Chapter 485:

Chapter 485: The Weakness

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 485: The Weakness

Narrator: Harmona believes she figured out what Zenos’s weakness is.

Kennedy: What is his weakness?

Harmona: Zenos’s body has become so used to dark matter that he can no longer live without it. He can’t spend a significant amount of time outside of dark matter. That is the price of mastering it.

*Zeth’s eyes open wide as if he just realized something*

Zeth: That makes sense! We’ve seen that! When Sonzen and Zenos were fighting right after he was unsealed! Zenos just suddenly looked like he was in a lot of pain and decided to leave! I then saw that again when I fought Randle! Randle’s face was actually glowing purple and he ended up retreating right after he started powering up with his muscle mass increasing. It was like a lesser version of what Zenos just did!

Harmona: But the problem is that we are in a dimension that is completely covered in dark matter. We have no way to exploit his weakness here.

*Zeth looks frustrated upon realizing that*

Zenos: Let’s see what is better. Your Soul Power or my Dark Matter Mass.

*Miranda dashes toward Zenos*

*Zenos tries to punch Miranda but she dodges and then starts doing split-second movements around Zenos to try to throw him off. She finally appears behind him and punches him in the back hard with her soul power also releasing from the punch*

*Zenos looks like he is in a lot of pain as he is blown forward from the attack*

*Miranda releases a shooting star with soul power tailing it*

Miranda: Soul Star!

*Zenos turns around and creates a shiny white reflective surface made of stars in front of him*

Zenos: Star Reflector!

*To Zenos’s surprise, Miranda’s Soul Star actually maneuvers around the Star Reflector and hits him directly. He is pushed far back by the shooting star and takes damage*

*Eventually, the shooting star explodes in the far distance*

Miranda: That’s not all I have.

*Miranda holds her katana upwards and her soul power starts to form around it. She does a downwards vertical slash and a long line of soul energy travels into the distance, leaving slash destruction in whatever it touches*

Miranda: Did that finish him?

*Suddenly, from beneath her, Zenos’s Dark Skull of Torment comes out of the ground and pushes her upwards while damaging her*

*Zenos is dashing in from the distance. He received significant damage and Miranda’s attack completely destroyed his shirt. He launches upwards toward Miranda*

*Miranda destroys the Dark Skull of Torment with her katana. However, Zenos punches Miranda hard down toward the ground*

*As Zenos comes back down, he uses the staff to create another large combusting beam powered by dark matter and shoots it down at Miranda. She avoids the main beam again but is still blown away by the explosions*

Zenos: You keep using impressive attacks but there is nothing you can do to keep me down.

*Miranda gets back on her feet. She looks at her katana and notices it’s even more cracked than before*

Miranda: I might only get one more direct slash out of this.

*She then notices the staff on Zenos’s head is now also cracked*

Miranda: Well, at least there is some good news. If I am to win this battle, I must destroy the staff.

*Miranda forms a ball of soul power in her hand. She then throws a barrage of them at Zenos*

*Zenos uses his staff to unleash a barrage of Dark Skull of Torment. Each makes contact with Miranda’s soul power balls. The skulls destroy them and continue on toward Miranda*

*Miranda does slash motions with her katana to unleash multiple magic spinning katanas. She destroys some of the skulls but a few managed to dodge*

Miranda: (Thinking) I can’t waste my direct slashes on these!!

*Miranda tries to dodge but takes direct hits from them. As she recovers from the attack, Zenos reaches her and punches her hard. The punch makes her cough up blood*

Zenos: Sister, even you can’t compare to me anymore!

*Zenos is about to do another punch but Miranda starts doing many backflips at a fast speed to get away from him*

Miranda: I didn’t come into this battle thinking you would be easy to beat. I knew this would be a struggle but I absolutely do compare to you still! Even with your now larger body, I can still defeat you!

*Miranda then launches toward Zenos. She tries to kick him but the kick is blocked by his arm*

*Miranda takes another punch from Zenos but she is then able to get close to him to gut-punch him using her soul power, causing him to cough up blood. Miranda uppercuts him and then jumps up to try to slash the staff on his head*

*However, Zenos recovers quickly enough that he bashes Miranda with his forehead. He then hits her with his elbow and then kicks her back into a large tree. The impact knocks over the tree entirely*

*Miranda is now on her back on top of the knocked-over tree. She is starting to get back up until she opens her eyes wide as she looks at the sky*

Miranda: What is that?

Zenos: Huh?

*Zenos looks up at the sky too and then so do all the others*

*Part of the sky is turning from purple to a fiery red as a tear starts to form. It expands into a large circle. Dark matter starts flowing through the tear*

Zenos: What is happening to my dimension!!?

Miranda: Could this be…?

*Harmona looks happy*

Harmona: He came at last!

*Sonzen flies in through the tear. A distance view shows Sonzen in the sky with Miranda and Zenos on the ground and the others barely seen from the lair*

Narrator: The weakness exploited!?

Chapter 485 END

To be Continued in Chapter 486: That Time I Looked At The Sky