damage from the explosions but is still okay*

Miranda: (Thinking) The others would not survive if that attack hit them directly. He better not target them.

Zenos: What’s the matter, sister? Does my power now frighten you?

*Miranda looks angered and cuts into the ground to carve out a circular chunk of it that breaks into smaller chunks that are charged with magic. She sends the chunks after Zenos*

Zenos: This attack again?

*Zenos does a better job of dodging the chunks this time as they explode. Because of the explosions, Zenos doesn’t see Miranda get close to him. She slashes him with her katana. The slashes create a wound that splashes out a lot of blood*

*Miranda attempts to slash Zenos again but the slash is surprisingly blocked sideways by the staff which surprises Miranda*

Miranda: What?

*Zenos kicks her downwards at a diagonal angle toward the ground. He falls back down to the ground and examines the wound*

Miranda: That wound will definitely lead to your downfall.

*Zenos smirks*

Zenos: Will it really?

*Dark matter starts to cover the wound and stops it from bleeding*

Miranda: I really should have killed you when you first killed all those angels and demons. It was a mistake to let you go.

Zenos: I guess you should have. But now I have mastered control over dark matter.

*Zenos uses his staff and powerful magic starts to surround him*

Zenos: With my complete dark matter control, any skill superiority you have over me won’t matter.

*Zenos releases that wave of magic in all directions*

*Miranda tries to block it from hitting her by holding her katana out and countering with her own magic. She is able to stop it from hitting her for a bit but then it still overwhelms her and she is blown back by the sheer power of the wave of magic*

Zothena: His attacks just keep getting more and more incredible! It’s even worse that he can use dark matter to heal his major wounds. This is looking bad.

*The wave of magic dissipates*

*The wave created a lot of destruction to the ground with rubble everywhere*

Zenos: I don’t see her anywhere. I doubt that disintegrated her. She must be buried under the rubble.

Sasha: Don’t tell me she lost.

Zeth: No way! She won’t go down like that!

*Suddenly, a burst of light erupts from the ground and a ton of rubble is blown into the air*

*Miranda walks out from the rubble. A shining white and red aura surrounds her. The aura has different characteristics than her body. The aura surrounding her head makes horn shapes. The aura on her back has angel wings. In general, the aura is in the shape of a demon-angel hybrid and appears to be like a different substance than how auras usually are. Her irises are in the shape of a burning fire with small stars in them*

*The others are in awe at what they are seeing*

Zeth: Whoa…!

Harmona: I’ve never seen anything like that!

Zothena: Neither have I!

Zenos: That’s not a Blood Form! Just what is that!?

Miranda: What is this, you ask? This is… Soul Power.

Narrator: Miranda was overwhelmed but has come back out using an ability called Soul Power! Just what is it exactly?

Chapter 483 END

To be Continued in Chapter 484: Soul Power