Chapter 17:

Special Chapter: Birthday

Lyceus Awaits

While William was busy sleeping, Axcel was busy planning as it was 21st June already which meant that after 2 days, 23rd June it was William's birthday. He had planned a surprise for William and already ordered William's favourite cake. This was also an important event to calm down the tense and sad environment. It would also cheer up everyone and boost their morale.

Axcel told the others about his plan the next day and planned it further with Alice. He told everyone that they should not let William know about this and that it should be a full on surprise. Another reason for it to be a surprise was that William never really celebrated his birthday as it was also the day he lost his family. William never let Axcel celebrate his birthday instead he would train with his suit and work harder that day. Axcel thought that maybe this time with Alice around William might celebrate his birthday for the first time after 3 years.

Rest of the birthdays had either already passed or were in the near future. The birthdays of Axcel, Victoria and Max had already passed whereas the birthdays of Alice, Anthony, Martin and Lily were in the future. Axcel's birthday had passed on 18th January, Victoria's birthday had passed on 24th March and Max's birthday had passed on 10th May. Alice's birthday was on the coming 15th July, Anthony's birthday was on the coming October 21st, Martin's birthday was on the coming 20th December and Lily's birthday was on the coming 12th November.

Finally it was about to be 12 am, the cake was ready and everything else was ready as well. As soon as it was 12 everyone went to William room with the cake and food they had either made or brought. William stared at Axcel for a while then spoke.

William: Axcel you know I don't celebrate my birthday.

Axcel: Oh come on! Just for this one day let it all go. Your birthday is something to be celebrated plus look at the fact how happy everyone is and the relief this one event will give everyone

Alice: William he is right please for this one day, for me be happy.

William: Well I guess I can't win my way out of this one.

After that they celebrated William's birthday happily. William told everyone that from now on they will work harder and do anything to achieve their goal. Thus time he looked like he would not lose his morale or give up under any circumstances.

Axcel was happy and relaxed now that finally William had found some happiness in the dark world of his.