Chapter 484:

Chapter 484: Soul Power

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 484: Soul Power

Narrator: Miranda has activated Soul Power, an ability unheard of by everyone else in the area.

Zenos: Soul Power?

Miranda: It’s the process of bringing out power that lies in your soul.

*Zeth looks at Harmona*

Zeth: Isn’t that what you did during the Great Chaos?

Harmona: What I did was a curse that allowed me to use my soul as a weapon for one attack. It was nothing like this.

*Miranda rushes toward Zenos and starts rapidly punching him. Zenos soon stops the punches with his own punch but Miranda blocks it*

*Zenos jumps away*

*Miranda thrusts her hand forward*

*A soul-looking faceless head with horns and angel wings flies out toward Zenos and hits him and the power of it blows him back*

*Miranda continues to go after him*

*Zenos has taken a good amount of damage but he gets back on his feet. However, Miranda has already reached him and she does a downwards punch to knock Zenos back down on the ground. She then gut-punches him which makes him cough up blood*

*Zenos quickly forms and releases five dark matter missiles. A view from a distance shows the explosions happening at ground level*

*Zenos bursts out of some rubble after the explosions subside. Dark matter is stopping his new major wounds*

*Miranda also bursts out of some rubble and uppercuts Zenos, knocking him into the air*

*Miranda goes up after him and grabs his leg. She throws him back down to the ground and releases the same soul head attack as she did just a bit earlier*

*Zenos releases his swirling fire attack to stop the soul head from hitting him as he gets back to the ground*

*Miranda rapidly slashes her katana as she gets down to the ground which releases a lot of soul-powered spinning magic katanas*

*Zenos does his best to dodge them and they cause heavy impact at whatever part of the ground they land at*

*Eventually, one of them hits Zenos directly and does a good amount of damage, knocking him flat on his back*

*Miranda starts dashing toward Zenos*

Miranda: This will end it!

*Miranda reaches Zenos and does a direct slash on him. The katana directly pierces Zenos*

Miranda: Your quest for destruction is over.

Zenos: Not quite.

*Miranda looks shocked as dark matter starts to erupt from Zenos’s body*

*Miranda removes her katana and gets back. Her katana is cracked now, leaving Miranda looking shocked*

Miranda: It cracked!?

*Something large starts to stand up now. Its shadow covers Miranda and she looks up with a fearful look*

Miranda: What have you become!?

*Zenos is now a hulking purple version of himself that stands about 12 feet tall. The staff sticks out of the top of his head*

*The others are shocked*

Zenos: I may not have Soul Power as you have but my mastery of dark matter should suffice to get this battle evened out again.

*Zenos tries to do a downwards punch on Miranda but she jumps out of the way*

*In a split second, Miranda leaps up to the staff on the top of Zenos’s head and she tries to slash it. Zenos tries to punch her but she seems to vanish. When she reappears to the left, this time she is punched and knocked back*

*Miranda gets back on her feet*

Miranda: He’s so big but still so fast! Has his speed been reduced at all?

*Zenos forms a decent-sized meteor and throws it at Miranda. She uses her katana and does a downwards slash through it which cuts it in half*

*Miranda’s katana cracks a bit more*

Miranda: Not good. Not good at all…!

Zenos: Hahahahahaha! The tables have turned, my dear sister!

*Zeth looks all nervous*

Zeth: Mom, please tell me you have figured it out!

*Harmona is still looking at the documents*

Harmona: I think I have figured out his weakness but I don’t know how we would exploit it.


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Sonzen is in his chamber but starts flapping his wings*

Sonzen: I have figured it out! I have figured out a plan to defeat Zenos! I must put my plan into action immediately!

Narrator: Miranda uses her Soul Power to gain the upper hand on Zenos but Zenos shows off his mastery of dark matter to bring things back in his favor! Harmona may have figured out Zenos’s weakness and Sonzen has a plan? What is he going to do?

Chapter 484 END

To be Continued in Chapter 485: The Weakness